About that Dusted Off “news” That Gen. “Mad Russian” Flynn Lobbied for Turkey…

by Scott Creighton

UPDATE: So you wonder why they are bringing up this old news to tie Flynn to Turkey? It ain’t that hard to figure out.

The Gulenists are smelling blood in the water and the regime change propagandists see an opportunity so the Mockingbirds are out in force this morning ranting about how Gen. Mike “the Mad Russian” Flynn was just found to have been a registered foreign agent lobbying for the next regime change target, Turkey.

Only problem with that story is that it’s been well known for months… and it wasn’t really Turkey that he was lobbying for, but rather a Dutch businessman who had been selected to head the Turkey-U.S. Business Council.

“An intelligence consulting firm founded by retired Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn, Donald Trump’s top military adviser, was recently hired as a lobbyist by an obscure Dutch company with ties to Turkey’s government and its president, Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

The revelation of that new lobbying contract, which has not been previously reported, raises several questions given that Trump is said to be considering Flynn, the former director of the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA), to take over as either Secretary of Defense or National Security Advisor…

A review of Dutch records shows that the company was founded by Ekim Alptekin, an ally of Erdogan’s who is director of the Turkey-U.S. Business Council, a non-profit arm of Turkey’s Foreign Economic Relations Board. Members of the Foreign Economic Relations Board are chosen by Turkey’s general assembly and its minister of economy. In the role, Alptekin helped coordinate Erdogan’s visit to the U.S. earlier this year.” Daily Caller, Nov. 11th, 2016

Even Rachel “the Mad McCarthyite” Maddow covered this tired story back then. She got it wrong, but she covered it.

“Maddow also mentioned that Flynn’s intelligence firm was on the payroll of Turkey while he was working on the Trump campaign and getting classified briefings from the United States.” JoeMyGod Nov. 19th, 2016

Flynn didn’t lobby for Turkey. He was hired by a Dutch businessman who just happened to be on a US/Turkey business council and the only thing that appears to have been done by Flynn during the time his company was contracted to lobby for the guy was to pen an op-ed which basically told the truth about Gulen and his supporters.

Flynn wrote an op-ed for The Hill on Tuesday, just before Trump’s stunning upset of Hillary Clinton, in which he heaped praise on Erdogan and called on the next president, whoever that would be, to accede his request to extradite the U.S.-based Muslim cleric Fethullah Gülen back to Turkey.

“Gülen’s vast global network has all the right markings to fit the description of a dangerous sleeper terror network,” Flynn wrote in the op-ed, in which he called Gulen a “shady Islamic mullah” and “radical Islamist.” Daily Caller, Nov. 11th, 2016

Currently in Syria, things are breaking down between the U.S., Russia and Turkey over the finer points of the Syrian balkinization operation a.k.a. the Greater Kurdistan project.

Turkey is about to meet with Russian leaders to try to work out a compromise on what they consider to be a sticking point in the Syrian situation and that is allowing the West to bust off a piece of Syria for Greater Kurdistan. They don’t like that idea because they know a piece of Turkey will be next on the plan’s list… and then a piece of Iran to go with them. Iran, by the way, doesn’t like the idea either.

“Erdogan will be pushing for Russia’s support in the Kurdish issue – prevention of the setup of the Kurdish enclave in the north-eastern Syria,” Araik Stepanyan said. The Turks are concerned over the setup of the Kurdish autonomy which will have a great impact on the south-east of Turkey and might lead to a setup of an independent state on the territory of Turkey. Sputnik International

So of course, re-hashing this ridiculous propaganda at this time serves our CIA’s interests. Plus you can tie it into the “Russia hacking” disinformation as well as the anti-Trump movement and it’s a win-win-win-win-thingy or whatever the mindless corporate drones say these days.

The story is old. It was well known by ALL months ago. The guy told the truth about Gulen and his terrorist organization and he never took a dime directly from Erdogan or Turkey.

But then again, none of that matters to paid shills for the CIA like Madcow and Joe S.

“It’s not what it is, it’s what it can be made to look like. It’s never what it is.”… right?

