Brief Update to My Condition

by Scott Creighton

Hello again all.

I am back home and in considerably less pain than I have been this past weekend and yesterday. As best as I can tell, I had another clotting event on Saturday which caused me some pain on that day but which led to something much worse Sunday and Monday.

My guess is it was a clot in the Great Saphenous which runs up the back of your leg and which all the lesser veins from the muscle groups in you thigh feed into.

At the hospital they checked my previous clot locations (Poplitieal and femoral) and found nothing new of any significance. Therefore my attending decided I had no new event and was suffering no real pain. I took exception to that conclusion but I could not explain what the cause of the massive pain was so I left against doctor’s orders.

Let me also say that this past weekend I had taken extra Cumadin in order to combat what I thought, what I knew, was new clotting. My INR was 8.12 when I entered the hospital. This doctor who decided there was no new significant event in my previous clot locations ordered a lot of Vitamin K be pumped into me in order to bring down my INR quickly.

He dismissed the primary evidence that I was suffering from massive pain and made a determination based on that.

Again, without understanding what the pain was coming from, I knew I could not continue with the “K” treatment and so I left.

Last night was extremely distressing. The pain was horrible. I could not sleep. I could not move. I couldn’t hardly stand without screaming. It was horrible.

But then something happened. I remembered what my previous cardiologist explained to me about what causes pain with relation to blot clots.

The pain comes from Lactic Acid. It’s the stuff that you feel when you work out hard or run. It’s a by-product of using your muscles. When they say “feel the burn”, that’s Lactic Acid.

Your body cleanses the muscles of Lactic Acid naturally. It does that through the blood and removes it through the veins.

That’s what was happening. That’s why it burned so badly to move my leg or to try to stand or to walk or even after I re-positioned my leg trying to sleep. The pain would subside for a moment and then return with a flush through the muscle.

The new clot was preventing my system from removing the Lactic Acid so my muscles would burn when I moved or shifted my weight or just re-positioned my leg.

Over the years doctors have told me about patients who suffer chronic excruciating pain from blot clots. I had no idea what they were talking about. Now I do. It’s unbelievable. Imagine running 10 miles and getting that burning in your legs and sides and it never goes away. I had not experienced it to that degree up until this weekend and it is something I never want to know again.

If I had come into the hospital and they had looked in a different location in my leg for a new clot and found one, if my INR had been 2.5 at the time, then standard procedure would have been to put me on Lovenox immediately and get my INR much higher to try to let my body break down the clot. They would have done this in a controlled environment.

Essentially what I did over the weekend.

When I left the hospital because I knew the Vitamin K was going to harm me, I was right. And though I suffered a great deal last night having to come home and do this sans pain control, it was the best decision I could have made.

I could not have sat here at this desk last night and I wondered if I would again.  Today I am in a greatly improved condition. The swelling on my thigh is gone and there is considerably less pain from Lactic Acid in my leg. Still some, but much less.

I have no idea what to do at this point but I am better. And I think it’s important to say to folks you have to trust that little angry voice inside your head every now and again.

I also think it’s important to say this is what happens when you have no healthcare coverage plan. Right now I have no doctor to see for a follow up and no real way to garner confirmation of my conclusion but I will try.

It’s horrifying to know you have no access to treatment when something like what happened to me this weekend happens to you. Something has to be done to fix our healthcare system and it’s certainly not ObamaCare or this thing the rethulicans have come out with to replace it.

I haven’t comments on the previous article. I will after I post this. Just wanted to let you guys know what is going on. Thanks for your concern.

15 Responses

  1. Glad you’re feeling better, Scott. Good moves! Feel even better soon!

  2. Glad you’re feeling some relief, Scott.

    Not happening here on the home front. One of our area’s Workman’s Comp doctors told Jeff and his employer a couple days ago, after lots of testing, that it’s not carpal tunnel he’s suffering from. No word about what it is.

    That kid’s in a lot of pain though, and don’t where to turn

  3. Peace to you, Scott !
    You’ve been working SO hard lately, I haven’t been able to keep up with the volume of your posts.
    You may like to check out some Alkalinity products like ‘LIPH’ , CELLFOOD™ etcetera!
    I hope you are doing better soon!

  4. Your lactic acid accumulation may or may not be the right concusion. You lead avery sedentary life which means the acid lactic in your muscles should not be a great worry.
    In cases of clots, the immediate effect is accumulation of interstitial fluid (edema) and is is the swelling pressing on the nerves that leads to pain. You should elevate your feet as often and for as long as possible, especially when you sit at your computer and “forget yourself” in the throes of writing what we all admire. You should be on a correctly dosed anti-coagulant and you should wear pressure stockings.
    This is my opinion with which you’ll probably disagree, as all self-medicating patients tend to…

  5. Hi Scott:

    When I was in the hospital for transplant surgery last October (I was a kidney donor to my husband) right after the surgery, they put on some “leg casts” on each of my lower legs…from the ankles to the knees. These wonderful pieces of equipment were hooked up to electricity and gently compressed my legs and then released…just below the rhythm of a heartbeat. My legs were slightly elevated as well. The “leg casts” gently and rhymically massaged my legs for about 24 hours immediately post op and were then removed by the nurses. I have often thought about them since…when I have leg pain which I sometimes, for whatever reason, seem to have. I would like to have a set of them just for those occasions when I have deep leg pain.

