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  1. Like a splash of cold water. I think I’ll re-blog this.

  2. Debbie is correct. The “doesn’t get it” narrative implies innocence. Democrats mean well, but they “don’t get it.”

    Recently I purged two different associates from my life. Both creeps admitted that Democrats were the same as Republicans, yet they said Democrats were “better.”

    Got that? There is only one entity. A and B are the same in every way, but A is “better.”

    I attributed their idiocy to hate and arrogance, rather than mere stupidity.

  3. Sanders is at it again with his fake left bullshit. On Sunday in a town hall in West Virginia, a crowd of Trump supporters cheered when Sanders told them that “healthcare is a right.” I agree. But then Sanders said the proposed replacement for the Deplorable Care Act is “a huge tax break for the wealthiest people in this country.” This brought more cheers.

    My problem is that the latter part reinforces the lie that dollars are physical and therefore limited. Therefore programs like Social Security are “insolvent” and must be privatized. That is, we must have more neoliberalism. And we must pay more federal taxes if we want universal health care, (when there should be no federal taxes on anyone, rich or poor). This is how Sanders shills for the rich while posing for the poor.


    • sanders has been doing the “reform Obamacare” circuit for a while now. Started off with Ted Cruz of all people. It’s pathetic. It’s not an attempt to pass single payer healthcare, it’s an attempt to normalize the notion of further “compromise” on the left and the right. It’s a dog and pony show. But all I needed to hear from Sanders to tell me I was right about that sack of shit all along was him saying the Russians hacked the election. When he first said that, I was done with him. He’s a coopted piece of shit and I don’t care what they threatened him with or what they promised him to get him to do it. It’s like when Kucinich took that plane ride with Obama and came out the next day and backed his fascist farright healthcare plan WITH the unconstitutional mandate. When he did that, I was done with him as well.

      • Speaking of Saint Bernie, Sanders called Gaddafi a “dictator” during the run-up to the Empire’s destruction of Libya (which fake leftists call a “revolution” and a “civil war”).

        On 1 March 2011, Sanders (and all other Democrat Senators) voted for Senate resolution S. Res. 85, which called for regime change in Libya, and which asked the UN Security Council to forcibly create a “no-fly zone” in Libya (i.e. it asked NATO to start bombing).

        Sanders’ resolution charged that Gaddafi was guilty of “gross and systematic violations of human rights in Libya, including violent attacks on protesters demanding democratic reforms.”

        Sanders signed it, knowing that the U.S. had amassed naval forces off the Libyan coast (including the aircraft carrier USS Enterprise) that were just waiting for the order to start bombing. Sanders also knew that Gaddafi was retired at that time, and was no longer in office.

        The evil of St. Bernie is quite boundless.

  4. I have two checking accounts at the same bank. At any time, night or day, I can use my computer keyboard to transfer money from one account to the other by changing the numbers in my accounts. Nothing physical moves, since money is not physical. And yet, most people regard money as physical and therefore limited. This delusion is why poverty and inequality are so extreme. It is why people believe the lie that this or that federal program is “insolvent” and must be privatized.

    Each fiscal year the U.S. government creates about $4 trillion out of thin air, and then sends 85% of that back into thin air via federal taxes. Four trillion dollars in hundred-dollar bills would weigh 44,000 TONS (not pounds). Do you think the federal government ships out 3,666 TONS of money each month? Money is not physical. (Currency notes represent money, but they are not money. Likewise scoreboard numbers represent points but they are not points. Points, like money, are a 100% mental concept. Points, like money, are limitless.)

    Continued below

  5. We create and destroy points by changing the numbers on the scoreboard. Thus, points come from nowhere, and they go to nowhere. Dollars are exactly the same. Banks are the keepers of the money scoreboard (which is why banks have supreme power).

    The federal government has no need for tax revenue. FICA taxes do not pay for Medicare or Social Security. The U.S. government creates benefit dollars out of thin air, simply by instructing your bank to change the numbers in your account. It’s all electronic.

