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I Wonder What 8-Year-Old Nawar “Nora” al-Awlaki Thought of Carryn Owens’ Big Moment Last Night

by Scott Creighton

Thousands of news outlets are covering the “big moment” from last night’s presidential address to congress. You know the one. It was when President Trump mentioned Navy Seal Ryan Owens’ death in Yemen (without actually mentioning Yemen) and pointed out his widow, Carryn Owens, who was in attendance. I don’t have to tell you what happened after that. It was her moment to shine and shine she did.

She did this, and this, and this, and a whole lot of this:


She did a lot of that.A LOT of that. She milked it for everything it was worth and the audience ate it up. Her standing ovation lasted an uncomfortable 3 minutes. A painful 3 minutes.

Perhaps it was most painful for the wives of the two law enforcement officers who were killed ON DUTY by an illegal immigrant who had already been arrested and deported twice. They were there as well and the ovation they received for their fallen husbands lasted about 10 seconds. For both of them. I don’t see many articles this morning written about the suffering those women are enduring these days. I guess they were wearing the wrong uniforms? Maybe less important ones?

In MSNBC’s post mortem for the speech, slobbering Chris Mathews said Carryn was “talking” to her deceased husband. “That is love” he said as he went on to suggest soldiers can only hope to leave behind such dedicated spouses.

The president made the comment that he had been “told” by his Defense Secretary that the raid which cost the life of Carryn’s husband resulted in the collection of tons of valuable intelligence that would be critical in fighting “the enemy” over there.

That’s total bunk. That’s why he used the disclaimer that he had been “told” that and he didn’t say it as a fact. Because it isn’t a fact. The raid was not about gathering “intelligence” from some hard drives as we have been led to believe. It was about killing someone, a woman in fact.

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