Dutch police deport Turkish minister to Germany after barring her from consulate in Rotterdam

(Further exemplifies my theory that Erdogan is next on the regime change agenda because he opposes chopping up Syria for Greater Kurdistan and a chunk of Turkey is next. The Duran did a write-up on this where they rightly said it was a nearly unprecedented move on the part of the Dutch yet then they went on to demonize Erdogan by accusing him of everything short of shooting JFK himself. There was a peaceful rally at the Turkish embassy and the Dutch turned the water cannons on them. Turkey and Russia had just announced they had reconciled their differences regarding Syria during a meeting between heads of state that started Friday. )

from RT

Turkey’s family affairs minister has been escorted to the Dutch-German border as crowds of Turkish protesters rallied at the consulate in Rotterdam. The minister was earlier prevented from staging a pro-Erdogan rally outside the diplomatic premises.

Fatma Betul Sayan Kaya was detained by the Dutch police at the consulate before being further escorted to Germany, RTL News reported.

Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte issued a statement, calling the visit of the Turkish minister “irresponsible” and the rhetoric by Turkish authorities “unacceptable.”

“In mutual contact with Turkey, Netherlands has repeatedly made it clear that public order and security in our country should not be compromised,” Rutte said, adding that the Dutch government repeatedly told its Turkish counterparts that Kaya is “not welcome in the Netherlands.”

“Minister Kaya is on her way to Germany, accompanied by police. Her car is being driven back. This also applies to her guards and employees,” Rotterdam’s mayor Ahmed Aboutaleb told news agency NOS.

In a televised statement, Aboutaleb accused Turkish officials at the general consulate of “misleading” him on the forthcoming visit of Kaya. The mayor claimed that the Turkish consul general told him nothing had been planned for that day in the consulate.

“He outright lied,” Aboutaleb said, adding that he was also offended by the comparison of the Dutch authorities with fascists, made earlier by Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

“He forgets I’m the mayor of Rotterdam, which was bombed by the Nazis,” Aboutaleb said.

Reporters live tweeting from the scene said that after the detention was announced, the minister remained in her armored car until a truck arrived to tow the vehicle. She then reportedly came out of her car to be escorted away in another vehicle.

Kaya responded to the detention by accusing the Dutch of “tyranny and oppression,” unlawful treatment and violation of human rights and freedoms on her Twitter account.

She later added some strong words, tweeting: “In the face of this fascist practice, the world needs to take a stand in the name of Democracy! Such treatment of a woman is unacceptable.”

By banning the arrival of Turkish officials, “the Netherlands is violating the Vienna Convention, which guarantees the rights and the sovereign status of embassies,” John Bosnitch, a Belgrade-based political analyst, told RT.

Amsterdam’s move represents an “unheard violation of international law,” he maintained. “The entire incident only comes literally hours after Russia and Turkey announced that they had normalized relations between the two countries,”

Two countries which were at odds with one another decided to make peaceful collaboration with one another, and suddenly we see Austria, Germany, Switzerland, and Holland banning the presence of Turkish elected representatives or government representatives to take part in democratic debate, the analyst noted.

Commenting on Erdogan’s calling the Netherlands “Nazi remnants,” Bosnitch asserted that the Turkish leader “was not pulling these things out of the bag,” as “more Dutch volunteered in the SS that the Germans did” during World War II.

Hundreds of agitated Turkish protesters remained in central Rotterdam despite reports that the action at the consulate was over by the time the car with Kaya left the scene. Riot police cordons could be seen on social media livestreams as occasional rocks and bottles landed near officers.

Police later deployed water cannon to break up the rally at the Turkish consulate. Protesters were seen running away from the scene

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  1. How much of this is for real and how much scripted, since Turkey is having a vote in April that would give the ‘Sultan’ more power and another term?


