Sunday’s Big Ankle News Brief

by Scott Creighton

Good morning.

On Friday evening I was looking at my phone crossing a parking lot when my left foot came across a mini-pothole. The edge was only about a half of an inch but that was enough to roll my ankle and send my goofy ass tumbling across the asphalt. Today my right knee is still skinned and stinging and my left ankle is swollen like Rachel Madcow’s ego (and bank account)

That’s why I didn’t post anything yesterday and why I’m just posting this today. It’s a good thing there’s not much happening in the neoliberalized world today.

related: my ankles are weak because way back when, I broke them, one after the other, playing pick-up and intramural basketball at VCU. Since I was poor back then, as I am now, I could not afford to get them looked after and I just sucked it up and they eventually “healed” on their own. But they were left weakened and these days (I sprained one and then broke the other a couple months ago) in their weakened state, I am always just a 1/2″ away from another embarrassing tumble.

Maybe one day we’ll have real universal healthcare, not the FascistCare that we have now and even poor kids can avoid a life-time of suffering for no apparent reason. But it looks like Ryan/DonaldCare will make sure we have a long wait til those days are here.

Tomorrow James Comey is going to go before congress and tell ’em some BS about Russian hacking and Obama spying on the Trump campaign right before the election of 2016. If you expect Comey to tell the truth about either of these topics, you need to have your head examined. He will deal in nuance and the ever present “national security” cloak of invincibility and he wont say anything but will say enough to let the complicit media continue with their destabilization campaign they are running against the Trump administration.

I always laugh when the Mockingbird press says things like “If Trump had evidence, he would share it with us, ergo it didn’t happen”

I laugh because they are taking advantage of Trump’s position. Keep in mind, after leading “lock her up” chants for months on end during the general election, The Donald sent a lawyer to court this past Monday to keep Judicial Watch from getting access to some of those missing emails Killary tried to delete after she left the State Department. The Donald sent the same lawyer to defend Killary that Obama sent months ago. What’s the takeaway from that?

Just like all presidents before him, Donald Trump does not wish to prosecute the crimes of the previous administration.

So of course he’s not going to release detailed information about President Obama’s administration Watergating his campaign headquarters. If he did, he would have to prosecute.

He tossed that statement out there a couple Saturdays ago because he either wasn’t thinking about what he was doing or… because it was part of a negotiation. Something to do with his reactionary healthcare “fix” bill? A threat regarding the Obama faction’s use of CIA assets illegally releasing transcripts of phone calls? I don’t know.

But I do know, he wont give up what he has, if he has anything, because he wont prosecute the former administration just like Obama didn’t prosecute “W” and Cheney for war-crimes. And I know that because he’s already defending Killary.

This weekend the 5 Eyes were crying because Larry Johnson told Fox News that in all likelihood, it was Britan’s GCHQ that spied on the Trump campaign, not the CIA.

Of course… Larry Johnson is former CIA so you can take that for what it’s worth.

The lame-stream media went off on this like someone called their mothers crack whores. “Breathless screeching” doesn’t quite do it justice. Bob Baer, yet another CIA guy, said this kind of reckless accusation “would get people killed”

Why is it that anything bad you say about our glorious intelligence agencies, true or not, always ends up “getting people killed”?

Baer said because of this, Britain and the rest of the 5 Eyes countries would be “less inclined” to share intel with us and that would end up “getting people killed”

Does anyone here remember the scene in Blazing Saddles when the sheriff shows up and has to take himself hostage in order to keep from being lynched by the raving racists? “One step closer and the n—-r gets it! … He means it”

That’s what Bob Baer is doing.

Of course GCHQ could have helped with the spying on the Trump campaign. That’s really what the 5 Eyes system is all about. Getting past constitutional protections so governments can spy on their own citizens without breaking the rules. They call it “information sharing” but we understand what that really means.

Larry Johnson is being raked over the coals today. They are talking about his claim that the former First Lady said something racist one time and that John Kerry raped some Vietnamese woman once a long time ago. Based on that they say he’s “crazy”

What they don’t tell you about Johnson is that a long time ago he was part of a group of former intelligence agents who opposed the manipulation of intel for political purposes. That group was called Veteran Intelligence Professionals for Sanity (VIPS)

Johnson also called for Carl Rove to be fired by Bush in 2005.

