Dutch police deport Turkish minister to Germany after barring her from consulate in Rotterdam

(Further exemplifies my theory that Erdogan is next on the regime change agenda because he opposes chopping up Syria for Greater Kurdistan and a chunk of Turkey is next. The Duran did a write-up on this where they rightly said it was a nearly unprecedented move on the part of the Dutch yet then they went on to demonize Erdogan by accusing him of everything short of shooting JFK himself. There was a peaceful rally at the Turkish embassy and the Dutch turned the water cannons on them. Turkey and Russia had just announced they had reconciled their differences regarding Syria during a meeting between heads of state that started Friday. )

from RT

Turkey’s family affairs minister has been escorted to the Dutch-German border as crowds of Turkish protesters rallied at the consulate in Rotterdam. The minister was earlier prevented from staging a pro-Erdogan rally outside the diplomatic premises.

Fatma Betul Sayan Kaya was detained by the Dutch police at the consulate before being further escorted to Germany, RTL News reported.

Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte issued a statement, calling the visit of the Turkish minister “irresponsible” and the rhetoric by Turkish authorities “unacceptable.”

“In mutual contact with Turkey, Netherlands has repeatedly made it clear that public order and security in our country should not be compromised,” Rutte said, adding that the Dutch government repeatedly told its Turkish counterparts that Kaya is “not welcome in the Netherlands.”

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