How Sickening is it that they are Trying to Rebrand “W” on the Fake Left?

Amazon’s “Alexa” Pulls a Comey: Refuses to Answer Question “Are You Connected to the CIA?”

by Scott Creighton (H/T musique)

Yesterday James Comey refused to comment on whether or not the Trump team was spied on during the run-up to the election while he did take the time to say we don’t have a “right to an expectation of absolute privacy” (which is a lie (you can’t testify against yourself or your wife if you chose not to, your communications with your lawyer are absolutely privileged and communications with your priest and caregiver are considered off limits as well… so yes, you do have a RIGHT to an expectation of absolute privacy in some circumstances and you SHOULD have the right to an expectation of the RESPECT for your privacy EVERYWHERE))

The fact that he absolutely refused to talk about the Trump claim that the Obama administration spied on his campaign team prior to the election is to me a confession of sorts. Especially when you couple it with the statement he made about no right to an expectation of privacy for anyone, including Trump campaign staff I imagine.

A reader left a link to a woman asking Amazon’s “Alexa” a direct question about the CIA. It refused to answer. Just like James Comey. It’s the corporate response.

It’s important to keep in mind, much of the recent baseless “Russian hacking” crap came from the Washington Post. They offered no evidence of their claims and yet all the Mockingbirds (like Joe and Mika) immediately took them at their word and ran with the story that Russia hacked our election and Trump’s people are in bed with the Rooskies.

The Washington Post is owned by Jeff Bezos who was a Hillary supporter and who also owns Amazon. He took over on Oct. 1st, 2013. He paid 250 million dollars for it and never had any experience owning or running a paper before. The paper was worth something like 30 billion at the time. Bezos quickly took a very “hands on” approach to running the paper.

Amazon received a contract from the CIA worth 600 million dollars to build a massive data cloud system inside the CIA’s data center. That deal was closed on Oct. 30th, 2013. Some say Bezos himself is the scariest part of that deal. keep in mind, the Amazon cloud server will be accessed by all 17 intelligence agencies.

The Amazon “Alexa” program with their Echo system was released for sale in Nov. of 2014. The smart home automation system utilizes a cloud system and is constantly listening for you to mention the name “Alexa” in your home so it can answer a question or serve some other function.

Some other function like vacuum up every bit of data it can from the privacy of your home and store it in a massive 600 million dollar cloud server at CIA headquarters perhaps?

On Dec. 15th of 2016, I wrote about these devices spying on us. I wrote about the Amazon Echo, Progressive’s Snapshot, Verizon’s Hum and Google’s Home. I said they were all basically the same thing: Big Brother spying on us all the time and feeding our info to the government and Big Business alike.

On Dec. 29th I wrote about the Victor Collins murder and how it seemed custom-made to breech the subject of the legality of using info garnered from this kind of illegal spying in court.

Today I found out that article was put up on something called “fake news checker . com” who decided my article was “fake news”.  They said the news source was “untrusted and controversial” 🙂

I’m so happy.

I’m very glad too see people coming around on this issue. As I wrote the other day, of course Trump was spied on. We all are. And no, that isn’t legal nor what we should expect in this new world we live in.

Throw your Alexa crap out the window. Toss your Home thingy. Unplug Progressive from your car. You have every right to an expectation of absolute privacy and it’s simply Orwellian to suggest you don’t.

I understand how James Comey could come to the conclusion he did. He absolved Hillary Clinton of the crimes she committed while serving as Sec. of State and then, when presented with her back-up computer by A. Weiner, he made a quick statement to cover his ass about finding “new evidence” but in the end, he let her off the hook again.

Comey is scum and so is Bezos. I’m glad people are seeing through this bullshit.

Tell Alexa to go fuck herself and throw it in the toilet and flush. Let them hear that last sound from your home. Or maybe read the constitution to the damn thing, then toss it out. Send that message. Use up all that cloud space with some real intel. That’ll show em.

Go here to read this a-hole say “yeah, it’s probably connected directly to the CIA so just keep that in mind” as if you would keep a listening devise connected to your phone when you find it. Fucked up world we live in, right?

If you’re dumb enough or enough of a slave to keep the damn things in your house when you KNOW it’s a listening device for the CIA, then you deserve to have them crawling up your ass for the rest of your life. If you’re not, toss it.

Vault 7 Wikileaks Programming Psyop: “There is no such thing as absolute privacy in America” so get used to it

by Scott Creighton

We’ve all known the Deep State has been spying on us for years. We knew it long before the manufactured hero psyop that went by the name of “Edward Snowden”

And we also know that Wikileaks is a Deep State honeypot, designed to “leak” known info for credibility and then:

  • “leak” disinformation that helps the Deep State sell their endless wars of aggression (like “Wikileaks” has done many times)
  • trick real whistle-blowers to deliver their leaks unto Assange, where they are quickly buried (or sold) as the Deep State sees fit

Knowing all of this, one has too wonder what is happening with these supposed CIA “leaks” they got their hands on.

Could be they are trying to distract from the story about the Obama administration wiretapping the Trump campaign. Could be they are trying to ready the American public for life under the Deep State surveillance microscope. Could be both. And it could be we are being conditioned to accept the end of our privacy as the new normal in the world they are constructing.

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The Donald Sends More Troops into Syria to Defend Land-grabbing Kurds on Behalf of Greater Kurdistan Project

by Scott Creighton

UPDATE: Penny covered this the other day. Seems like there are now emergency military talks taking place over the subject of who gets this little piece of someone else’s sovereign state. Of course, The Donald and his glorious generals sent our troops over there to side with the land-grabbing Kurds. Let’s hope talks don’t devolve due to another “accident”

Eleven years ago Condi Rice went to Israel to announce plans for what she called the New Middle East. This is what Zbigniew Brzezinski, a former U.S. National Security Advisor, alluded to as the “Eurasian Balkans”. Around the same time, Lieutenant-Colonel Ralph Peters of the U.S. National War Academy published a map of the project in the Armed Forces Journal:

Having covered the Greater Kurdistan project for several years now, I drew up a crude myself of what I believe their desired end result will look like. It focuses only on the Greater Kurdistan part of the plan and nothing else:

We thought for a while the Greater Kurdistan project was over. Our “moderate” terrorists in Syria were being routed, the “ISIS” fabrication was falling apart and a new administration promised a departure from the nation building tendencies of the previous one as well as the one they tried their best to put in place. Lavrov and Kerry announced a deal back in Aug. of 2016 that stipulated the Kurds MUST remain part of the Syrian state. And when Russia and the US cut a peace deal in Syria that would ultimately mean an end to hostilities and the Pentagon giving up all their info on “ISIS” to the Russians if it held, the war-mongers at the Pentagon made a different decision and they “accidentally” bombed Syrian troops for 40 minutes killing 100 of them and when that wasn’t enough to scrub the agreement, they got their proxy terrorists outside of Aleppo to bomb a UN aid convoy.

As I wrote not that long ago, these people never give up. Their plans are big and their souls are empty and that is a bad combination any way you look at it. Since taking office, The Donald has pretty much let the glorious generals do as they wish in Syria.

Yesterday morning I covered a 21st Century Wire story about how The Donald has sent 500 or so more U.S. troops into Syria to help “fight ISIS”… as they say. That article was accompanied by a video from RT which showed our troops having to drive around in Syria (a country we are NOT at war with) with a bunch of very large, brand new, brightly colored American flags flying over their vehicles. As of publishing that, not one single complicit media outlet had covered the news. Not one that I know of anyway.

This morning there are stories everywhere about Trump “putting boots on the ground” in Syria to “fight ISIS”

That’s not why they are there.

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