He also condemned the outing of Valerie Plame when she exposed the “yellow cake from Niger” lie back before the invasion of Iraq.

Say what you will about Larry Johnson, hero or CIA plant, who knows. But he is right about this. He also says pretty much the same thing I said earlier and that is Trump has all the evidence he needs to bury the previous administration for this new Watergate scandal, but he wont use it. Or, more specifically, he wont expose it. You can check out his blog here and judge for yourself.

This week they are going to try to pass DonaldCare in the House. He met with leading reactionary neoliberals on Friday and promised them some rather Dicksonian changes such as making recipients work for Medicaid.

Nice huh? You want healthcare? Are you sick and living in poverty? OK then. Go work for free at Walmart so the billionaires who own that shit can make even more profits. Meanwhile, the Donald, his family, his family’s family and all those voting for DonaldCare this week enjoy platinum level socialist healthcare paid for by the taxpayers who will be forced to work at Walmart for nothing.

Funny how that shit works, aint it?

Also funny is how so many Trump supporters are starting to take a closer look at universal single payer healthcare and saying “wait a minute. that’s not a bad idea”

TOO LATE DICKHEADS. There isn’t another election coming up for another 2 years and by then they’ll have you back to hating on the dreaded sooOOooOooOocialists.

Savage capitalism for us, glorious socialism for them. That’s the way it goes.

Thanks Obama for setting the stage for all of this.

So my ankle hurts even more now and I got to run. well, crawl is more like it.

Have a good Sunday. Feed a squirrel a peanut. Hug a homeless guy. Or vise versa depending on how he smells.

Take care of yourselves and I should be back at it tomorrow.

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  1. Take care of yourself Scott and I hope your ankle gets better soon. Regarding DonaldCare my hope is that once people see how bad the results are they will realize that single payer is the only solution. Unfortunately many people will have to suffer in the meantime.

    • well, they say suffering produces wisdom. Let’s hope “they” are right. And to be honest, I think a lot of folks, Trumpsters as well, understand that the system we have is flawed to the core and they are starting to figure out a single payer system might just be the best way to go.

  2. I have precisely the same problem with my feet and ankles, only it was caused by racing motorcycles many years ago, and not getting proper care for my repeated injuries (since I too was poor). Furthermore I too had a fall, only in my case it was while I was going down a step that was only four inches tall. That was almost two months ago and I am still in extreme pain. Too much pain to write anything more.

  3. ICTS France is re-awarded the contract with Aéroports de Paris at Charles de Gaulle and Orly airports

    ICTS is run by two Israeli Jews, Ezra Harel and Menachem Atzmon.

    BTW, where’s the CCTV video of the latest ‘Allahu Akbar’ special at Orly?

    • its gone to CCTV video heaven with all those from the route Timmy took to the Murrah building and the 80 or so from around the Pentagon: a.k.a. the incinerator room at the FBI

  4. I find it amazing how many people apparently are willing to risk World War III in order to score brownie points against Donnie Tiny Hands. Better check your closet to make sure no Rooskies are hiding inside.
    If “democratic capitalism” is supposed to be the highest form of society, does no one find it strange how the citizens of the City on the Hill are becoming increasingly less healthy, less educated, less gainfully employed, less economically prosperous, less artistic/cultured, less politically enfranchised, less able to enjoy the good things in life? But it’s better for your academic profession or book writing business to keep inflating fears of North Korea, instead of working to repair own damn systems, or if not, replace them with something better.

  5. Dang man, you gotta swerve them potholes.

    Thank you, in particular, for the Sheriff Bob visual…makes me wish I had the computer skills to put Baer’s face in Blazing Saddles.

  6. “the FascistCare that we have now”

    You wish.
    Ken O”Keefe paints a different picture for those not disabled by cognitive dissonance.

    • Like this:

      Oy, noooooooooooo

      • “History is written by the victors.” This saying has been around since the ancient Greeks, if not before. Everyone knows it. Everyone agrees that the victors glorify themselves, and vilify the defeated. And yet most people fall victim to it anyway. “We” are saints. “They” are demons. The supreme demons are the people of National Socialist Germany (82 million of them).

