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  1. ADL director Jonathan Greenblatt has one of these in his house too, except it says, “anti-Semites.” Feminist Gloria Steinem has one that says, “sexists.” FBI director James Comey has one that says, “home-grown terrorists.” Pam Geller has one that says, “Muslims.” Ellen DeGeneres has one that says, “homophobes.” John McCain has one that says, “Russians.”

  2. We fattened feeder pigs into market hogs on the farm. When the pigs were weaned, we had to make noise and call for them when feeding time rolled around so they’d know it was time to get fed.

    It didn’t take long before they associated the sound of the metal bucket scooping up corn with feeding time, and we no longer had to call the pigs, they came running, mouths open and hungry for slop.

    That’s what I see when turning on CNN or FOX or MSNBC, etc. People are so well-programmed, that when they turn the Boob Tube or devices to those channels, they sit on the couch, mouth wide open, expecting news, but all they get is slop..

    • yeah, its not news. its bile that is intended to reaffirm one’s own point of view. its like, one the best things I ever hear people say about my work, and they always say it without knowing fully what they are saying when they interview me is “he does great work. I don’t always agree with him but…” and that to me is the highest compliment you can pay a journalist.

      Because it means I’m not sculpting my work to fit the perception of my audience. I see something, I investigate it, and it either interests me and I continue the work and publish or I let it go for a while til I can pull it up again and take a fresh look at it. It has nothing to do with producing something I think will reaffirm my reader’s understanding of the world and in many cases, it challenges those views.

      How many readers did I lose when I wrote about what a fraud Obama was back in 2008 and 2009? How many did I lose when I wrote about Sanders being a sheepdog in the early stages of the primary? How many get turned off and dont even read my work on Greater Kurdistan to this day? Shit man, I was calling out Steven Jones on 9/11 Blogger just after he got that ridiculous “nanothermite” bullshit distraction done. They practically banned me from every other Truth site back then, but I still did it, and I’m glad I did. Cus I was right.

      You’re absolutely right Greg. People don’t turn to newscasts anymore for news. They go there to be confirmed in their rightness, whichever side they belong to. And people are getting sick of it. If someone coddles you, enables you, treats you with kids gloves your whole life, you resent them for it eventually. Even the dumbest of us will do that. It’s instinct.

  3. Is that a screenshot from Fallout 4? Is that the pipboy game, “Red Menace”? That’s the propaganda game produced by Vault-Tec before the Great War of 2077. (I’m a fallout nerd and a lover of alternate history, and I might as well as enjoy a game that grimly predicts the potential future of a global nuclear war in my lifetime)

    Btw, how are you coming along with Fallout 4?

    • yes, that is Fallout 4. its from the Nuka World DLC in the Nuka Arcade. You can actually play the game and get tickets if you get the high score. but you can’t beat McCarthyite Maddow’s score no matter what you do.

      Video games are the new best art form out there. film doesn’t do it anymore, at least not in the states. Snowpiercer and films like that which make a powerful anticorporatist statement don’t get made or funded here. but video games do and they are popular. Fallout, Resident Evil, Bioshock, Borderlands, Dishonored… there are so many good examples of outstanding games with powerful, anticorporate/anti-neoliberal messages out there right now, it’s, well, unfortunately, Hollywood just cant do it anymore.

      How am I doing in it? Im alright. I always try to start off determined to be totally evil but I always end up being nice in the interactions and it sucks. i cant be evil. even just for fun. really sucks. whats that town in Fallout New Vegas? the first one you come up on, not Vegas? I nuked that. that was about as evil as I get.

      Im playing Nuk World right now. when I saw the Whack a Commie games I immediately thought of Rachel so I investigated and learned how to take a screen shot on Steam and ended up posting this.

      its a lot of fun.

      • “Video games are the new best art form out there. Film doesn’t do it anymore, at least not in the states.”

        Speaking of shit*y films, theatres will soon offer yet another Pentagon-financed movie that glorifies the Empire’s genocidal slaughter of Middle Easters.

        “Megan Leavey” (to be released 9 June 2017) is about a female Marine corporal and her bomb-sniffing dog as they participate in the leveling of Fallujah in 2005 and Ramadi in May 2006. A land mine injures Lassie and the murderous female, who spends the rest of the movie looking for Lassie, and who finally reunites with the dog. I’m feeling misty just thinking about it. Pass me a Kleenex. (“Inspired by true events!”)

        The stench from Hollywood gets worse by the day.


      • Sorry Scott, I was out today studying for midterms before I go home for spring break, I believe you must be talking about Megaton in Fallout 3. Yeah I played as an evil character a few times and I ended up with very negative karma. I wish Fallout 4 still had the karma system, the only evil thing you can do is be rude or kill civilians but it has no consequences in Fallout 4.

  4. @Willyloman: Off the top of my head, I can mention Beneath a Steel Sky, Final Fantasy VII, Deus Ex (?), Metal Gear (until “The Phantom Pain”), Haze…
    @Penny: Lassie will probably be humanized more than the Iraqis who lost their country. What is it with this “veteran dog” fetish?

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