Dem.Congressmen Confronted: “What Do You Stand For?”-HE HAS NO ANSWER! (Jimmy Dore video)

I will tell you, its nice to hear people talking about the One Party System, the Business Party, that I have been writing about for the past ten years. No, the fake Dems don’t want to articulate a new New Deal platform for their party when someone asks them straight out “what do you stand for?” because… they’re republicans. That’s pretty simple, right? It’s not even their donors making them avoid saying it… they don’t believe it. They’re neoliberal republicans… just like Oprah Winfrey is … and she’ll head the unDemocratic Party ticket in 2020… you just watch.

3 Responses

  1. Democrats and Republicans are the same entity. Republicrats.
    And yet, for fake leftists, Democrats are “better.”

    There is no A and B. There is only A. There is only one party.
    And yet, for fake leftists, A is better than A.

    Meanwhile the masses wonder why they get poorer each day.

    • Thank you. I took offense to Scott portraying the Uniparty as Republicans! They are the original Green Party,,,the party of mammon

  2. Do you really think Oprah will run for president? Maybe she’ll give me a car! 🙂

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