West Unhinged Over Turkish Referendum

(An outstanding review of US and NATO destabilization campaigns in Turkey both past and present. Penny agrees with my position that we have no business interfering in the internal politics of another nation. But that is not the nature of neoliberal globalization, is it? The current obsession with the Turkish referendum is nothing short of international terrorism. Understand, terrorism is the “use of force or the threat of force” to alter a nation’s political, economic or social structure and that is exactly what all this international pressure is doing. They are implying that holding the referendum (or if the Turkish people “vote the wrong way”) will cause NATO to expel Turkey and begin a regime change program in their country. By definition what is happening is terrorism. As Penny points out in the article, like Crimea, Turkey must be left alone to find their own way. It’s the right of self determination and that is EXACTLY what the Deep State cannot allow ANYWHERE.)

from Penny for Your Thoughts blog

Unhinged : Deranged, Unbalanced

It’s seems the time has come for one of those all encompassing posts- the ones that attempt to make sense of the non-sense.  It’s as if there is presently a whirl wind of activity around Turkey seemingly unrelated but in actuality-  all very related. 

Target Turkey:

This is becoming  ever more obvious and heavy handed. Yet, many still don’t or can’t see it. Not sure which it is? I’ve long stated here that the propaganda employed to target Turkey is necessarily devious and liberally applied- Pun intended. While it may be true that Turkey is a NATO nation it is one that has been barely tolerated by the Atlantacist crowd. The crowd that truly runs NATO…

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  1. Guess its time for Soros to buy a bunch more life jackets and give to the refugees fleeing our military madness in the ME?

  2. From Penny’s blog…

    “Initially I too fell for the early spin and shouldn’t have. My infatuation with Syria blinded me to the reality of the situation.”

    This is understandable. Turkish politicians (including Erdogan) in the ruling Justice and Development Party (JDP) supported the first two years of the Empire’s war on Syria (as did the Gülenists) because war was profitable. They stole oil, antiquities, and entire factories from Syria. They harbored the Empire’s terrorist mercenaries. They made fortunes as middle-men in the war. They colluded with the Saudis, the Israelis, and every other kind of filth. (Opposed to all this were opposition parties such as People’s Democratic Party.) In time, as Hezbollah entered the war, and then Russia, JDP politicians in Turkey gradually realized that the Empire was using them, and would eventually discard them. They broke with the Gülenists, and they began to cooperate less and less in the Empire’s war. In response, the Empire began to vilify the JDP Turks, and to send regular troops to Syria (e.g. U.S. Marines and Army Rangers). That brings us to today.

  3. Are we witnessing another US attempt of coup d’état in Turquey, to topple Erdogan?

    • the demonization of current leaders is the way it always starts. then you hear talk about how “illegitimate” the government of the country is. From Slobadan to Saddam to Gaddafi to Assad and now Erdogan. It’s a tried and true method. That’s not even mentioning guys like Chavez, Allende and Castro.

      of course, one might also draw comparisons between that and what is happening with The Donald as we speak. I’m sure I wouldn’t be the first to make that comparison. and if Erdogan plays nice, if he agrees to give a chunk of the Turkish people’s country to the Kurds, they might let him remain in charge of what is left. I am sure the Russians are probably making him that offer right now. Same choice they are giving Assad.

      • Hi Willy- Thanks for the very kind words- I absolutely agree 100 percent it’s the right of the Turkish people to decide and everyone else should but out-

        I wrote this response to you at my place

        “Agreed Willy the deep state would have us believe other wise- but we shouldn’t.

        And yes it is international black mail leveled at the people of Turkey- I want to include here what you said at your blog “. By definition what is happening is terrorism.” It is exactly that! Terrorism is defined as an activity, usually violent, but not always under taken to manipulate the outcome or decisions of another.

        Clearly Turkey is being terrorized.

        Each sovereign state can and should choose their own way- It may make the world a bit less manageable, for the elites, but in the end- has the move towards global tyranny been such a peace love and understanding kind of move? Of course it hasn’t.

        Some years back we had a referendum here in Canada and I do not recall it causing such a global kerfuffle. Must have been deep state approved”

        • Which referendum are you referring to?

          Speaking of referendums, remember in March 2014 when the people of Crimea voted to rejoin Russia (which they are physically separated from by a channel of water only two miles wide)?

          Their vote so outraged the Empire that to this day the Empire’s toadies continue to claim that Russia savagely invaded and forcibly annexed Crimea.