29 Responses

  1. I think they are also trying to get Pence again since he headed the transition and now says he (and Trump) knew nothing about Flynn’s dealings, or some such

  2. Hmm, so assuming Turkey has aligned with the Rooskis and Iran, what’s the procedure when one NATO member (hypothetically) attacks another? Does NATO have to declare war on the aggressor state? Or is it more like a free for all schoolyard fight at that point?

    • Syria IS a free-for-all schoolyard fight. Seems like alliances and enemies change daily.

      • That’s because the politicians and the corporate media outlets can’t keep their lies straight. Everyone is “ISIS.”™ No wait, they are “rebels,” “al-Qaeda,” “humanitarians,” “terrorists,” “freedom fighters,” “jihadists,” “militants,” “Free Syrian Army,” etc etc etc. It only seems complicated when we believe the bullshyte.

      • Sure, but Syria ain’t a NATO member. If they try to regime-change Turkey the hard way it would be something novel.

        Unlike Syria, the Turks have a large army with a sheeton of expensive German tanks. I don’t expect a couple thousand al ciada assholes in Toyota trucks are going to make much progress against the Turks.

        • The Empire doesn’t need to mount a war against Turkey. The Empire only needs to eliminate Erdogon and his lieutenants, and has been trying to do this since 2013, when Erdogan started resisting the Kurdistan project in Syria. Erdogan had a change of heart when Hezbollah (and later the Russians) turned the tide of war in Syria. As a result, the USA now has troops in Syria to prop up the Kurdistan project.

          See my comments farther below…

          • But what if the usual coup methods don’t work on Erdogan? As you pointed out, they’ve been doing a pretty piss poor job of it for years. Gulenists purged from the military, etc. How’s the empire going to ship Erdogan without overt force?

            • If the Empire chooses not to use military action, then the Empire sometimes succeeds quickly in its evil, and sometimes not. The Empire backed the coup in Ukraine three years ago, but Eastern Ukraine still refuses to fall. The Empire started attacking Syria six years ago, but the Syrian government refuses to fall. The Empire started attacking Venezuela’s presidency fifteen years ago, but the presidency still refuses to fall. The Empire started attacking Cuba and North Korea decades ago, but those governments still refuse to fall. Still, for every failure, the Empire has ten successes. The Empire rules 33 nations in Latin America and the Caribbean zone. Only a handful of Latin nations continue to resist. Turkey is an ongoing project.

              Let’s see what the Empire does after the April 12th referendum in Turkey, and after the 2 April election in Ecuador. Will Ecuador’s government go radically neoliberal, or will it go “neoliberal lite”?

            • well, they tried an overt coup and that failed. they have tried a color revolution and that failed. I guess sanctions are next or they may just leave him in place and try to bust off a piece of the country like they are doing with Syria. Problem is, for the Oman/Turkey pipeline to go through (it was Erdogan siding with the Russians a couple years ago that started this whole thing) they have to have him gone and a good old fashioned puppet in place.

        • that’s true. however, NATO tacitly backed the Kurds when they set off a couple terrorist attacks in Turkey last year. Erdogan couldn’t believe fellow NATO members would side with terrorists over a fellow NATO member. It was shocking to him. Expected by me, I suppose. But if they will go that far, I don’t see them having any problem finding a reason (Russia perhaps?) to kick Turkey out of NATO temporarily while they invade for Greater Kurdistan and perhaps install a new puppet dictator in Turkey.

          • Yeah, either way it doesn’t bode well for NATO membership recruitment or retention. Like saying: we got your back if the rooskis attack but if you have a problem with us carving up your country we’re going to fuck you up. I’m guessing Erdogan ain’t the only NATO leader seeing that the grass is greener in Putin’s pasture.

            Assuming that Erdogan is Mongoose-proof, (and NATO can divorce Turkey before invading), I wonder how they’re fixing to fix Turkey? The last amphibious attack didn’t work out so well for the Brits.

  3. great catch scott!
    There has been a shift in the spin- it’s noticeable
    I knew you would be the one person that would catch it

  4. Was doing some research on the fact that the US Navy has more admirals than ships–true–and found the face of an old ‘friend’ defending the status quo.

    See if you recognize John-Boy Kirby, I mean Rear Admiral Kirby.


