Amazon’s “Alexa” Pulls a Comey: Refuses to Answer Question “Are You Connected to the CIA?”

by Scott Creighton (H/T musique)

Yesterday James Comey refused to comment on whether or not the Trump team was spied on during the run-up to the election while he did take the time to say we don’t have a “right to an expectation of absolute privacy” (which is a lie (you can’t testify against yourself or your wife if you chose not to, your communications with your lawyer are absolutely privileged and communications with your priest and caregiver are considered off limits as well… so yes, you do have a RIGHT to an expectation of absolute privacy in some circumstances and you SHOULD have the right to an expectation of the RESPECT for your privacy EVERYWHERE))

The fact that he absolutely refused to talk about the Trump claim that the Obama administration spied on his campaign team prior to the election is to me a confession of sorts. Especially when you couple it with the statement he made about no right to an expectation of privacy for anyone, including Trump campaign staff I imagine.

A reader left a link to a woman asking Amazon’s “Alexa” a direct question about the CIA. It refused to answer. Just like James Comey. It’s the corporate response.

It’s important to keep in mind, much of the recent baseless “Russian hacking” crap came from the Washington Post. They offered no evidence of their claims and yet all the Mockingbirds (like Joe and Mika) immediately took them at their word and ran with the story that Russia hacked our election and Trump’s people are in bed with the Rooskies.

The Washington Post is owned by Jeff Bezos who was a Hillary supporter and who also owns Amazon. He took over on Oct. 1st, 2013. He paid 250 million dollars for it and never had any experience owning or running a paper before. The paper was worth something like 30 billion at the time. Bezos quickly took a very “hands on” approach to running the paper.

Amazon received a contract from the CIA worth 600 million dollars to build a massive data cloud system inside the CIA’s data center. That deal was closed on Oct. 30th, 2013. Some say Bezos himself is the scariest part of that deal. keep in mind, the Amazon cloud server will be accessed by all 17 intelligence agencies.

The Amazon “Alexa” program with their Echo system was released for sale in Nov. of 2014. The smart home automation system utilizes a cloud system and is constantly listening for you to mention the name “Alexa” in your home so it can answer a question or serve some other function.

Some other function like vacuum up every bit of data it can from the privacy of your home and store it in a massive 600 million dollar cloud server at CIA headquarters perhaps?

On Dec. 15th of 2016, I wrote about these devices spying on us. I wrote about the Amazon Echo, Progressive’s Snapshot, Verizon’s Hum and Google’s Home. I said they were all basically the same thing: Big Brother spying on us all the time and feeding our info to the government and Big Business alike.

On Dec. 29th I wrote about the Victor Collins murder and how it seemed custom-made to breech the subject of the legality of using info garnered from this kind of illegal spying in court.

Today I found out that article was put up on something called “fake news checker . com” who decided my article was “fake news”.  They said the news source was “untrusted and controversial” 🙂

I’m so happy.

I’m very glad too see people coming around on this issue. As I wrote the other day, of course Trump was spied on. We all are. And no, that isn’t legal nor what we should expect in this new world we live in.

Throw your Alexa crap out the window. Toss your Home thingy. Unplug Progressive from your car. You have every right to an expectation of absolute privacy and it’s simply Orwellian to suggest you don’t.

I understand how James Comey could come to the conclusion he did. He absolved Hillary Clinton of the crimes she committed while serving as Sec. of State and then, when presented with her back-up computer by A. Weiner, he made a quick statement to cover his ass about finding “new evidence” but in the end, he let her off the hook again.

Comey is scum and so is Bezos. I’m glad people are seeing through this bullshit.

Tell Alexa to go fuck herself and throw it in the toilet and flush. Let them hear that last sound from your home. Or maybe read the constitution to the damn thing, then toss it out. Send that message. Use up all that cloud space with some real intel. That’ll show em.

Go here to read this a-hole say “yeah, it’s probably connected directly to the CIA so just keep that in mind” as if you would keep a listening devise connected to your phone when you find it. Fucked up world we live in, right?

If you’re dumb enough or enough of a slave to keep the damn things in your house when you KNOW it’s a listening device for the CIA, then you deserve to have them crawling up your ass for the rest of your life. If you’re not, toss it.

