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  1. Former politician Godfrey Bloom was a mixed bag. I agreed with him on some things, but disagreed with him on other things. For example, I agreed that the banking system is a criminal racket, but I disagreed that the U.K. government “cannot spend money is doesn’t have.” The U.K. government (like the U.S. government) creates its spending money out of thin air — but euro-zone governments cannot. The latter surrendered their money-creation powers to the bankers. Therefore, unless a euro-zone nation has a trade surplus, its government must borrow all its euros. The result is ever-increasing debt, austerity, inequality, and privatization. All this is intentional. It is a cornerstone of neoliberalism. I will explain this in more detail if anyone is interested.

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  3. Godfrey Bloom is a nut job. All money comes from thin air and we don’t have FRB.
    ‘Commodity backed’ money has always failed.

  4. Last Sunday I saw this from the CIA’s BFF newsaper they own. and it stirred in me, as clinical research taught them, the necessary emotions that normal human empathy rises to….shock, sadness, rage…. But now, unfortunately many of us know, none of the money kind people will sacrifice will get to the people who are suffering. The CIA, UN, & affiliates will make sure this charity goes to corrupt dictators and their military henchmen and facillitators. I hate knowing this, and pimping posing as “journalism” made me more nauseous.

    https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/worldviews/wp/2017/02/24/the-world-is-ignoring-an-unprecedented-starvation-crisis/?utm_term=.57ff6da77723 Throw More $s To Dictators

    But as if to save the day, I found a lecture by Mallence Bart Williams who puts the world on notice that AFRICA IS PROVIDING THE WORLD WITH THE MOST AID OF ANYWHERE ON THE PLANET!. Africa isn’t a starving dying continent, it’s rich with everything the world deperately needs….and the people would love to share with the world “at fair market value”….except….
    I listed a couple of sites giving her story, the lecture itself, and a transcript. She concludes by telling of a program she started to save kids from crime and death.
    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AfnruW7yERA/MallenceBart-Williams“AfricaProvidesAidToWesternWorld” (Ref’d 21stCentWire) And http://www.wrongkindofgreen.org/2016/01/09/watch-the-utilization-of-western-ngos-for-the-theft-of-africas-vast-resources/ Transcript And http://folorunsho.net/lion-base/

    The quality of Love is the quality of Life.

  5. I just read about two sentences of an interview with Noam Chomsky. That was all I could stand. Whenever I start to read an article on a web site, and the article begins to attack Trump, I instantly close the article. Not because I like Trump, but because the purpose of attacking Trump is to distract attention from the rampant neoliberalism that both parties push. Privatization. Financialization. Profits over people. Debt slavery. Endless war. Endlessly worsening inequality. These are equally pushed by Democrats and Republicans alike. So when they attack Trump, I say, “Fu*k you.” When they righteously preach about trivialities (e.g. trans-gender people’s “rights,”) I say “Fu*k you.”

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