    • Thanks for that. I especially like how he begins his sentence with “I can’t honestly say…” Now I see why Kirb started compensating with the big shoulder pads.

  5. The friction grows each day between Erdogan and the Empire, since Erdogan opposes the Empire’s Kurdistan project. On 16 April 2017, Erdogan wants to have a national referendum that will give him more power to purge the pro-Empire elements in Turkey’s “deep state.” Many Turkish citizens in Europe will be able to vote in the April referendum. Erdogan’s representatives want to visit them in Europe to rally the expatriate vote, but many European nations have denied permission for this. In response, Erdogan says that those European governments (including Germany’s) are full of “Nazis.” Dutch politician Geert Wilders fired back that the Turkish ambassador should be expelled. “I say it to all Turks in the Netherlands who agree with Erdogan: go back to Turkey and NEVER come back!” (Continued)

  6. Part 2: The Empire has tried several times to mount a “color revolution” against Erdogan, and the corporate news outlets increasingly call Erdogan a dictator. Thierry Meyssan says the Empire has tried to assassinate Erdogan at least four times. http://www.voltairenet.org/article194813.html (On 9 May 1978 the Empire, posing as the “Red Brigades,” assassinated Italian Prime Minister Aldo Moro for having opposed neoliberalism.) Since Erdogan no longer supports the Empire’s terrorist mercenaries in Syria, the U.S. has sent troops directly to Syria. Assad calls them “invaders.”

    • By the way, the 1973 movie “Day of the Jackal” dramatized an assassination attempt on De Gaulle. The “Jackal” movie says the OAS (Secret Army Organization) did this in a response to De Gaulle’s granting of independence to Algeria. The OAS did indeed try to assassinate De Gaulle in the early 1960s, but the 1966 attempt, shown in the “Jackal” movie, was by the CIA, which posed as the OAS, and which wanted De Gaulle dead for having pulled France out of NATO.

      No one who joins the Empire may ever leave. Manuel Noriega and Saddam Hussein learned this, as have many others. Erdogan is now learning it.


    In each session of Congress, Republicans introduce their “Preserving Employee Wellness Programs Act.” This bill, written by the insurance industry, would compel U.S. workers to submit to genetic testing so the insurance industry can refuse to cover anyone that might one day have a potential health problem. The bill, if enacted, would overturn the Genetic information Nondiscrimination Act, plus the Americans with Disabilities Act. Its last incarnation was S. 620, submitted by Sen. Lamar Alexander (R. Tennessee). Its current incarnation is H.R. 1313, submitted on 2 March 2017 by Rep. Virginia Foxx (R. North Carolina). Foxx’s bill has been sent to the House Committee on Education and the Workforce, whose chairperson is Foxx herself.

    • Yes! I was hoping someone would bring this up. I learned of this last night while reading other articles. They say it will be “voluntary” like the wellness programs. If you don’t comply, they’ll just slap a big surcharge on your coverage upwards of 30%. Voluntary, sure.

    • yep. they can tell these days if you are genetically predisposed to getting expensive ailments like cancer so it was only a matter of time before congress enacted a bill which mandated testing so Big Insurance can either deny coverage to people who will end up with the Big “C” or price them out of the market.

      • The potential for cancer is only one factor that the insurance industry wants to screen for. In addition there are myriad other latent congenital infirmities and deformities, plus genetic predispositions for substance abuse, dementia, manic depression — the list is endless.

        On the plus side, at least we don’t have Universal Medicare (i.e. Single Payer), which is ebil soshializum. Indeed, the lack of adequate health care is one of the things that makes America so “exceptional.”

      • BY THE WAY…The private insurance industry has hijacked the phrase “single payer.” More and more private insurance scams are now being called “single payer,” because the phrase makes people submissive to insurance industry scams.

        In truth, no plan is “single payer” if it involves private insurance companies in any way. In California, for example, the private insurance industry wants a statewide system of “single payer” (as they call it) which entails mandatory (and ever-increasing) payments to insurance giants.

        True single payer can only work at the federal level, since only the federal government can create infinite money out of thin air. Therefore federal single payer need not entail any tax increases whatsoever. WHY IS THIS SO HARD TO UNDERSTAND?