22 Responses

  1. CIA Code Name: Alexa (1992)
    From imdb (also owned by Amazon) 🙂
    That’s not all folks … wait for it, CIA II: Target Alexa (1993)

    They need to do a remake with L̶a̶d̶y̶b̶o̶y̶ Ed Snowden, who isn’t afraid of showing off his “girlish figure”


    Many people say that the Republican “American Health Care Act” (AHCA) is an “attack” on ObamaCare. This is fake leftist bullshit. The Republican AHCA and ObamaCare are both neoliberal scams. Anything other than Single Payer is a rip-off that is designed to widen the gap between the rich and the rest. Therefore any defense of ObamaCare is a defense of inequality. Indeed, since the insurance industry itself writes the legislation behind these scams, the Republican “attack” on ObamaCare is designed to prop up ObamaCare, under the pretense that the Republican ACHA would be “even worse.”

    Anyone who calls for anything other than Single Payer (i.e. Universal Medicare) is a fake leftist. That is, a neoliberal.

    • Incidentally, single payer can never work at the state level. Any attempt to do so is inevitably doomed. Single payer can only work as a federal government program, since only the federal government (and banks) can legally create endless dollars out of thin air.

    • I still think all of this is a smokescreen and they will eventually offer up a “universal” plan where folks pay insurance companies through a tax and we have the “choice” or 4 or so insurance companies, all hand picked by the government. It’s the same thing Israel has and it doesn’t work very well, as you might imagine.

    • Anyone who calls for anything other than Single Payer (i.e. Universal Medicare) is a fake leftist. That is, a neoliberal.

      OR a conservative 🙂

    • Back in the days when I was a kid, doctors worked long hours at their offices, then made house calls, and forgot to send bills to those they didn’t think could afford to pay.

      It’s a different day, today.

      Our son works in manufacturing, positioning heavy sheets of steel for a machine to form and tool it, one sheet after another, all day long, day after day.

      His hands and arms began to hurt. His family doctor told him it looked like carpal tunnel, but that he’d have to see a specialist. Specialist told him the same, but told him he’d have to see a Workman’s Comp doctor for testing.

      Tests didn’t show it, according to that doctor, so he’s still at that machine, still suffering that pain.

      Some “HealthCare” we get now, eh?

      • called my ex-doc yesterday looking to have her order me a CT of my great saphenous vein so I can find and treat the clot I suffered from this past weekend. She’s been my doctor for 5+ years now. She said she can’t talk to me since I no longer have insurance and am no longer a patient at that office. can’t even talk to me. Used to be a single office. Got bought up by a massive corporation. this is the world we live in.

        • What the…? That’s crazy. So you’re just supposed to just twist in the wind because you don’t have insurance? I’m guessing now that her office is under some corporate rubric it’s a liability to talk to you now or something, blah blah blah. The corporate stronghold on this country makes me really sick.

          • Corporate/Government stronghold. What’s the word for it when they combine?

          • yeah. it’s a liability concern. she’s been my primary for 5+ years. She took me off Coumadin when those new drugs were approved. Put me on Xerelto. That put me in the hospital 9 months later with my third PE. Took me off that useless shit the next week. We got a history, she and I, and she can’t even talk to me anymore while I get sicker and sicker. She probably doesn’t even think about it. What corporatism does to us is tragic. The end of empathy. Commodification of everything… including long standing relationships. It’s vile. It’s nothing short of Mammon worship.

            • That’s very sad. It’s like you weren’t even a patient at all. 😦 Yes, the drive for profit and love of money is heinous.

      • I hope your son wears a back brace. Things are just so screwed up for workers these days. Big Business screws em and then the rethuglicans screw em and now the unDems screw em even more. i fear for how much people are willing to put up with before they say enough. seems like we are unfortunately far from that day. I wish him well.

        • Thanks, Scott.

          I hope you can find some way to get that scan. Sucks the way these things have turned corporate.

          They have to change, somehow—get back to being more humane. They might have to meet their maker someday, try and explain themselves

        • Why not screw workers? There’s plenty of 3rd world migrants that would take these jobs that wouldn’t question it

        • How far are you from Cuba, Scott?

          Must be hard to look across that little stretch of water and know you’d be treated better over there

  3. I think I accidentally figured out how to sync potential microphone surveillance and my twitter feed.

    • that would be interesting.

      • Step 1) Round up every potential live microphone/illegal surveillance device inside your home. Yell the most obnoxious things you can dream up. Repeat until you no longer find it entertaining.
        Step 2) Spin the wheel on Twitter’s algorithm generated “random” notta timeline & watch for potential tells.

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