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  1. Speaking of fake leftist scum, Ellen Degeneres has been very tight with the Bush family since Bush was in the White House. Below, Degeneres fawns over W. Bush, and gushes, “I love your whole family.”

    Bush uses the opportunity to attack Putin, and is applauded by the audience of lesbians and feminists.

    • the fake left tacitly supported the Bush administration during his tenure as well. Shit, Hillary Clinton got up in the senate and repeated all of his lies in early 2003 in order to get other fake lefties to vote for the war. that says it all doesn’t it?

    • You’re so unfair Elizabeth! Unfair to Dubya who, yes, I daresay was cute. Why, I remember the funny nicknames he used to give everyone. SO funny! Also showed his tender side, for what are nicknames but terms of endearment?
      And unfair to Degeneres, about whom you just can’t find it in your heart to say a single nice thing, like how handsome she looks: more manly in her little suit and tie than her guest in tieless Knesset getup!

      • At least Degeneres has not blatantly and repeatedly promoted the “six million” hoax like Oprah has. Oprah often groveled at the feet of Eli Wiesel, accompanied Wiesel to the Auschwitz Industrial Park, endlessly praised the fiction movie “Schindler’s List” (which was based on a fiction novel) and otherwise promoted Jewish supremacy. On the other hand, Degeneres and her fans can never be forgiven for fawning over Bush. See this article for a picture of what life is now like in Afghanistan, owing to the nightmare that Bush started…

    • Ellen’s fawning over Peace Prize & Michael is far worse than anything she is doing w Bush

  2. The Twitter video above won’t play here. View it on YouTube…

  3. When Ellen Degenerate kissed Bush the Mad’s rectum, was it already clean or did she have to lick off some dingleberrys?

    Fuckhead’s Twitter account is closed to the peons, wonder why?

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