        In reality, ninety-nine percent of everything we have been told about National Socialist Germany (1933-45) is the exact opposite of the truth.

        • 99% of everything is a pretty big claim. Examples, references? Otherwise your argument sounds alot like O’Queef’s.

      • ken o’keefe has recently shown himself to be a con artist & is soliciting donations for an idiotic “world citizen” scheme where he is convincing his sycophantic followers that they can “starve” the war-machine by refusing to pay taxes. firstly, try to get away with this in court as an individual. is ken going to help you with your legal defense with all that donated money? — doubtful. but the big red flag that people should see is that the u.s. has a central bank that creates money out of thin air. what this means is that the u.s. gov’t and military will still be fully-funded even if every citizen refuses to pay taxes. so donate to him if you like, but you’d achieve just as much by donating to me (e-mail me if you’d like to give me your money).

        it seems his pal max igan outed his plan as being a “pyramid scheme”. but as far as i’m concerned, max igan had to be in on his scam from the beginning & is simply trying to salvage his reputation now — how could he not have seen the obvious stupidity & pointlessness of o’keefe’s “plan”? and meanwhile, o’keefe seems to have disappeared for several months now, while refusing to account for the money he’s collected. but his plan is secret, you see — so of course he can’t divulge it.

        and then there are ken’s recent vids, which could have come from the mossad itself. i mean, if someone wants to undermine the cause of justice for the palestinian people, then why not make a few pro-nazi vids, just to turn-off some of his listeners who are against israeli apartheid. i can hear it now: “i was with him until he started defending hitler”, etc. justice for palestinians should not be connected in any way to nazism or (i know it’s a bullshit phrase, but) anti-semitism.

        screw ken o’keefe. send him money if you like, but as far as i can tell the only thing he’s doing with it is to provide for himself & his new girlfriend.

        • you should listen to the interview Richie Allen did with him giving him a chance to respond to his critics. O’Keefe is the biggest weasel you ever heard. I mean just a fucking slimy little weasel. I hadn’t taken a side on this one until I heard that. Even listening to Max talk about it didn’t do anything to solidify my position, but listening to Ken himself, he is a POS and then some.

        • Banks, including the Fed, create money out of thin air when they make loans. The Fed also creates money out of thin air when it pays interest on T-securities. Banks create money by crediting bank accounts. (Fractional reserve banking is a myth.)

          The U.S. government also creates money out of thin air by crediting accounts, to the aggregate tune of $4 trillion per fiscal year. This happens when, for example, Lockheed gets trillions for weapons, or when Social Security recipients get their benefits. This money is not borrowed from anyone, nor lent to anyone. The process is called government spending.

          Ken O’Keefe believes the lie that the U.S. government gets its money from tax revenue, and that all money in existence is created as loans. All money is indeed created in bank accounts, but not all money created in bank accounts is loan money. For example, when the government instructs your bank to credit your account for Social Security, that benefit money is not a loan. Benefit money is potentially taxable. Loans are not.

      • The problem with this video is lack of coordination and study around the epoch and history. He forgets that Hitler was a product of capitalism. Some American rich owners actually helped Hitler to build his army, like George Bush’s grandfather. We cannot mix history facts of different epochs. It is like saying now that you should give a little credit to Adolph after what he did to the bankers (meaning the bankers of past and present). Hitler is a case closed and (thank God) was defeated in the East of Europe.

    • Ken O’Keefe is a POS who made off with a bunch of money and ran to a little island where no one can touch him with his little 24-year-old trophy girl friend to live the dream on the beach. Ken’s what? 50 by now?

      Ken has been a disinfo asset since he started. Not surprisingly he made a name for himself sponging off the work Palestinian activists did, then he tarnished them by extension doing a video praising Hitler.

      • I know nothing of his soliciting funds/pyramid schemes and will reserve judgment on that until I get more data but my only question is this:

        What of anything he has ever stated about the US, Israel, Palestine, Syria, etc as a “disinfo agent” is inaccurate in your opinion?

