I MADE A “FAKE NEWS” LIST!!!!! Melissa Zimdars’ BIG LIST of Wrongthink Websites!!!! YEAAAAAAA!!!!!

by Scott Creighton

(notice the “all caps” in the headline and the “clickbaity” title? That PROVES (there I go again) I’m “fake news”)

I’m so happy. I’m… just… soooo… happy. You like me. You really like me (weep weep weep)

Over at Harvard, they suggest if you wish to figure out what is real and what is fake, you should use “fact checking” services like the ones produced by Snopes and… the Washington Post.


Fact checking at the Washington Post? Where they run with stories about various topics and in the last two paragraphs of the articles their lawyers make them disclose the fact that their conclusions are based on nothing. That Washington Post. That should by your source for “fact checking”


The same Washington Post owned by the guy who has a 600 million dollar contract from the CIA? The guys that said da ebil Roooskies hacked a power plant!?!? That Washington Post?!?

hahahahahahahahahahahaha (gasp) hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahha

The Harvard website provides it’s readers with a handy link to a couple apps that will point out (and filter out?) “fake news” websites for you and they also provide a nifty link to a BIG LIST of “fake news” websites created by Melissa Zimdars of Merrimack College.

I covered Ms. Zimdars back in Nov. when she first published her contribution to the end of the 1st amendment.

Melissa Zimdars Creates a Handy List of “Fake News” Websites for When You Want to Avoid Thoughtcrime

At the time I wrote:

Newthinkers bellyfeel Ingsoc and that is all they need to know

I also pointed out that I had been left off the BIG LIST of Wrongthink Websites and that saddened me.

😦  I was not on the list. To my shame. Oh well. Maybe I will make the addendum.  😦



I have one message for the folks at Harvard and Miss Thing from WhosAwhatsIT University over there… one message and one message only:

Image result for bitch please

40 Responses

  1. Congratulations, Scott. This is such an honor even for me as a reader 🙂

    (I know it’s just an alphabetical coincidence, but you are in some weird company there in that screen grab of he list, with the likes of Assange and Romero…)

  2. Bwaahahahahaha!!! You made it!!! Im so happy for you. I hope I have contributed in some small way because I have been sharing your articles like crazy, hahahaha!!

    • thank you for that. yes, I am very proud. did my best for ten years to research and write about what I truly believed to be fact and I am labeled “fake news” by the country I call home and want so much to help. a proud moment in American Everyman history. now I just got to make it on the “Commie GET OUT and Go Back to Russia!” list and it will make it all worthwhile. #REDBAITINGagain

  3. WikiLeaks isn’t factual? Well that list is not credible at all. Very frustrating Harvard didn’t fact check its own fact checking. Fuck. That’s all that is worth saying at this point.

  4. LoL As your mother, I am proud of you also…… if that’s the list you most admire!
    Hey, Scott can do other things too…. you should see him feeding his outside squirrels….. they know him by sight and come flying from tree to tree branches to him when he brings out (homecooked) peanuts. About six or seven squirrels… he wants to name them but can’t tell the apart.
    They are all getting fat and bushy tailed. 🙂

    • oh great. now some CIA asset will be out there dressed as a squirrel next time I go feed them. You gotta be careful giving these guys any info about me, mom. Geesh…

  5. good for you Willy-
    Watch out for those squirrel too 😉

    • Don’t worry, I’ve been suspicious of those squirrels from some time now. Especially the ones with the earpieces who chirp into little devices on their wrists. I’m no nature expert, but I tell you, that doesn’t seem right to me.

      • Yeah they told us about the Bourne program, Super Soldiers and all that. But they kept the GMO squirrel death squads under wraps until now. Sons of bitches. This is a new low.

  6. OK I read the whole thing including all the sites. It’s not as bad as it seems, see below quote by the author

    “Some people are asking which news sources I trust, and all I can say is that I read/watch/listen very
    widely, from mainstream, corporate owned sources (The New York Times, The Washington Post, The
    Boston Globe, The Wall Street Journal, Forbes) as well as The Atlantic, National Public Radio, and
    various local and alternative sources with different political perspectives (Truth-Out) some of which are
    included on this list.”

