Democrats & GOP War Hawks Align in Lunatic Russia Manipulation of American People (Sane Progressive video)

I watched Rachel Maddow go full-on Joe McCarthy last night. With slimy innuendo and absolutely zero evidence she suggested Putin tried to poison some Russian opposition a-hole who had made a propaganda documentary about a shooting a couple years ago and was running around in Russia showing to all his opposition friends. The guy ODed while he was partying and tried to say Putin poisoned him. It’s ridiculous that Maddow would have this idiot’s story on her show, but she will promote anything as long as it tries to make America’s liberals hate leftists. Because that is what she is doing with this New McCarthyism bullshit.

This is what we do with corporate media in all sorts of countries we aim to regime change. And when the targeted government take action against the lying, instigating corporate owned media in their countries, we call them “dictators” and “tyrants” and then use that as “proof” they must be regime changed. the chickens have come home to roost I suppose.

Debbie did a video talking about this same crazy shit coming from the fake left. It’s worth watching.

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  1. Just one small type in the title it should say *Insane regressive video* thank you.

  2. I like her anger.

  3. She’s a gatekeeper, like Chomsky, Greenwald, Assange and sad to say, Pilger (journalist at the UK’s Guardian) who has thrown his weight 110% in support of Assange.

  4. Explain that, please, in her case – and Assange’s?

  5. This video is very informative also in what it does not say, e.g., that MIC (military industrial complex) is synonymous with ZPC (zionist power configuration). I fault her for not providing a glossary.
    What is her last name? Does it rhyme with the German words for “stone” or “mountain”? Just sayin’….

    • I don’t think she is one of the Chosen. No member of the Tribe would ever talk with such honesty, sincerity, and genuine leftist sentiment. Unlike Debbie, all tribal members who profess to be leftists are actually fake leftists. For example they are “PEPs” (progressive-except-for-Palestine). And to answer your question, Debbie’s last name is Lusignan, which is French.

      • Thanks for the info. I get suspicious when someone goes on and on about the MIC, the way Chomsky does and never utters a word about the most influential pack in American politics.

        • Chomsky admits it. He actually calls himself a Zionist (which means Jewish supremacist).

          Regarding Debbie, she is condemning everyone who indulges in this absurd mania of “the Russians did it.” That includes Jews, the MIC, Democrats, half of Republicans, many foreign politicians, fake leftists, and whoever else.

  6. Elizabeth Harris – I’m offended by your calling me a – “the” – troll. I asked the question, because since witnessing on the ground in Massachusetts the Clinton theft of the primary, I searched for others discovering the same thing, and found Debbie, the Sane Progressive. What’s wrong with you to jump to the conclusion that asking this question makes me a troll?

  7. The ongoing siege and bombardment of Mosul by “Iraqi forces” (i.e. by the U.S. military) has so far left 206,000 victims homeless, according to the International Organization for Migration.

    If Mosul was being attacked by Russia instead of the USA, there would be a global outcry about “war crimes,” plus another Academy Award for the terrorist “white helmets.”™ Fake leftists would carry signs saying “Save Mosul!” George Clooney would stage photo-ops about Mosul’s “humanitarian crisis.” U.S.-backed mercenaries would attack humanitarian conveys, and blame the attacks on Russia. John McCain would demand war with Russia, as would most Democrats, including Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth WarHen. Jews would claim that the attack was proof of Russian “anti-Semitism,” since Mosul’s population once included Jews (until foreign Jews intentionally drove Mosul Jews to Palestine via a series of false flag bombings). Western Europe would demand new sanctions against Russia. And through it all, neoliberalism would continue to increase worldwide.

  8. Thanks, Elizabeth, now it’s obvious.

  9. Perseduter2’s going after Debbie, who is so obviously genuine, seemed strange.

    • Being a troll is part of that person’s pattern. This was by no means the first time.

      Some people have such empty lives that they are contrary simply to be contrary. In their boredom and anomie they enjoy dropping turds in punch bowls so they can watch what happens.

      • Aaaw, poor “Elizabeth”! Someone poops on “her” party of deception with a nugget of truth and she gets upset and calls him a “troll”.

        Previously she called me a moron for pointing out that her advocacy of meddling in the internal affairs of Iran was an example of American exceptionalist attitudes..

        Although I have donated a few times to Scott, I’ve come to the conclusion that this website is boring. There are better ones that don’t publish transparent trickery by readers such as “Elizabeth”.

        Enjoy drinking from her fetid punchbowl.

  10. Holyshit! Who is this women! She is NAILS! I am her new #1 fan!!

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