    • Greg if I may? This is for real. Turkey is the next target. Greater Israel under the guise of ‘kurdistan’-

      As for the vote to change the political system? It will take the Presidential role from ceremonial to one of being more like the US or Russia’s system and yet it’s being promoted as a move towards dictatorship- lol
      the real issue is with more power in the civilian government Turkey will become even less malleable for the US and company- definitely not what the US wants

      • In addition to the Kurdistan project, control of Turkey is key to taking Iran and the Caspian/Caucuses from those lazy Rooskis. Big picture wise the Kurdistan project is just rearranging arbitrary colonial borders from a hundred years ago. But imperial control of the Caspian is the whole ball game.

      • that’s right. the funny thing about everyone saying he wants to be a dictator, the “sultan” of Turkey, is that the system they want to put in place will be more like ours. few ever mention that fact.

        • A “dictator” is anyone the Empire wants to get rid of.

          For example, Bernie Sanders calls the late Hugo Chavez a “dead communist dictator,” because Chavez opposed neoliberalism. Meanwhile the Empire refers to actual dictators as “enlightened leaders.” For example, Yoweri Museveni of Uganda (a U.S. puppet) has been crushing his people for 31 years. Any Ugandan (e.g. Joeph Kony) who questions Museveni’s brutality is a “terrorist.”

        • The system Erdogan wants to switch to is indeed like “ours” on paper. In reality, it is “ours” on steroids, since he does away with the basic checks and balances still somewhat in place in the US. Essentially, his version is what our “globalists” would like to have here, and have been working towards with every presidential decree, signing order, and the ever-accelerating expansion of executive powers, and the free reign that the intelligence agencies enjoy.

          Nonetheless, Turkey and Iran are indeed the ultimate targets no matter what Erdogan does or doesn’t do. It is a long game, with the Kurds being used as pawns, placeholders, and a strong element in the fracturing, division and balkanization of the region, with the Gulen organization and his operative-nest schools in the region being used to expand this sphere of influence eastward towards the ex-Soviet Turkic states, and ultimately to Western China.

          As for the Dutch reaction… It is no secret that the Dutch, the Germans and the French are opposed to the new constitution that will be voted on next month. And, there is a law in place in Netherlands that prevents foreign politicians and satesmen holding political rallies in their country. Of course, they can choose to make a big deal of it or not, and it seems like they have chosen to take a strong stance risking the negative reaction of their Turkish ex-pats.

  2. Hi Willy:
    It’s tough to sail against the winds. To swim against the tide

    I saw the news and I was floored- The people are having a rally outside, by all accounts a quiet one, of Turkey’s diplomatic premises and all hell breaks loose as if to antagonize the Turkish government!
    Yes to antagonize the Turkish government because they have to be seen as irrational and disruptive and criminal as possible
    Beware the Duran…
    This wouldn’t be the first time they have irrationally framed Turkey

  3. All of this insanity almost makes me wish I didn’t stop drinking 10 years ago. A person could get drunk and stay that way just to keep the craziness at bay.

  4. I don’t know what little tiny Netherlands or Holland wants with this. It is either for the extreme-right to win next elections in the Netherlands or to provoque Erdogan into war against NATO. USA has positioned troops in the north of Syria. It seems that the Netherlands, with its sleezy and revolting governors have made an effort to start a war.

  5. This must have been related to the Dutch election in 3 days. And since it was done by the government they thought it would undermine Gert Wilders.