    So it’s saying to be careful what you read. I’m pissed that you got labeled conspiracy and memoryholeblog got “unknown”. Should have been the other way around. Anyways, congrats for getting noticed. Bout damn time.

    • they got Think Progress and Daily Kos on the list along with The Blaze. I didn’t notice what they labeled them. Should have labeled them “limited hangout focus groups” but somehow I doubt it.

    • and honestly, I think being labeled “conspiracy” is great. How many of your friends these days after this past election and the Iraq War understand we live in a world where our government is conducting one long conspiracy against us after another? Shit, 4 more years of this and they’ll be giving me an honorary degree from Harvard, not listing me as wrongthink. Of course, I might get sent to a reeducation camp by then, but it’s all good… I’ll take one for the team.

      • Pity you only got one category for conspiracy. Hell, whitepower got three categories (who’d of thought they’re biased?). You’ve got some catching up to do, dude…

        Congratulations and see you in zee kamps!

        • The camps will have a benign name like the “Civilian Public Service.” That was what the U.S. government called its 152 concentration camps that 12,000 U.S. citizens were forcibly sent to during World War II because they declined the “honor” of dying. Prisoners had to produce their own food, housing, and clothing.

          The U.S. government released U.S. citizens of Japanese ethnicity at the end of the war, but the government did not release those 12,000 other prisoners until two years after the war. If the government orders you to die, and you refuse, then you are a “criminal.” Everyone around you will call you a “criminal,” because if they don’t, then they too will go to the camps.

          • correction: it will be the “Walmart Civilian Public Service Centers” or the “Amazon Civlian Public Service Centers” because they can’t miss an opportunity like this one to 1. privatize and 2. profit. They will be work camps much like they are trying to turn America’s prison system into. Slave labor in other words. Or, for lack of a better term, “Nazi Concentration Camps”

            • You are correct.

              The neoliberal wet dream is slave labor (aka the “free market”). Many prisons are already there, and the nightmare will continue to expand.

              Amazon is almost there, but a worker can quit working for Amazon (at present anyway).

          • Jesus, I didn’t know they held people after the war.

            • The U.S. government did the same thing during World War I, except it used penitentiaries. If you were drafted, and you declined the “honor” of dying to make rich people richer, then you were sent to Alcatraz Island (California), or Fort Lewis (Washington), or Fort Leavenworth (Kansas). In prison you were punished with short rations, solitary confinement, and physical abuse. A typical prison term was ten years.
              More info here…

              All human societies are savage and quite totally insane. They only vary in the degree of their madness. This happens because most of the people around you (not all) are selfish a**holes.

              • actually, no they aren’t. Libya under Gaddafi’s Green Revolution was not at all any of those things. that’s just one example, there were others.

                • Thanks for your comment. I meant that no society is perfect, and the best we can hope for is a minimum of madness. Incidentally Gaddafi was great for a time, but he opened the door to Libya’s destruction by turning power over to his sons, who (in an effort to get richer) instituted neoliberal “reforms” in Libya. This caused some Libyans to get rich, and many others to lose out, especially in eastern Libya (Cyrenaica). The Empire inflamed the latters’ unhappiness into a pseudo “revolt” that provided a pretext for the Empire to start bombing. Assad in Syria made the same mistake. Assad’s neoliberal “reforms” (combined with a drought) caused much unhappiness, which the Empire inflamed into a “revolt” (i.e. a proxy war). I’ve explained this is great detail in my own blogs.

        • lol… did they really say the white power guys were biased? lol. damn man. if you can’t trust your neighborhood hood wearing white power site to be neutral and tell it like it is straight down the line, what can you trust anymore? It’s all goin to shit I tell ya. next they’ll accuse the guys at http://www.beatyourwife.com of being misogynistic or something. is nothing sacred?

  7. Congratulations, Scott! 🙂

  8. Congratulations on your promotion from “conspiracy theorist” to “fake news” dispensary. That’s only one step below “homegrown terrorist.”