        • I wrote years ago that the plan was to make damn sure real single payer was not on the table and it’s not simply because of the trillions they make scraping cash off the top like a good gangland plan would, but because they fully intend to privatize the other Western nations universal healthcare systems. we are the core of the rot. ground zero of the cancer of savage capitalism. without us, the disease doesn’t stand a chance, so of course they would never allow us to have what everyone else has and in fact, we have to infect theirs as well. it’s sickening (pardon the pun)

          • I agree. The USA is the core of the rot. The nucleus of the cancer. In nations that have single payer, politicians are now echoing U.S. politicians in claiming that the federal government is “insolvent,” and “can’t afford it.” That claim is true for euro-zone nations that have trade deficits, and which cannot create their own currency. However the claim is a lie when applied to nations that create their own currency out of thin air,. e.g. the US, UK, Canada, etc. The latter can never become insolvent in their own currency.

          • Yes, the USA is the core of the rot. In nations that have Single Payer, foreign politicians are echoing U.S. politicians in falsely claiming that, “We can no longer afford it. We must privatize it.”

            Neoliberalism is a global plague.

            • I am wondering how libertarian indoctrination of young people is proceeding in Europe? You need to get young generation to believe the libertarian BS to carry out the infection of neoliberalism and privatization successfully. Young people, particularly males, are very susceptible to the libertarian spiel because it has mathematical like simplicity and is purely egoistical.

              Did anybody trace money to libertarian organizations in Europe?

              In the US young people are pretty far gone. I remember meeting young men in early 1980s who were trying to convince me that they did not need unions. A total lack of vigilance and true self-interest. One should learn vigilance from the French:

              “The Unions were furious that the government had been rumoured to be thinking about considering the possibility of maybe looking into the purely theoretical concept that it might one day (not now but in, say, 80 years’ time) be less able to pay for transport workers to retire at 50”
              (Year in the Merde by Clark)

              • well, it would make sense for them to be financing various neoliberal “libertarian” groups in Europe. They’ve financed all of em here.

                “The brothers have made significant financial contributions to libertarian and conservative think tanks and campaigns. Their network of groups pledging to spend $889 million from 2009–2016 and its infrastructure has been said by Politico to rival “that of the Republican National Committee.”[5] They actively fund and support organizations that contribute significantly to Republican candidates, and in particular that lobby against efforts to expand government’s role in health care and combating global warming.[6] By 2010, they had donated more than $100 million to dozens of free-market and advocacy organizations.” Wiki

                “And for $25,000, 28 giant companies found their way onto the DLC’s executive council, including Aetna, AT&T;, American Airlines, AIG, BellSouth, Chevron, DuPont, Enron, IBM, Merck and Company, Microsoft, Philip Morris, Texaco, and Verizon Communications. Few, if any, of these corporations would be seen as leaning Democratic, of course, but here and there are some real surprises. One member of the DLC’s executive council is none other than Koch Industries, the privately held, Kansas-based oil company whose namesake family members are avatars of the far right, having helped to found archconservative institutions like the Cato Institute and Citizens for a Sound Economy. Not only that, but two Koch executives, Richard Fink and Robert P. Hall III, are listed as members of the board of trustees and the event committee, respectively–meaning that they gave significantly more than $25,000.” Bob Dryfus, 2001

                When they try to package libertarianism as an alternative to the establishment Washington Consensus, it’s like trying to package the endless War OF Terror as an anti-war agenda. Its’ remarkable to me that some people still don’t see it. They screech for “small gubermint” and hate Bill Clinton without having the where with all to know Slick Willy STARTED the “small gubmint” movement on the fake left. And he was created by the same folks who write the checks for people like Ron Paul. It’s amazing.

              • When Libertarians seek “liberty,” they mean special liberty for themselves alone. When they demand “small gubmint,” they mean they want to eliminate all aspects of government they don’t like (such as Medicare and Social Security) while enlarging those aspects they do like (such as police forces).

                Reader “Utu” (above) correctly notes that that young egotistical males are particularly attracted to Libertarianism and its Ayn Randian neoliberal trash.

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