About that Dusted Off “news” That Gen. “Mad Russian” Flynn Lobbied for Turkey…

by Scott Creighton

UPDATE: So you wonder why they are bringing up this old news to tie Flynn to Turkey? It ain’t that hard to figure out.

The Gulenists are smelling blood in the water and the regime change propagandists see an opportunity so the Mockingbirds are out in force this morning ranting about how Gen. Mike “the Mad Russian” Flynn was just found to have been a registered foreign agent lobbying for the next regime change target, Turkey.

Only problem with that story is that it’s been well known for months… and it wasn’t really Turkey that he was lobbying for, but rather a Dutch businessman who had been selected to head the Turkey-U.S. Business Council.

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Intercept Propaganda: Death in al Ghayil (the Horror of Trump’s “Highly Successful” SEAL Raid in Yemen)

modified by Scott Creighton

[text of article removed by Scott. Upon further review of the article, it’s limited hangout disinformation which eventually suggests it “might have been” the Saudis who killed the only woman Iona detailed in the article and goes so far as to paint the Houthis in worse light than the invaders. She continually props up the “al Qaeda” myth throughout the article. “One resident, who asked not to be identified for fear of reprisals, stated that Mohammed al Ameri’s home was used as a guest house by passing al Qaeda militants…”. al Ameri is the family name of the one woman Iona details who died in this raid so she is implying the dead woman she starts off the article lamenting may just have been al Qaeda all along…. Ergo, she is justifying the raid and the deaths of those civilians. And by the way, she used an “unnamed source” for that quote. ಠ_ಠ  Her article is total bullshit. It’s propaganda and I shouldn’t have posted it. Sorry]

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Iraq: US Forces Evacuate ISIL Commanders from Western Mosul

(And keep in mind, they made Trump remove Iraq from the list of countries travelers would receive heightened scrutiny if they came into the country. They claim it’s because they didn’t want their “interpreters” to be hassled. “Interpreters” huh?)

from Fars News Agency

Javad al-Talaybawi said that the US forces carried out the heliborne operation in one of the Western neighborhoods of Western Mosul, evacuating two senior ISIL commanders to an unknown location after the commanders came under siege by Iraqi government forces in intensified clashes in Western Mosul.

“Americans’ support and assistance to the ISIL is done openly to save their regional plan in a desperately attempt,” al-Talaybawi underlined.

Al-Talaybawi had warned late in February that the US forces tried hard to evacuate ISIL commanders from the besieged city of Tal Afar West of Mosul.

After photos surfaced in the media displaying US forces assisting ISIL terrorists, al-Talaybawi said that the Americans were planning to take ISIL commanders away from Tal Afar that is under the Iraqi forces’ siege.

In the meantime, member of Iraqi Parliament’s Security and Defense Commission Iskandar Watut called for a probe into photos and footages displaying US planes airdropping aid packages over ISIL-held regions.

Watut further added that we witnessed several times that US planes dropped packages of food stuff, arms and other necessary items over ISIL-held regions, and called on Iraq’s air defense to watch out the US-led coalition planes.

Eyewitnesses disclosed at the time that the US military planes helped the ISIL terrorists in Tal Afar region West of Mosul…

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