  6. OFF-TOPIC; Global Research has these two lovely regime change advertorials uploaded to its database:
    (Seriously, these cartoonish characterizations of Erdogan as “sultan” of one of the most secular, socially liberal republics in the Muslim world are beyond childish- grow up, dear embedded propaganda assets infiltrating alt-media.)
    Sites like the previously mentioned GR, CounterPunch, Truthdig, World Socialist Website, Russia Today, Smirking Chimp, The Exile, The Duran, Canadian Dimension, Socialist Worker and Information Clearinghouse have indiscriminately published ANY piece with a token air of “anti-globalization” or “anti-imperialism”; no vetting is done whatsoever of quality, accuracy, honesty, prejudices or the author’s possible ulterior motives. Scott has an extensive record already of dozens of unsavory characters who brand themselves as “dissident journos fighting for the truth” to boost their careers (e.g. Max Blumenthal and Webby Tarpley), sometimes the same people who mix toxic disinfo with genuinely progressive-sounding literature, or who begin as real progressives (Tarpley) and then sell out shamelessly. All the while, GR and company frequently pimp public relations of themselves as “brave anti-establishment sources” and beg you to give them money. We’re in another dark age where we have trouble finding reasonable, unadulterated facts and analyses that aren’t tied to some perverse agenda. Journalism is dead, folks.

    • These people don’t understand that the situation has changed. Turkey did indeed have imperialistic ambitions during the first two years of the Empire’s proxy war on Syria. Turkey participated in the attack in Syria, and harbored the Empire’s terrorists, and shot down Syrian government aircraft near the Turkish border. However, over the following four years (going on five) Erdogan’s relationship with the Empire soured. Erdogan increasingly felt that he was being used by the Empire for its Kurdistan project. He doesn’t like it, for example, that he USA gives sanctuary to Turkish preacher Fethullah Gülen, whose organization participated in the Syrian free-for-all, but which turned against Erdogan in 2013 when Erdogan began to turn against the Empire. Now the “Gülenists” are dedicated to Erdogan’s removal. Another problem is that Turkey’s initial cooperation with the Empire’s sanctions against Russia caused great harm to the Turkish economy. Turkey is still part of NATO, but the honeymoon is long over. Erdogan himself is no saint, but the Empire is as evil as ever.

      • please don’t forget, all of these things that did in fact happen, have been, I think, wrongly attributed to Erdogan. It’s simply not true. Our CIA and NATO have OWNED the Turkish military for decades. That’s one of the reasons Erdogan put forward a plan a while ago to separate the military from the leadership of the country. They make decisions apart from the political wing of the leadership of the country and some of those decisions in the past certainly involved staging “moderate” terrorists for Obama’s proxy war as well as the shooting down of the Russian fighter jet. That in fact was done by military leaders within Turkey who wanted, at the CIAs request, to drive a wedge between Erdogan and Putin and it worked for a time. Erdogan was on board with the neoliberal agenda for many years. Hell, Gulen was his right hand man. But that changed and it changed in a big way. But let’s not attribute every ill in Turkey to him. Don’t forget, the Turkish military is (was?) corrupt, in the pocket of the CIA and making moves on their own. They have been for a while. It’s kinda like the situation in Pakistan where the government isn’t completely on board with the empire by the ISI and the Pakistani military certainly is. very similar. lets not forget that aspect of the deep state when discussing Turkey and more specifically, Erdogan. thanks

  7. Much alternative media is also happily in bed with either the oligarch-funded, exploitative and predatory Austrian economics (looking at you, Lew Rockwell) that is sinking the world, or the equally oligarch-funded choice of subtly reactionary, brutally misanthropic, anti-modern and pro-poverty Malthusian ecosustainababble, and the climate change semireligion (Dissident Voice is a great example).

  8. Maybe I am being too simplistic, but I see no reason for any country to allow a foreign one to hold political rallies on their soil. Turkey has no business bringing their internal politics to the Netherlands.

    I would say the same if some Polish officials wanted to come to England and feel the same way about the Mexican politicians that have campaigned in the USA for years.

    • If I may, Europe (especially Holland and Germany) has many Turkish nationals that will vote in the April 12 referendum. Officials from the Turkish government want to talk to these expatriates about their vote, but the Dutch and German governments will not allow it, since the latter want the Turkish referendum to fail. They don’t want Erdogan to gain any more power to resist the Kurdistan project. Their prohibition is arguably a violation of the Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations.

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