    Sanders knows all this, because one of his campaign advisors was Stephanie Kelton of the University of Missouri at Kansas City. Kelton understands what I say. Sanders ignored her because the truth would have subverted Sanders’ fake left lies.

  6. One other thing…

    Trump bullshit is as awful as fake left bullshit.

    Sanders’ speech was to ex-coal miners whose industry is dying because [a] alternatives like natural gas are cleaner and more profitable, and [b] because the giant coal companies went on a merger blitz, taking on massive debt to expand their monopolies.

    As a result of [a] and [b] the coal companies are all bankrupt, and the miners are all unemployed.

    Trump says he will bring back their jobs. Riiiiiight.

  7. Incidentally, John Conyers of Michigan has introduced a Single Payer bill (i.e. Universal Medicare) in every session of Congress since Conyers was first elected in 1965.

    Conyers submitted his latest edition (HR 676) on 24 Jan 2017, which was twenty-one days after the current Congress (115th) began. The latest bill has 35 cosponsors, but the corporate media outlets don’t want you to know that.

    As far as I know, Sanders has never submitted a Single Payer bill. He is now shilling for Obamneycare.

    • Sanders and most Democrats refuse to support HR 676 because “we must protect the healthcare achievements of President Obama.”

      They mean Obama’s achievements for the insurance giants at the expense of you and me.

  8. Why is Jimmy Dore groveling before Cenk Uygur, when he otherwise appears to be a critically thinking man?
    It boggles the mind that millions still see Democrats, Republicans and Libertarians as genuine competitors for the national soul, the future, who “can change the conversation in America.” I think watching Rocky & Bullwinkle is a more productive use of your time than the “debates” and “townhalls”.

    • Dore is … today… talking about how Americans want Obamacare and mean old Trump is going to take away people’s healthcare. He’s doing the same thing Bernie is doing which is calling for “fixing” it not abolishing the unconstitutional shit. he’s also just featured a video with Krugman asking questions like “why didn’t the dems challenge the electoral college vote” and Jimmy says it’s because they don’t have a spine. all the fucking disinfo processed and packaged by the Podesta crowd being rehashed by Jimmy Dore these days. He’s starting to make me sick. And yes, I called him out for backing (and joining) Cenk U., that miserable controlled opposition sheep-dog of an asshole. So yeah, I am MUCH less enamored with Jimmy Dore these days. He has shifted QUICK

      • On Jimmy Dore’s latest show, one of his cohorts (“Ron”) says at 08:46, “I don’t fault Obama for not going straight to Single Payer, since so much if our economy is based on this fu*ked up system…”

        Got that? If you spend your money on various goods and services, rather than spending all your money on insurance, the economy will crash.

        Jimmy Dore calls “Ron” on this nonsense.

      • Like an overfed squirrel, I’m going to go out on the proverbial limb here and say that we’ve got more pressing concerns than what comedians talk about on YouTube. Maybe Dore is a deep cover Podesta operative? Maybe not. Somebody should put together a list of acceptable political comedians so that the populace isn’t unduly influenced by fake comedy. Perhaps call it Shillfree or Shillverify or Shillack? Something catchy. I’m curious how long the list would be?

        • pretty long if you include the writers at places like the Times and the Washington Post because as I see it, what they are doing is comedy because it’s so damn laughable.

          and let me just say… best squirrel pun yet

          • Thanks dude. Hope your squirrels aren’t too adversely impacted by all their recent internet exposure and associated cheap puns from pendejos like me. May they serve you well.

            With the Mockingbird blotting out the sun, it’s hard not to laugh at the absurdity of the MSM. Of course given the extensive cooption of ‘alt’ media, maybe it would be more accurate to call it the Braided Stream Media instead. I wonder if there’s ever been such a laughable propaganda effort on this scale in American history? Shoot, even Yellow Journalism was relatively objective compared with today’s Company news.

  9. Arf, arf! Jimmy want biscuit!

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