US Media Silence as Pentagon Deploys Rangers Armoured Regiment on the Ground in Syria

(They are there to help the Kurds bust off a piece of Syria for the Greater Kurdistan project. Don’t worry… Turkey and Iran are next)

from 21st Century Wire

Yesterday reports emerged of a US heavy armoured convoy heeding through northern Syria, heading towards a forward position near the flashpoint city of Manbij, near the ISIS stronghold of Raqqa.

Not surprisingly, this news – which would normally be strewn across all headlines and TV news leader boards – has been completely blacked-out by the US media, aside from some website mentions.

Naturally, Americans have to go to RT to get news about what the US military is doing in far-flung destinations. Here is a video report by RT’s Ruptly News Agency which shows the US servicemen leading a convoy of Stryker armoured vehicles in the Syrian countryside:

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9 Responses

  1. They are there to remind the Syrians and Russians that any tolerance, pluralism or political decentralisation will leave an open door to imperialist destabilisation and Balkanisation. It has been the way since 1917 and was repeated for Cuba, Indochina, Nicaragua, Serbia etc. Part of the US playbook is to force the enemy regime into intolerance and political repression, In his book “See No Evil” Robert Baer actually boasts about a nearly successful operation to incite the Syrian regime against the Muslim Brotherhood in order to induce then to repeat the 1982 Hama massacre (in which Assad’s father ordered the shelling of Hama which killed thousands of civilians).
    The logic is the same as the operations in the 1950s designed to make the Communist Bloc think it had traitors in its midst. The desired result is a defensive and repressive enemy regime.
    It is very fortunate for the US that ISIS are there to give them the excuse to carry out these operations, isn’t it? The US empire is once again favoured by divine providence, I guess, I don’t think that 10 years ago anyone would have predicted that a new de facto nation-state would pop up like a mushroom right in the middle of this incredibly strategically important region, yet there they are.

    • Since the late 1940s the Western Empire has used various mercenary armies to attack secular nationalist governments worldwide that do not support neoliberalism. The Empire’s goal is regime change via proxy war. Examples include the Contras, the Muslim Brotherhood, Al Qaeda, ISIS,™ Al Nusra — the list of terrorist mercenaries armed and funded by the Empire is endless. The Empire backed the rise of the Muslim Brotherhood in Syria in the 1980s. That too was a proxy war. When the Empire failed, the Empire (and fake leftists) started whining about the “Hama massacre,” just like the Empire whined about its defeat in Aleppo. It is an Empire of lies.

    • Incidentally, Robert Baer is a liar and a neoliberal. Baer promotes the Empire and its War Of Terror. He also champions the Empire’s lies about 9-11.

    • It was almost 11 years, to be accurate, that someone did in fact predict a new de facto nation-state, Greater Kurdistan, would pop up in the middle of the New Middle East. That person was Condi Rice and she made the announcement in Israel of all places.

      • I remember. “Greater Kurdistan” was all part of the more immediate “End of Iraq” project that Peter Galbraith was flogging. (I hope that someday in some way these people are properly confronted for their crimes even if it is just a truth and reconciliation process.)
        I don’t know that this latest move necessarily relates to such a maximal aim, though, because Turkey, Syria and Iraq are all too powerful at the moment and because, although the YPG/YPJ make good heroes for progressives at home, they do not get along with US clients in Iraqi Kurdistan. The US aim here is to prevent any tolerant enlightened self-interest from happening across diverse parties. By nature US imperial interests are directly antithetical to all human beings in the region, so they have to play divide-and-destroy in order to stop groups from making common cause (bearing in mind that an effective anti-imperial front will suck support from Islamist rebels too). They faced similar circumstances in Indochina where genuine nationalists (like Sihanouk or the Vietnamese Buddhists) drifted into accommodations with communists because the US by nature is a far greater threat. It is a pragmatic consolidation that is natural for people to form when there is an outside aggressor. That is why the US has to force a wedge between parties. In turn it is also why the US must be very grateful that they had the foresight to create ISIS – the pretext that never stops giving.

  2. “This news… has been completely blacked-out by the US media…” Yes. How much of the news was truthful during both world wars? 50%? 10%? Less? Many of the lies and cover-ups continue to this day. For example, few people ever learn that the German invasion of the USSR (22 June 1941) was pre-emptive. The Soviets under Stalin had massed offensive forces in Eastern Europe, and were only days away from invading all of Europe. If we have another world war, the Internet will be censored for reasons of “national security.” Most people will welcome this, since most people prefer to live in a dream world composed of lies. Most people angrily reject facts, truth, logic, and reality. They sustain their dream world with bullshit, with social taboos, and with government laws (e.g. laws against questioning the “six million” hoax). Spiritual evolution means gradually awakening from various levels of psychosis.

  3. By the way, I wish the “21st Century” blog would be more careful with its vocabulary. For example, they claim that the U.S. attack on Mosul is to “retake that Iraqi city away from ISIS control.” The word ISIS™ is part of the Empire’s lies.

    The Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics now admits that Brazil is suffering its worst recession in recorded history. The disaster has been caused by the drop in world commodity prices, combined with extreme austerity, the purpose of which is to widen the gap between the rich and the rest. As always, the worst the recession becomes, the more politicians claim that the recession is over, or will soon be over if the masses continue to submit to more austerity and neoliberalism. (Always more.) And, as always, the masses believe whatever lies they are told, while they imagine themselves to be brilliant.

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