        Maybe his praise of National Socialism is “hate speech” to you but nothing he says in that video is inaccurate either.

        • everything we know about Nazi Germany is wrong?

          1. First of all, he says the banksters did all of this to him because he stood against them? The banks MADE him. Specifically, one bank in particular that was from right here in the U.S. and run in part by Prescott Bush.
          2. Did they not detain and commit to forced labor camps MILLIONS of people, not just in Germany, but all across eastern Europe? Did they not starve many of them to death and make them work in horrendous conditions?
          3. Did they not INVADE country after country, killing soldiers and civilians alike?
          4. Did the fucker not worship Henry Ford, a well known fascist himself?

          What this asshole is doing is exactly what ALL libertarians/neoliberals/corporatists want to do eventually… rebrand fascism as some kind of anti-establishment nirvana. His effort here is to go after what we know about the Great War Against Fascism (as it is known throughout the world, everywhere except here) in an effort to make it palatable to the American population.

          Revisionism aside (and I agree we have been told some serious whoppers about that war) Ken’s work here is two-fold clearly… one is to do what I am saying and the other is to discredit in the worst way, activists and Truth advocates and paint them with the anti-Semite brush and ANYONE who tries to do that is a piece of shit in my opinion.

          More to the point, he is a soulless prick. Yes, he stole from well meaning activists with his stupid plan and his pyramid scheme that followed it (which, I left a comment on the one video that says I’m not exactly sure it qualifies as a pyramid scheme and since language matters, they should avoid calling it that. It’s just a scam)

          That being the case, makes you kinda wonder like his former friend how he got all that access to places and how he was still allowed to travel freely across the U.S. when all sorts of folks, real activists, cant.

          Lastly, when you find out that someone like this is a crook it makes you think about how he got into this stuff in the first place. Was he well meaning to start with and bought off? Was he a plant from the word go? He is former military after all.

          In the end the only credibility an activist has is his/her conscience and integrity. Ken O’Okeefe has neither and I doubt it’s a new development.

          Frankly, I can’t see how all of these so-called activist friends of his NEVER SAW THIS SIDE OF HIM before. In all those trips they took to tropical islands for “meetings”… all the money the guy apparently had at his command… all the connections he had to get them into heavily controlled places and the fact that he could travel so freely in the U.S. afterward… HOW THE HELL DID THEY NOT SEE IT BEFORE?

          So is it just him? No. In all likelihood, they were all in on the scam and he stole from his fellow travelers.

          But you cant listen that interview I suggested you listen to and tell me Ken O’Keefe is a man of integrity. He’s clearly a worm and acts like a agent when caught, threatening lawsuits, talking over people, refusing to answer questions, slipping around like a snake… the guy is BULLSHIT with a capital BULLSHIT.

          • ‘The Great War against Fascism???? Henry Ford, the egalitarian peace activist, a Fascist??? The banks made Hitler??? You have everything backwards. There is no subject in the world that anyone knows less about than what you know about WW2.

            • You’re joking, right???

              • Joking about what?
                Did anyone but Ilya Ehernburg ever call WW2 the Great War Against Fascism?
                Henry Ford spent a great deal of his time and money working for world peace, probably more than any other individual in history.
                It was Wall Street and the City of London, e.g. the bankers,that initiated the war with Germany, not the reverse.

                • henry ford also spent a great deal of time cozying up to hitler & having his newspaper publish “the international jew”.

                  and of course hitler just had to invade poland.

                • ah. And rabidly racist Rense says Ehernburg created the “6 million myth” huh? is that your connection?

                  Unfortunately for you, every Russian calls it the great war against fascism. May 9th is Victory Day. Victory Day refers to what they call the Great Patriotic War or the war over fascism. I mistakenly put the two together creating Great War Over Fascism. forgive me.

                  Henry Ford was a fascist and a Nazi. In 1938 He received an award from the Nazis (Grand Cross of the German Eagle) and took advantage of slave labor provided by the Nazis. He helped them build their war machine which rolled over Europe speading all that world peace you are talking about. For Christ’s sake… Ford is mentioned in Mein Kamph.

