Western Russophobia in Psychotic Phase

by Finian Cunningham, from RT

Western irrational fear of Russia – Russophobia – is no longer a random prejudice. It has become endemic pathological thinking among Western states.

Divorced from reality this mindset has become psychotic.

Western politicians, military leaders and corporate news media increasingly blame Russia for all manner of perceived transgressions. Whether it is alleged interference in national elections or alleged aggressive military maneuvers, the unremitting demonizing of Russia is astonishing.

It is all the more astounding because the anti-Russia accusations are leveled with such high-handedness and yet with so little evidence to support.

This week saw outlandish claims in British media of Russia sponsoring a coup in the Balkan state of Montenegro and of trying to assassinate the country’s prime minister. No evidence provided. Just sensational, irresponsible innuendo. The gravity of this slander is enough to start a war, and yet it is spouted with reckless abandon. Only a few weeks ago, US media were also calling Russian President Vladimir Putin a “killer”.

Then we have American lawmakers intensifying investigations into unfounded allegations of Russian hacking of the US presidential election and of “treasonous” contacts with the new Trump administration. Rabid US politicians have even labelled the alleged Russian misconduct an “act of war”.

That has in turn led to British, French and German claims that Russia is interfering in their elections. Similar fears of Russian hacking and “influence campaigns” have been issued for elections in the Netherlands, Italy, Poland, Bulgaria and Estonia, among other places.

Sometimes, reality intrudes on fantasy, when for example German state intelligence concluded recently that there was actually no evidence that Russia was involved in any kind of subversive hacking.

Most of the time, however, the impetuous accusations and feverish speculation continue unbridled.

Britain’s Independent this week ran the headline: “Clear evidence Russia interfered in 2015 UK election, says former minister”.

But on reading the article, there is no “clear evidence” presented to back up the tendentious anti-Russian claims. Indeed, no evidence at all. The whole allegation was based on claims made by anonymous “security sources” and reference to other unproven stories, such as the alleged hacking of the US election.

This kind of fake, unethical journalism that has become a staple in Western media with regard to Russia. Whether it is allegations of Russia probing electoral processes or probing territorial air space and waters, the entire thrust of the Western media relies on innuendo, prejudice and disinformation. All told in a relentless, unquestioning fashion by the gamut of Western mainstream media outlets.

In plain language, this is nothing but anti-Russian propaganda disguised as public information.

When such propaganda becomes a systematic form of public discourse then it can be said that the mindset has moved dangerously beyond a condition of reprehensible Russophobia, to one of collective psychosis…

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5 Responses

  1. I think that the blame-Russia mania is, to some extent, a fad among politicians and media pundits, who are herd animals. Among these morons, these cattle, some fads last for weeks or months. Other fads last for years or decades, or even longer, and they may overlap. Some fads are geographically limited; others global. Some fads are benign; others malevolent. Some are constructive; others destructive. McCarthyism was a fad. Tattoo mania is a fad. The War Of Terror is a nightmarish fad. In 2011 we had deficit reduction mania, “debt ceiling” silliness, and Obamas “grand bargain.” Today the fad is “Russia did it.” And through it all, the neoliberal beat goes on.

  2. I this it is different this time, I remember other “enemies” we were sold, black panthers, Vietcong, SDS for example; this time around the “Russian’s did it” message is shrill, almost hysterical and everywhere, on every station, every lip 24/7. I sense they are desperate, some great crime or planned crime is too close to the surface for their comfort and Trump for all his Goldman appointees is not an insider. They are making a huge mistake in attacking him, he is not a fellow to back down.

    • Hey , Frances, I respectfully disagree, I think Trump is just another puppet. As for Trump not backing down, well…we’ve seen what happens to presidents who don’t follow the orders of TPTB. But, honestly, Trump seems to be doing a fine job as puppet so far–what with Yemen and his dealings with Iran and Russia, etc. Plus, Trump’s 1 Trillion for infrastructure looks to be for the advancement of Agenda 2050 (the UN’s Agenda 21). Very puppet-esque. Not to mention, he also seems to be leaning toward Public-Private Partnerships (fascism). It seems like all of this Russian hysteria is staged…presidents are selected, not elected.

      • Agreed. But I imagine the Russian hysteria campaign is independent of the Pied Piper recall campaign. I think the Company is ready to blame anything on the Rooskis if they can. Hell, Justin Bieber’s next dui could be due to Russian meddling.

        Regarding the Outsider or Puppet question, I think Tronald is legitimately confused as to why the company is giving him such a hard time when he seems to be very company friendly, as you pointed out. Perhaps it reflects a family feud between the Poppy Bush dynasty and the young upstart ALEC clan? Kinda like the Sith rule of two: the apprentice tries to kill the master.

  3. Yesterday on the radio I heard Australia’s Prime Minister, Malcolm Turnbull say something quite amazing. (Turnbull is an ex-Goldman Sachs employee.) He said that “Russia shot down MH17” over Ukraine. No “ifs” or “buts” or “maybes” and no statement that maybe the Russian-backed fighters in Eastern Ukraine did it. No. It was, “Russia shot down the plane.” To be frank, Turnbull was using the name “Putin” at times, interchangeably with “Russia” so he might have actually said, “Putin shot down MH17” – I’m not sure which he said.

    This reminds me of the days before the 2003 attack on Iraq when the Prime Ministers of Canada and Australia both gave virtually the same speech, verbatim, in Parliament. This is obviously an organized international plot. However, I have the feeling that it would be a mistake to draw a straight line between this obvious war propaganda and a plan to start a war with Russia. There is more to this plot than is obvious on the surface.

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