Devin Nunes Press Conference on the Surveillance of President-elect Trump

by Scott Creighton


Apparently Nunes saw reports (transcripts?) and other documents which show there was surveillance on Trump’s people as well as Trump himself and it had nothing to do with Russia. At least that’s what he said in a statement today. Were they spying on him before the election or just afterwards on his transition team? Whatever it was, Nunes felt the need to go directly to the White House and let Trump know what he saw.

When asked by a reporter if Trump’s own communications were shown to be in the report, Nunes responded “yes”

Apparently there was something Trump himself said that had been recorded that Nunes felt he had to inform the president about immediately.

At the end of the interview Nunes makes it clear this information was brought forward by a whistle-blower. Someone he said had the proper clearance and went through the proper channels. So, the FBI who has yet to respond to congress’ Mar. 15th letter, did not provide this officially nor did NSA.

He also says he spoke with the heads of the NSA and the CIA and the Speaker of the House before taking it to the White House. He tried to contact the FBI about it, but was not able to get them to talk with him about it. Looks like the FBI and Justice did the wiretapping.

In the end he says it looks “very similar” to when congressmen were spied on by the CIA a year or so ago (and Brennan lied about it)

CIA worshiping, red-baiting neo-McCarthyites like Rachel Maddow are frothing at the mouth.

5 Responses

  1. Hey Scott:
    Just an FYI: the US and their proxy Kurds have attacked Raqqa
    The US has been airdropping soldiers and Kurds into Raqqa to block SAA advances. The DOD did a press conference from Baghdad.

  2. Scott, you posted your Trevor Brooks/ Abu Izzadeen update to the wrong article.

    Keep fighting the good fight.

  3. Devin Nunes of The House Committee on the Blindingly Obvious. Of course UN dragnet eavesdropping picked up everything Trump said and did and thought, no warrant required.

  4. Of course Trump and his team were “surveilled” – we all are. And those people were talking to diplomats and political bigwigs from a shit-ton of countries, all of which have automatic collections of their phone calls and emails carried out by the NSA, et al, just as a matter of course. No doubt Hillary Clinton’s team was likewise caught up in such incidental snooping as well.

    On a positive note, at least there’s no question now just how cartoonish our Congress is and how ridiculous the whole matter is. The guy in charge of the Intelligence [sic] Committee, the seriously retarded Nunes, immediately runs around to the press. Really? They are doing an “investigation” and he goes to the press with the shit first, with some “information” he doesn’t physically possess, the provenance of which he can’t explain, that purportedly includes some names he can’t disclose (because most of the names are actually blacked out), and the reason for the very existence of which he can’t say or doesn’t know? He tells the press it does have something to do with their investigation and then he says it doesn’t. Isn’t all this passing strange and immediately obvious as some sort of bullshit operation? As in: maybe he just made the shit up. Or maybe Bannon wrote it and handed it off to him to “prove” Trump’s allegations of wire-tapping. Because of course, his going to the press with such “information” related to “investigations” the Intelligence Committee is doing would be considered illegal until such point that they conclude their work and release their findings.

    And then he trots off to tattle to his boss. Who is the subject of the FBI/House Committee investigation.

    Thought experiment: imagine that Clinton was the president and that the FBI was investigating her for one of her many suspicious activities and the exact same scenario had just taken place. It all begins to look like that “accidental” meeting on the tarmac, doesn’t it? And we’d all be saying that is it obvious that Nunes is trying to sabotage the investigation to benefit his boss.

    In any case, I suspect the whole Russia thing is crap from jump street; they know it and this is the only way they can think of to end the charade of there being anything to “investigate” at all.

    Surely by now, it’s blatently obvious to everyone that these idiots in Congress are a bunch of carnival sideshow freaks, with the carnival barker himself running the country. At least it’s funnier to watch than what we’d be seeing had Clinton won the election. We’d probably be nuking Russia by now, had that happened.

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