The Donald Sends More Troops into Syria to Defend Land-grabbing Kurds on Behalf of Greater Kurdistan Project

by Scott Creighton

UPDATE: Penny covered this the other day. Seems like there are now emergency military talks taking place over the subject of who gets this little piece of someone else’s sovereign state. Of course, The Donald and his glorious generals sent our troops over there to side with the land-grabbing Kurds. Let’s hope talks don’t devolve due to another “accident”

Eleven years ago Condi Rice went to Israel to announce plans for what she called the New Middle East. This is what Zbigniew Brzezinski, a former U.S. National Security Advisor, alluded to as the “Eurasian Balkans”. Around the same time, Lieutenant-Colonel Ralph Peters of the U.S. National War Academy published a map of the project in the Armed Forces Journal:

Having covered the Greater Kurdistan project for several years now, I drew up a crude myself of what I believe their desired end result will look like. It focuses only on the Greater Kurdistan part of the plan and nothing else:

We thought for a while the Greater Kurdistan project was over. Our “moderate” terrorists in Syria were being routed, the “ISIS” fabrication was falling apart and a new administration promised a departure from the nation building tendencies of the previous one as well as the one they tried their best to put in place. Lavrov and Kerry announced a deal back in Aug. of 2016 that stipulated the Kurds MUST remain part of the Syrian state. And when Russia and the US cut a peace deal in Syria that would ultimately mean an end to hostilities and the Pentagon giving up all their info on “ISIS” to the Russians if it held, the war-mongers at the Pentagon made a different decision and they “accidentally” bombed Syrian troops for 40 minutes killing 100 of them and when that wasn’t enough to scrub the agreement, they got their proxy terrorists outside of Aleppo to bomb a UN aid convoy.

As I wrote not that long ago, these people never give up. Their plans are big and their souls are empty and that is a bad combination any way you look at it. Since taking office, The Donald has pretty much let the glorious generals do as they wish in Syria.

Yesterday morning I covered a 21st Century Wire story about how The Donald has sent 500 or so more U.S. troops into Syria to help “fight ISIS”… as they say. That article was accompanied by a video from RT which showed our troops having to drive around in Syria (a country we are NOT at war with) with a bunch of very large, brand new, brightly colored American flags flying over their vehicles. As of publishing that, not one single complicit media outlet had covered the news. Not one that I know of anyway.

This morning there are stories everywhere about Trump “putting boots on the ground” in Syria to “fight ISIS”

That’s not why they are there.

The Washington Post published an article about this development late yesterday evening. They published a large photo showing American troops presenting themselves with their flags, driving across the Syrian countryside… on their way AWAY from the so-called “ISIS stronghold” of Raqqa and TOWARD the city of Manbij. The image is startling:

Brand new flags purchased and installed for this moment. And what is this moment?

The Washington Post, rather than publishing the standard lies that the MSM is regurgitating today about “fighting ISIS”, gives us an uncharacteristically honest description of the action. In this brief, three paragraphs from the Post, we see clues to the real nature and purpose of both “ISIS” and our presence in that country:

“The U.S. military is getting drawn into a deepening struggle for control over areas liberated from the Islamic State that risks prolonging American involvement in wars in Syria and Iraq long after the militants are defeated.

In their first diversion from the task of fighting the Islamic State since the U.S. military’s involvement began in 2014, U.S. troops dispatched to Syria have headed in recent days to the northern town of Manbij, 85 miles northwest of the extremists’ capital, Raqqa, to protect their Kurdish and Arab allies against a threatened assault by other U.S. allies in a Turkish-backed force.

Russian troops have also shown up in Manbij under a separate deal that was negotiated without the input of the United States, according to U.S. officials. Under the deal, Syrian troops are to be deployed in the area, also in some form of peacekeeping role, setting up what is effectively a scramble by the armies of four nations to carve up a collection of mostly empty villages in a remote corner of Syria…” Washington Post

You know one’s motives by studying their priorities. In this case we see U.S. commanders pull troops AWAY from combating “ISIS” so that they can serve as human shields for the Kurds as they try to “carve up a collection of mostly empty villages” made empty by our destabilization campaign known as “ISIS”

The Post article fails to mention the U.S. bombed Manbij almost a year ago, killing numbers of civilians on behalf of the Kurds. Specifically they “accidentally” bombed one of the villages the Post now refers to as “mostly empty”

Sometimes when you go a little deeper than MSNBC or CNN you tend to find the truth pouring out of the mouths of the criminals.

“We have now have momentum in this fight and clear results on the ground… We must ensure that our partners on the ground (freedom fighter Kurds) have what they need to win the fight and then hold, rebuild, and govern their territory (“Rojava”),” Sec. of Defense Ash Carter, today

Yesterday the Washington Post made our purpose in Syria crystal clear, just as clear as Ash Carter did not all that long ago: we are there to break off a piece of a sovereign state and hand it over to the Kurds who are in the process of ethnically cleansing what they call “Rojava” and what most call “Western Kurdistan”

Hell, even the Russians are considering the New Middle East.

The Donald is doing what Obama did before him: continuing the program of the war-criminal who came before him (isn’t it sickening how the fake left is cozying up to George W Bush these days?)