    • ow. foreboding. a dose of reality, eh? revel in the moment, will ya? I’m not public enemy #1 yet and that’s a good thing. for the record, did you know Eugene Debbs was welcomed at the White House the day he got out of prison? Do you know how many Americans now know who was and what he stood for BECAUSE of those years he was incarcerated for sedition (he opposed the draft of WWI)? Do you think Nelson Mandela would ever have been president of South Africa (for better or worse) had he not been imprisoned all that time? We throw ourselves into the gears of the machine in whatever small ways we can. I am certainly no Debbs or Mandela, but I am just foolish enough to join the ranks of the thousands who have come before us who refuse to bow down or take that seat at the back of the bus and stay silent. Like them, I expect the worst. Like them, I pray for the best. So, let them bring on the last label they will ever give me because it wont be what I am remembered for and that, Elizabeth, is the most any human being can ever wish for.

  9. I love how the cabal, or puppetmasters, try to get in front of these ludicrous campaigns of disinfo. The fact that the MSM is now routinely using the phrase “deep state” and “fake news” to describe what has in essence been the reality of empire is so farcical. It’s similar to when the Abu Ghrab debacle was described as some sort of isolated occurrence….seriously!…or Kuwaiti incubator babies…or Jessica Lynch fairy tales….or yellow cake uranium…or WMD….or Gulf of Tonkin myths….it’s like we pretend there never has been wonderful entities like School of the Assassins…NED…and the long list of PR firms in DC shilling for more death and destruction….Anyone who has any limited knowledge of the foreign policy of that “beacon on the hill” can only be both amused at the pathetic nature of communication in this culture…while simultaneously being disgusted at the utter lack of empathy for the carnage spread by that same foreign policy.

  10. Congratulations!

  11. An image of Navin’s “I’M IN THE PHONEBOOK!!!” moment from The Jerk somehow keeps popping up….

  12. Yes, Scott, congratulations! You are a pride of American journalism in my opinion. Long may you run!
    I think you’ve put together a good team here if you include the regular commentators. Well done …

  13. Congratulations, Scotty. It’s no exaggeration that your blog is my MAIN source of information. Period. No question. I hope you don’t go down the same alt-celebrity road of Paul Joseph Watson, Amy Goodman or similar people.
    Also @Penny: Even figures like Andre Vltchek are becoming sketchy. His recent pieces on Sudan and Turkey read “I don’t get what I want, therefore Sudan and Turkey are bad.” Michael Parenti had some sort of crush on Kurdistan, and so did Libcom. Seemingly anyone with an audience gets compromised.
    P.S. It’s gotten bad enough that mere “entertainment” outlets like Cracked, The Onion TV Tropes or Matthew Santoro’s YouTube channel shill for facets of the Masters of the Universe’s agendas under such guises as “comedy”.

    • Yes, Andre Vltchek is unfortunately drinking the Empire’s kool-aid regarding Turkey.

      That brings up another facet of the Empire’s row with Turkey. Erdogan supports Sudan’s president Omar al-Bashir, which the Empire wants to remove via regime change. Indeed, one reason why Mossad attacked the American embassies in Kenya and Tanzania (1998) was to create a pretext for the U.S. to pulverize Khartoum with cruise missiles. Specifically targeted were food plants, medicine plants, and so on, which Bill Clinton called “nerve gas factories.” And of course the Empire maintains a blockade against Sudan. The ICC, being part of the Empire, has charged Sudan’s President Bashir with “crimes against humanity” in order to limit his ability to travel abroad.

      On 9 July 2011 the Empire broke off part of Sudan and created a new nation called South Sudan, in order to deprive Sudan of 75% of its oil. Since then, South Sudan has been a bloodbath as various warlords fight each other, while the U.S. (and Israel) support their puppet dictator, Salva Kiir Mayardit. The Empire (and George Clooney) also wants to break off western Sudan, aka Darfur,

  14. Whoa …fake list! This calls for a celebration… can we hire those dancing feet from israel?

  15. I think it’s time we responded to Brandon’s obfuscations and insults on Twitter. Mr. Creighton, presuming that Martinez is Hispanic, you could respond to his calling you “far-left apologist for third-world dictators” by returning “Y tu mama tambien, puto pendejo.” I guarantee he’ll adore your kind words.

  16. Hold the PHONE….I have been supporting a known squirrel lover !! WTH..well, congrats and keep up the good work. Hope you are feeling better.

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