                  • Wow, are you mixed up. Your sources are BULLSHIT. Do you actually believe that stuff? Ford did not employ slave labor. He was one of the few people, along with Upton Sinclair and John L. Lewis, who actually did some good for the American working man.

                • here’s how your great German revitalization economy actually worked (notice Ford is mentioned as well):

                  “Following the failure of the Blitzkrieg strategy on the Eastern Front, the year 1942 marked the turning point in the German “total war” economy. The use of slave labour increased massively. About 12 million people, most of whom were Eastern Europeans, were interned for the purpose of labour exploitation inside Nazi Germany.[26] Millions of camp inmates were used virtually for free by major German corporations such as Thyssen, Krupp, IG Farben, Bosch, Blaupunkt, Daimler-Benz, Demag, Henschel, Junkers, Messerschmitt, Philips, Siemens, and even Volkswagen,[27] not to mention the German subsidiaries of foreign firms, such as Fordwerke (Ford Motor Company) and Adam Opel AG (a subsidiary of General Motors) among others.[28] The foreign subsidiaries were seized and nationalized by the Nazis. Work conditions deteriorated rapidly. The German need for slave labour grew to the point that even the foreign children have been kidnapped in an operation called the Heuaktion in which 40,000 to 50,000 Polish children aged 10 to 14 were used as slave labour.[29] More than 2,500 German companies profited from slave labour during the Nazi era,[30] including Deutsche Bank.[31]

                  Look at that. Take the undesirables and the leftiests, round them up and make them work as slaves in interment camps “for the greater good”

                  Yes, truly heroic huh? What a great model. Shit man, we are getting close to doing the same here pretty soon aren’t we? No wonder the Nazi revisionists are hard at work.

            • In 1961 at Orlando Beach, Fl, my mother met a man who had been imprisoned in a German slave camp. He looked to be about 60 years old but was only about 40. He still was as thin as a rail…. scars all over his head where they beat him almost daily….. metal plates….. his eyes still had a haunted fear in them. Talked about seeing rescuers through the barbed fence and too weak to stand alone. The food they had to eat was dirty and mushy…. if you were to see him, you would know instantly that he had barely survived a horrifying experience.

        • more specifically: what he tried to do with the Global Citizen thing was an advanced fee scam. You supposedly pay $12 as an advanced fee and then when someone decides they aren’t paying their taxes (their first return on their money) Ken was supposed to use the pool of cash to pay for a lawyer with his “big trick” that would stop the government from prosecuting. After a while when it was clear there was no “big trick” Ken told his close associates that the REAL purpose was to get a bunch of people to stop paying money into the government in way of taxes. This of course would cause a financial crisis and of course, the neoliberal austerity measures would soon follow. And, of course, Ken would still have that big pool of money to live on in a country (an island really) with no extradition agreements with any other country.

          But, just so you know, the scam is called an advanced fee swindle. That’s the Global Citizen stuff. He just flat out stole the first 110,000 bucks from activists who wanted him to get a lawyer and disclose to them a way to keep from paying taxes.

          so yeah, he’s a scumbag.

        • Ja, everyone beats up on zee Nazis for some reason? People forget they gave us NASA, Tomorrowland, Freeways, and the death’s-head logo for dudes to put on their truck bumpers. And as I was reminded by a reader here the other day, Hitler was really a fun loving beatnik lefty socialist landscape painter with a taste for good bohemian lager and crystal meth. The lil’ corporal who worked his way up to imperial warlord: a real Cinderella story…

          • History is written by the victors. Germany was not the victor. Therefore Germany was “evil.”

            • The whole of “Germany” was not anymore “evil” for what happened in WWII and the run-up to it than “America” is “evil” for the Global War OF Terror and the shock and awe campaign unleashed on the people of Iraq in March of 2003. “America” is not “evil” for torture, which DID happen. “America” is not “evil” for renditions and double-tap drone bombings and the hiring of mercenary terrorists to attack civilians to depopulate areas we wish to control. America is not evil for these things, nor is Germany.

