Democrats & GOP War Hawks Align in Lunatic Russia Manipulation of American People (Sane Progressive video)

I watched Rachel Maddow go full-on Joe McCarthy last night. With slimy innuendo and absolutely zero evidence she suggested Putin tried to poison some Russian opposition a-hole who had made a propaganda documentary about a shooting a couple years ago and was running around in Russia showing to all his opposition friends. The guy ODed while he was partying and tried to say Putin poisoned him. It’s ridiculous that Maddow would have this idiot’s story on her show, but she will promote anything as long as it tries to make America’s liberals hate leftists. Because that is what she is doing with this New McCarthyism bullshit.

This is what we do with corporate media in all sorts of countries we aim to regime change. And when the targeted government take action against the lying, instigating corporate owned media in their countries, we call them “dictators” and “tyrants” and then use that as “proof” they must be regime changed. the chickens have come home to roost I suppose.

Debbie did a video talking about this same crazy shit coming from the fake left. It’s worth watching.

Race-baiting Agent Provocateur “Journalist” Juan Thompson Arrested for (Making Bomb Threats Targeting Jews?) Cyberstalking

by Scott Creighton

In the interest of full disclosure, I covered this phony journalist a year ago when he was fired from the Intercept for making up fake stories. I pointed out the hypocrisy of Glenn Greenwald firing him while the entire purpose behind the Intercept was to publish the fake “leaks” from the manufactured hero story of “Edward Snowden”

Juan Thompson was a race-baiting Mockingbird of a “journalist” a couple years ago working for the Intercept. He made up stories that were designed to help the race-based destabilization campaign that was going on back then. In one he tried to help manufacture a motive in the “Dylan Storm Roof” psyop by saying “Scott Roof”, Dylan’s cousin, said Dylan did it because he liked a white girl and she ended up with a black man. That is the most primitive of race-baiting stories you could possibly come up with. “Da black man be stealin the white womens” or “Jungle fever” or whatever you want to call it.

It was a total lie. There was no “Scott Roof”. Juan made him up. But the story stuck for a while and served it’s purpose. Tensions between the races were at an all time high for a while and it answered the question “why would he do it?”

But it was a total and complete fabrication and the Intercept eventually fired him for it, though they left the race-baiting story on their website for some BS reason (right along beside their BS “Edward Snowden” stories)

In fact, all of his BS stories are still up on their website with a few “corrections” and as you can see, they are all based on race-baiting.

Retracted: Dylann Roof’s Cousin Claims Love Interest Chose Black Man Over Him

Corrected: Footage of Police Violence Puts Heat on Chicago Officials
Corrected: Black Lives Matter Activists Blocked From Entering Trump Campaign Rally
Corrected: St. Louis Grapples — and Fails to Grapple — With the Matter of Murdered Black Women
Corrected: St. Louis Residents Fight to Keep Spy Agency From Taking Their Homes

Yesterday the New York Times came out with a story about this new rash of anti-Semetic bomb threats targeting Jewish schools, synagogues and other Jewish community centers in which they said that Juan Thompson had been arrested and accused of making many of these phony threats.

Here is the official Federal Complaint filed against Thompson on March 1, 2017.

It’s a 9-page complaint which seems to list only one count, or charge, leveled at Thompson which is for “cyberstalking”

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Anti-Syrian-war protest disrupts White Helmets pop-up music tribute (VIDEO)

from RT

A pop-up music concert in New York’s Grand Central station, promoting the work of the Oscar-winning Syrian “humanitarian” group White Helmets, was disrupted by anti-war protesters.

While a full orchestra and choir, some wearing white helmets, pounded out Beethoven’s Ode to Joy against the backdrop of Grand Central Station in Manhattan on Friday, about a dozen anti-war activists protested the group’s presence.

Standing among the orchestra, anti-war activists held aloft signs that read “White Helmets are US Propaganda,”“No US bases in Syria,” and “This is US war agenda.”

Several activists carried a massive white banner with red lettering stating “US out of Everywhere,” and as the orchestra stopped playing, video shows activists chanting “US out of Syria.”

“We were there because the White Helmets are a PR effort for the US government to drum up support for intervention in Syria. We are opposed to US intervention in Syria and everywhere else, we thought it was important to protest this event,” an activist with Hands Off Syria told RT…

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