Dozens of Mosul civilians killed by overnight US, Iraq airstrikes

from Middle East Monitor

Iraqi local and security sources have said today that dozens of civilians have been killed with dozens more wounded after airstrikes conducted by the Iraqi government and the US-led coalition against neighborhoods in western Mosul.

According to Al-Araby Al-Jadeed, the aerial bombardment lasted for most of last night in an attempt to facilitate further Iraqi government advances in areas of western Mosul…

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4 Responses

  1. Disgusting!

  2. Off-topic:

    Anyone want to bet that the “suspect” in this unfolding UK Parliament episode will be Asian? North Korea in the crosshairs…

    Amazing that there are at least two Reuters photographers on scene as this event unfolds.

    • whats also amazing is the reporters are saying they don’t KNOW but they are told there were multiple attackers because of the two locations. But if you look at the map and the photos, the locations are about a quarter mile apart… the victims run over on the bridge were on the side heading TOWARD Westminister and the guy gets shot right around where the SUV was crashed into the Westminister fence. So obviously it’s one guy but they want MAXIMUM FEAR out of this. Of course, they lock down the whole city, getting folks used to that. The storm troopers are running around like the bad guy is still out there showing off their weapons and costumes.

      • While TV announced this «terrorist attack» in London, Scottish representatives in parliament were discussing a second referendum, Strange how this «terror» act cuts this parlamentary debate.

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