              But they all happened. And just the same, much of what we know about WWII did in fact happen. We also know we didn’t do shit about any of it until it was clear the Soviets were driving the Germans out of their country and it looked like Hitler was going to lose. We also know for a goddamned fact that Churchhill, another goddamned fascist, wanted to invade the Soviet Union afterward while they were weakened and FDR refused.

              We also know for a fact that we saved as many Nazis as we could and brought them over here where they could continue to be fascists and work for our shadow fascist state.

              And no… history is not always written by the victors. Other countries have historical investigators as well. And sometimes, believe it or not, even American historians do a little investigation that isn’t paid for by the “da ebil statists”… right? So no, history is not always written by the victors. Were that the case we would know nothing at all about Palestine now would we?

            • Certainly our interpretation of the historical record is biased in favor of the victorious, but the historical record exists nonetheless. The krauts, being wonderfully efficient ubermensch, kept excellent records of the shit they did. You can see for yourself in the Bundesarchive (i.e., rounding up and shooting peasants on Crete). They fucking filmed it…

              • We disagree on this topic. That’s okay. I doubt it’s possible for two or more people to agree on everything.

                • Sure, agree to disagree. But are you questioning the authenticity of the film record in the Bundesachrive? Did they fake 99% of that?

                  Of course we don’t have to debate the relative morality of National So’clism (@least it’s an ethos, dude) in a historical sense. There’s plenty of contemporary Nazis running around out there for us to observe. Hell, if you’re willing to support your Nazis-are-nice argument with empirical data, then why not join up with the Azov battalion? Spend a week on the eastern front with those sophisticates and maybe the Washington Post will publish your report.

                  • maybe they’ll publish it? if it demonizes the Russians, they’ll publish it.

                  • I was referring to German National Socialists 1933-45. I have no sympathy for today’s neo-Nazis.

                    Anyway, on this particular historical topic we live in entirely separate universes. Neither of us will ever sway the other in the slightest way. We won’t even make a dent.

                    As I said before, I don’t think it is possible for two or more people to agree on absolutely everything. The best we can hope for is to agree on most things. 🙂

                    • So what historical universe are you living in? I am curious. Is it the universe where the Lebensraum makes itself (no extermination required)? Is it that universe where all problems can be attributed to Fiat currency and zee evil Jew bankers that wield unlimited power? You’re claiming 99% of Nazi history is a lie. Provide examples and sources to support your argument. Otherwise you’re just making faith based claims. Ain’t nobody got time for that.

                      And if Nazis were so swell, then what’s wrong with neo-Nazis? Why not give them a chance?

                    • “You’re claiming 99% of Nazi history is a lie.”

                      “Nazi history” (as you call it) is dictated by the neoliberal Empire of lies. For you, the Empire’s lies are “truth.” For you, your subjective opinions (fed to you by the Empire) are objective “facts.” For you, alternate views are merely “faith based,” as you put it.

                      For me, it is the Empire’s lies and the Empire’s “evil Nazis” dogma that are faith-based.

                      Adherents to faith-based dogmas condemn any questioning of their dogma as blasphemy. They attack anything outside their dogma, and they are enraged by attempts to reason with them. In Europe they passed laws against questioning the “evil Nazis” dogma.

                      Oh well. Like I said, on this topic we inhabit two different universes that cannot be bridged. However on other topics we both inhabit the same universe.


                    • so. You like the original Nazis… and so did Prescott Bush, another “man of the people”, and all of his cronies back then like Brown Brothers Harriman (BBH) and Fritz Thyssen. Great human beings all of them and the fact that you agree with them regarding the humanitarianism of the Hitler regime is rather interesting. I mean, who other than Prescott Bush back in those days stood for human rights and dignity and all that stuff, right? I mean, how could the father of H.W. and the grandfather of “W” be a fascist? That’s just ridiculous, right?

