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  1. Holy crap! I had no idea Rense was that racist. That is truly disgusting.

    • Rense is a white supremacist, and is obsessively anti-Islam and anti-refugee. Same with his guest, Jay Weidner. Both love Trump. Both are neoliberals. Both get worse with each passing day.

      Years ago, Rense actually had Cynthia McKinney on his show. This would never happen today, as Rense’s psychosis has progressed too far.

      The snippets above are so unabashedly racist that one is inclined to wonder if Richie Allen somehow fabricated them. He did not. Rense and Weidner actually said these things below, beginning at 03:30…

      • I’ve noticed Mike Rivero of whatreallyhappened.com is totally for Trump as well. I used to go to his site all the time, and I’m like, how could you possibly be for this jackass??? You’re smarter than that! But these guys are showing their true colors, I guess. BTW, it’s Cynthia’s birthday today. 🙂

  2. Had no idea anyone was that raciest !
    they are trying to separate people …. and create hate. Trying to create doubt and distrust against neighbor and neighbor instead being distrustful about our administration …. not going to work.

  3. I skipped some of his video so didn’t encounter the racist portion, I did think his comments on UK govt increases of taxes, the Kafka-est UK war memorial dedication and troop involvement in Afghanistan and Iraq were very valid. Thanks for the intro to someone new:)

  4. Back in the Clinton-era an actual MSM show like 60 Minutes followed around one of the new anti-Clinton “rabble-rousers” (may have been Michael Savage, iirc). The name is less important than the message, though, as this person did not claim to be a political activist promoting a specific goal or agenda. Rather, he said, he considered himself a “conflict entrepreneur.” Ponder that in view of today.

  5. Correction: it may have been the early Tea Party days.

  6. Just because you don’t support political correctness (which I don’t), doesn’t mean blatant bigotry like Rense’s outburst should be condoned, either. Very shameful for a guy owning a site I used to follow some content on. If I’m not mistaken, Jeff is of partially Italian descent, so it might do him good to ponder that Italians weren’t all that accepted back in the nineteenth century (along with Irishmen).

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