    Perhaps you could look into what these leg casts were about. They might be helpful to you as well.


  6. I claim that more than half of all doctors in the USA (perhaps up to 80%) are idiots. Indeed I have lived in many nations, and I assert that American doctors are, statistically, the stupidest doctors (and yet the most socially exalted) of doctors in any nation. I attribute this to the extreme selfishness of American culture. Among average Americans, most don’t care about anyone but themselves, which is why they are so easily manipulated and enslaved. The more that average people imagine themselves to be mavericks, lone wolves, and self-sufficient, the more they become a herd of sheep. Doctors are no exception to this. Doctors (most of them anyway) only think what the medical bureaucracy tells them to think. And the bureaucracy is only interested in profits and power, not in patient welfare.

    • ‘Lizbeth – throwing (((FIRE)))!
      God damm Scott I wish I could wave a wand…

  7. Hi Scott,
    Glad to hear your OK, there are a lot of us out here that are very concerned. Looked up some info on lactic acid buildup and how to get relieve. Good Foods That Help With Lactic Acid Buildup in the Legs
    by RACHEL EWING, RD, LD Last Updated: Jul 28, 2015. If you can get some ancient minerals magnesium oil, stuffs great, I’ve read in past that majority of population is deficient. And read water cure, super important to stay properly hydrated. The water cure diet talks about how much by body weight and using a good salt, not garbage table salt, to help stay hydrated. Good luck with your recovery, hope you can get some pain relief.
    Cheers Rachel

    • Rachel, I can agree with your magnesium comment. I have had a nagging pain in my right ankle for several years, not constant, but when resting/sleeping. Also, ‘creaks and squeaks’ in my old bone joints. My doctor thought, and I agreed, that I may have pulled a muscle from favoring a stubbed big toe, except that the problem persisted.
      A few months ago, I read an article on NaturalNews, or HealthandLove page, that such pain can be caused by lack of magnesium. I bought some mag-supplement pills, and the problems disappeared in a week or so. I also take several B vitamins, also turmeric. -I am a believer in simple remedies, such as are in NaturalNews, etc. I even started soaking in magnesium salts, “Epsom salts,” after it was suggested. We used that back in the ’50’s, to relieve pain from sore muscles.
      Scott, I recommend that you take a look at the natural health remedies. As for alkaline blood, which was mentioned, that is also a strong recommendation from many health sources, easy to change with proper foods; last comment….my paypal donation was fine, not a double deduction like I had thought. _saludos, joe

  8. Scott,
    You know Coumadin is like warfarin…rat killer. If you have a health advisor you may ask them about Nattokinase , a natural blood thinner.Look at an alkaline diet and maybe amino acid L-Arginine.
    I have NO formal medical training. Good luck. We cant afford to lose people like you.

  9. Dear Scott,
    Please get better soon. I know that it is bad and a nuisance to live in pain, but your voice is needed to give us more to read and to learn on how the world is going. Here, in Portugal (Lisbon), at least you are read by one person. Everyday, I come to your page and read the news. So, all the best to you and I hope that you may recover and that this problem will disappear from you soon.

  10. Hope you get better soon and everything support-wise gets better with you, too. Just take it easy for a little bit. We all want to change this New World Disorder, but the world has dealt with neofools before, and knows how to shake them off….the world is so old but each day it gets new. Be well and keep the faith.

  11. Hi Scott, greetings from Vienna. As an avid reader of American Everyman it saddens me to hear of your pain and discomfort. To make sure you keep up the good work I’d like to offer my two-cents worth of wisdom. We’ve recently seen the phenomenal results of using Cannabidiol on a variety of serious illnesses and it seems to be successful although still illegal in many places. The affordablity of this type of treatment is most probably the reason why big Business will continue to resist ist availability, it is even possible to produce this substance by oneself!

  12. Welcome back ̶K̶o̶t̶t̶e̶r̶ ̶ Scotter! 🙂

  13. The only good part of you not feeling well and not being able to write is when you come back and start writing again. Which I greatly appreciate every time, with a huge sigh of relief. Nonetheless, really sorry to hear of your troubles.

    Sadly, I have no recourse but to wish you well and send some shekels for the website when I can. I do wish i could do it more often, just as I wish more people would show their support. Even if it is just to let you know you and what you do is appreciated.

    Feel better, old man!

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