                      And in terms of Hitler “fighting the good fight” against the big banks… uh… not even close:

                      ” The key structures that defined the post-war development strategy of the West were the Central financial institutions of Great Britain and the United States — the Bank of England and the Federal Reserve System (FRS) — and the associated financial and industrial organizations set out a target to establish absolute control over the financial system of Germany to control political processes in Central Europe. To implement this strategy it is possible to allocate the following stages:

                      1st: from 1919 to 1924 — to prepare the ground for massive American financial investment in the German economy;

                      2nd: from 1924 to 1929 — the establishment of control over the financial system of Germany and financial support for national socialism;

                      3rd: from 1929 to 1933 — provoking and unleashing a deep financial and economic crisis and ensuring the Nazis come to power;

                      4th: from 1933 to 1939 — financial cooperation with the Nazi government and support for its expansionist foreign policy, aimed at preparing and unleashing a new World War.

                      In the first stage, the main levers to ensure the penetration of American capital into Europe began with war debts and the closely related problem of German reparations. After the US’ formal entry into the first World War, they gave the allies (primarily England and France) loans to the amount of $8.8 billion. The total sum of war debts, including loans granted to the United States in 1919-1921, was more than $11 billion.” Fort Russ

                      Post war Germany was an opportunity for the global banksters to sink their claws into the country and rip it apart for their own good. A chance to remake a country from the ground up in their image. No wonder it depended on slave labor, huh?

                    • I wrote a response, but WordPress ate it.


                    • From my perspective this issue can be decided by a simple question. Do you believe in the “six million” narrative? If yes, then Nazi Germany was evil. If no, then the Empire is an Empire of Lies. Incidentally I never broached the “Hitler and the bankers” topic. A different reader did that.


                    • so because a piece of the narrative about an event orchestrated to achieve a political outcome turns out to false, you have to condemn every other piece of evidence coming from the rest of the world regarding that event, right? is that what you are saying? If the “six million” narrative isn’t true, the Nazis weren’t guilty of all the fascist crimes they committed over the course of their rule… right? is that it?

                    • As I see it the crux of the Empire’s claims regarding “Nazi evil” is the “six million” narrative. If we believe the narrative, then we will believe every corollary claim that stems from it, and which depends on it.

                      Put another way, if the central narrative (i.e. the base claim) is true, than all the Empire’s corollary claims are also true. But if the core narrative is false, then all ancillary claims that follow from it are likewise false (i.e. they are lies).

                      For you, by contrast, even if the Empire’s base claim is a lie, all of the Empire’s other claims that follow from the base lie (and which depend on the base lie) are nonetheless true. Put another way, even if we live in an Empire of lies, the Empire’s lies about historical events are true. Even if the Empire uses lies and false flags to justify wars of imperialist aggression, the Empire’s lies are nonetheless true, and its wars of imperialism are just.

                      I don’t agree.

  7. Severely sprained both ankles in separate incidences in HS in the mid 80’s (one was playing Basketball and landed on a small curb). Ever since then have had issues of rolling both ankles. However in the past year I have discovered a huge help. 3/4 height hiking boots. Twice now I’ve had a roll where if I had regular shoes I would have been unable to walk for days. In both cases I was able to walk it off. And in fact the last instance happen this past Wed (and included me carrying a table) and I was able to go hiking Sat. Of course I’ve lost count of the number of times I would have had a minor roll with regular shoes, and it was literally a non-event with the boots.

    I’ll never go without hiking boots again. They are now my daily footwear. Get at least a 1/2 height boot, but I would recc a 3/4 or full height. And get a good quality pair; Solomon, Oboz, Lowa, Keen, Merrell, Vasque. Your feet and ankles will thank you.

    • Thanks for the suggestion. If will definitely give it a try if I am ever able to walk properly again. Hiking boots that give ankle-support.

      A podiatrist told me that most foot and ankle injuries occur from shallow potholes, or from steps that are no higher than an ordinary curb.

    • I have some of those. 3/4 work boots. “Tims” as they are called. Love em. wasn’t wearing them. 😦

  8. David Rockefeller has finally done his part for global population control in a most generous way.

    • you know they froze his head in a jar, right? Like something out of Futurama. lol

      • Maybe they’ll fill it with dimes.

        • With enough dimes they’ll finally be able to afford to weld Rockefellers’ dome onto Disinfo Joneses manly body. I believe this is the reason Jones has been maintaining his health with all those fantastic supplements. He’s prepared to make the ultimate sacrifice so that ol’ Dave can return and reunify Standard Oil.

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