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  1. Our democracy? What democracy? They really want us to think there’s some distance between Trump and the “other side.” I don’t believe there is any distance at all. I think they’re all acting according to the script to create false conflict.

    I’m always amazed at the “government”‘s audacity and silliness in something like this blaming Russia for interfering in our elections because of all of the trillions of dollars having been spent on “security,” etc., etc., they’re admitting that that money has been wasted if such a thing could happen. Of course, they’re always interested in showing “vulnerabilities” that will allow them to allocate more money to security efforts.

    I don’t agree with Gareth when he says he doesn’t think the government wants to go to war with Iran (or Russia). I’m sure there are people in government on both sides of this argument, but I think the most powerful faction would love nothing better than to take revenge on Iran and Russia for very, very old issues.

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