          • Hi Elizabeth- I was thinking of the 1995 referendum that took place in Quebec, but absorbed all of Canada- Highly emotional especially here in Ontario-

            Yes I recall the Crimea election well and referenced it in my post

  4. “Turkey, as it is today, is no longer necessary to the great game. Europe is weak- It’s been unionized. It’s history- stolen. Europes people are losing their roots and identity. Europe has a faceless technocratic bureaucracy running the show in the most fascist/communistic manner possible.”
    I respectfully disagree with this part of Penny’s analysis. I’d argue that Turkey is the Great Game. It’s necessary real estate for attacking Tehran and the Caucuses. The Krauts learned the hard way during Blau that invading the Caucuses from across the Don was a horrible idea. Much shorter trip from Turkey.

    Secondly, I don’t know anything about Europe’s problems but I doubt that loss of historical identity is a problem. Last time I checked, their roots and identity were imperial militancy, racism, feudalism, etc. Has that changed in the last few thousand years? And not to split hairs, but is the EU really running the most fascist/communist show possible? Maybe. But I could think of a few historic examples where Europe got a little more carried away with the fascism thing.

    • I ignored that part of Penny’s comments. There is not enough space here to address its problems.

      • Your correct elizabeth there isn’t enough space or time to address the many problems in the EU etc.,
        thanks for reading 🙂

    • Hi Edgar- You need to consider what came before that- Turkey as a foil- Necessary prior to the creation of the EU- But now 17 years into the existence of the EU? No longer necessary

      Turkey as it stands today is not necessary.. Turkey is not necessary for attacking Tehran either- that can easily be done via Iraq. Where the US is building new bases one snuggly up against the border of Iran

      Re: the faceless technocratic EU- un elected, just appointed undemocratic

      My roots are European- Italy specifically. The history is being erased.

      ” Last time I checked, their roots and identity were imperial militancy, racism, feudalism, etc”

      I would disagree with that as too simplistic, just my opinion.
      *I thank you for reading my piece it’s much appreciated 🙂

      • Thanks for your piece, Penny. Good stuff, interesting times. You may be right that control of Turkey isn’t a requirement for launching an invasion of Iran. Although, as Scott has previously pointed out, Iraq seems to be governed more by Iranian proxy than the US ‘Embassy’. All of the US bases there won’t do any good against Iran if supplies have to run the gauntlet all the way up from the Gulf. Also, we’ve lost that war once before (topography favors Iran) using our ol’ buddy Saddam.

        Even without an invasion of Iran or Russia, Turkey will be solid gold real estate as long as oil flows west from the Gulf/Caspian. I believe Scott pointed out that most of the existing and proposed oil pipelines servicing Europe pass through or near Turkey. So I’d bet that Turkey will continue to be strategically significant to the European economy and NATO.

        And I don’t mean to knock Europeans generally, or Italians specifically. I’m sure you guys know the downsides of fascist imperialism better than we do here in the US. However, in terms of body count, Europe is history’s undisputed reigning champion. No offense, but I’m glad I’m in the Pacific Northwest on the opposite side of the planet from you folks…

  5. And your labeling of the EU’s corporatist order or the separatist guerrillas in Kurdistan as “communist” (and in the case of Abdollah Ozcallan, “Bolshevist”) sounds like an absurd John Birch or Dinesh D’Souza talking point, not rational analysis.

  6. Re: the new US bases in Iraq- absolutely not pulled from my hat


    “ishar News reported that one US air base would be built in Harir some 70 km north of Erbil,(PKK turf) the KRG provincial capital. The base would be used to host American jet fighters and helicopters as well as military advisers.

    Another military base will be established in Alton Kopri south of Erbil and will be used to store light weapons, while two other bases will be built in KRG-controlled areas in Mosul, the media outlet said.

    A stunning surprise is that the US will be allowed to build the fifth military base in Halabja on the border with neighbouring Iran, (PKK Turf)according to the Fishar News report.

    The US is already training and giving support to Kurds who are already attacking Iran

  7. @Penny: No ideology is above criticism, Reds to Browns, but do you really think the American plutocracy would support a leader ideologically opposed to their property, market penetration and profits, except as a facetious ruse (no doubt Ocalan is a terrifying criminal)? Maybe the cons outweighed the pros, but not everything behind the Berlin Wall was bad. I’d kill for my native Mexico to reach Belarus, Czechoslovakia or East Germany’s level of development. I have to disagree with you here.

  8. Disgusting pro war propaganda from this greasy site, as per usual.

  9. @Penny: Wikipedia LOVES Israelis and Kurds. Its articles on both topics read like a mix of hasbara and tourist brochures. So much for an “impartial” encyclopedia (its African-related content is particularly vile in its tendentiousness and distortions).

    • Wikipedia also loves Big Pharma’s endless hoaxes (“Spanish flu,” bird flu, swine flu, Zika, “deadly measles,” etc etc etc).

      Also, when you access Wikipedia to read about World War II, you are all but redirected to the “six million” bullshit.

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