Intercept Propaganda: Death in al Ghayil (the Horror of Trump’s “Highly Successful” SEAL Raid in Yemen)

modified by Scott Creighton

[text of article removed by Scott. Upon further review of the article, it’s limited hangout disinformation which eventually suggests it “might have been” the Saudis who killed the only woman Iona detailed in the article and goes so far as to paint the Houthis in worse light than the invaders. She continually props up the “al Qaeda” myth throughout the article. “One resident, who asked not to be identified for fear of reprisals, stated that Mohammed al Ameri’s home was used as a guest house by passing al Qaeda militants…”. al Ameri is the family name of the one woman Iona details who died in this raid so she is implying the dead woman she starts off the article lamenting may just have been al Qaeda all along…. Ergo, she is justifying the raid and the deaths of those civilians. And by the way, she used an “unnamed source” for that quote. ಠ_ಠ  Her article is total bullshit. It’s propaganda and I shouldn’t have posted it. Sorry]

[read her propaganda here]

4 Responses

  1. Propaganda is based on labels and stereotypes. If you can make people think in labels (such as “ISIS”™ or “al-Qaeda”) then you can make people support imperialist genocide as a fight against a universal “evil.” Even people who claim to be “anti-war” are actually pro-war if they use the Empire’s labels and its vocabulary. They can denounce the Empire all they like, but they remain liars or fools if they use the Empire’s labels (e.g. “ISIS,”™ “al-Qaeda,” “Communists,” etc.) For example, Iona Craig at “The Intercept” says that the purpose of the U.S. raid in Yemen (indeed of the entire war on Yemen) is to defeat “Al Qaeda.” Ipso facto bullshit. No matter how reasonable a written article seems at first, the minute it uses a label, the entire article becomes bullshit.

    Part 1: Bernie Sanders is an example of a fake leftist. The U.S. government creates its spending money out of thin air, simply by changing the numbers in bank accounts. Therefore the U.S. government has no need or use for tax revenue. However, if you can make the peasants think that money is physical and limited, and that the U.S. government needs tax revenue, then you can make the peasants believe that Social Security is “insolvent,” and must be privatized to “save it.” Sanders sustains this lie by saying that U.S. corporations don’t pay enough federal taxes. (Continued)

  3. Part 2: Every year, Sanders introduces Senate bills which demand that U.S. corporations pay more federal taxes. He did it again, yesterday. The bills never pass, but they serve their purpose, which is to make workers think that Sanders cares about them, when Sanders is actually screwing workers by maintaining the lie that the U.S. government needs tax revenue. There should be no federal taxes on anyone, rich or poor. (FICA taxes do not pay for Social Security benefits). During Sanders’ campaign, he called for Single Payer, and said he would “pay for it” via (unnecessary) federal tax increases. Sanders, like all fake leftists, makes progressive noises while promoting the odious lies that continually widen the gap between rich and poor. He is a liar, a neoliberal, a warmonger, a Zionist, and a DNC operative.

  4. What kind of psychopathic mind-controlled individuals do Seal Team members and others have to be to carry out (and plan) such missions? The only way this type of action is “successful” is in the mission of carrying out evil. This is a slaughter and genocide and outrageous terrorism! How can anyone believe the U.S. government is fighting terror when it’s actually spending trillions of dollars financing and carrying it out day after day, year after year? Sane individuals cannot possibly be in favor of this insanity! Do we even know who the Houthis are really?

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