This isn’t Donald Trump “taking it to “ISIS”

As the Post article shows, he’s putting troops in harm’s way in order to protect merciless scum who are in the process of stealing land from Syrians so they can make Greater Kurdistan and it’s not even his program… it’s Obama’s:

Washington needs “boots on the ground” in Syria in addition to its air campaign against ISIS, which is not fruitful despite some progress. US Air Force secretary has admitted that “ground forces” is a must in order to “occupy” and “govern” parts of Syria.

In her comments, Secretary Deborah Lee James stressed the importance of the US-led air campaign, but admitted that airstrikes need to be backed by ground forces.” RT, Nov. 2015

Sending US troops into an area they fully expect Syria, Russia and even Turkey to offer them resistance on behalf of land-grabbing terrorist Kurds is remarkable. But it does put all the Russia-bashing into context, now doesn’t it?

If the opposition decides they don’t wish to give up more of Syria to the Greater Kurdistan project, The Donald and his glorious generals know full well that U.S. troops may just pay the ultimate price right along side the targeted invading Kurds and that serves the war-mongers like Graham and McCain just fine, now doesn’t it?

Here’s a scary thought: if they don’t actually attack and kill a U.S. soldier over there serving as human shields for Kurdish terrorists, I wonder if someone at the Pentagon will start thinking about another “accidental bombing” or maybe they’ll paint some more Israeli planes black and let them loose like they did on the USS Liberty back in ’67.

I mean, after all, Greater Kurdistan is a big thing for the Israelis. Here, The Dersh  says he hopes “the next administration” is on board with the Greater Kurdistan project. Looks like he got what he wanted.

12 Responses

  1. Trump is two-faced. Can I take my vote back? wish I had voted for no one.

  2. Kurds and Israelis adore each other. Do a Google-image search, using the words “demonstration” + “jews” + “kurds.” Your computer screen will display numerous images of Kurds and Jews proudly carrying each other’s flags. Meanwhile in Iraq, the purpose of the ongoing U.S. campaign against Mosul is to secure northern Iraq for the Kurds. Back in Syria, I will be surprised if the U.S. military or the Israeli military (or the Kurds) do not kill a lot of U.S. personnel, while blaming it on Russia and / or ISIS.™ I can picture U.S. operatives in Syria cheering a visiting John McCain, even as McCain plans to have them exterminated for false flag purposes.

  3. The photo of the Stryker’s flags reminds me of that old Tom Cruise movie about the Oklahoma land grab. The part where they race wagons out to plant their flags on the prairie. Tough to argue with that kind of manifest destiny appeal.

    Curious if anyone else saw the White Helmets plug on the Charlie Rose show yesterday? They had an interestingly-named lady, Kholoud Helmi (?!?), dressed all in white, saying Assad created ISis. Crying her eyes out. Almost laughably bad, maybe in the running for worst propaganda campaign in history…

  4. “Their plans are big
    Thier souls are empty”
    ***** ****
    Bro, you crossed from prose into poetry! Damm Sonnn!!

  5. why do the power that govern the U.S. want a greater kurdistan?
    and why does israel want it ?
    Those things I mentioned above might also be one and the same, why do they want that?
    excuse my ignorance.

    • I’d guess 1) the Empire wants to use Kurdistan as a sort of shield to keep those Asians out of our Middle East and Africa. And 2) Lebensraum, baby!

    • Look at the countries they would forge it from for one thing. All of them (Iraq, Syria, Turkey and Iran) have been at odds with the neoliberal Western state at one point or another. They have all fallen in and out of favor with the masters of the universe and destabilizing them to the point where they give up part of their nations to this project would be great for business. Just look at how good it’s been since we busted up Iraq. The chaos that ensues in such places is a great opportunity for them.

      Of course there is the competition with the pipeline deals to think of. Not to mention some of the best real estate in the 4 countries at play in terms of natural resources just happens to lie beneath the areas that would be Greater Kurdistan. So there’s that.

      But along with that hegemony comes control. Control not just of the Middle East, but also of other nations and regions that depend on those resources.

      Lastly, imagine having the opportunity to create the next Saudi Arabia. Putting the Barzani family in place in this new country like they did the House of Saud 60 or 70 years ago. The wealth that at stake here is immense. Perhaps even greater potentially than that which the Saudi royal family enjoys. for those who aid in the fabrication of such a dynasty, surely great appreciation will be shown.

      Israel is totally in bed with the Barzani clan. They have been for a while. All that oil that was stolen from Syria all those years was shipped down to Iraqi Kurdistan, transfered to tankers with their name on the side and shipped via Turkey straight to Israel where they bought it for pennies on the dollar.

      Israel also hopes to finally secure the Golan Heights for once and for all when Syria is busted up into pieces. There are LNG reserves on that property that Israel can’t legally steal at this time.

      In the end, after Greater Kurdistan is forged, the next plan on the agenda is… Greater Israel. That’s their motivation.

      A whole brand spanking New Middle East. It’s not for nothing Condi announced it in Israel. And it’s not for nothing everyone in D.C. has to praise the brutal Kurds with every breath they take. They are the new Israelis don’t ya know.

  6. Maybe Wikileaks #CIAGate is a distraction from this? I have not heard much in MSM about the new Syrian deployment? Odd that the Trump hating media isn’t highlighting Trump’s ramp up.. isn’t it?

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