unDemocratic Party Imploding: Fascist Zealot Andrew Tobias Admits they Serve “rich business folk” for Kickbacks

by Scott Creighton

Right before the DNC (unDemocratic National Committee) voted for Tom Perez as their new chair (Perez was Obama’s Labor Secretary who openly supported the TPP and said the Hillary campaign should call Bernie “racist” during the primary) they held a little vote on a proposal to keep Big Business money OUT of the campaign process. That suggestion was defeated.

Perez at one time said “yes, the Democratic primary was rigged for Hillary” and then he quickly revised that statement saying he “misspoke” and in fact Killary won fair and square. The mealy mouthed little worm was asked about that transformation of his position during the DNC chair primary and wiggled and wormed his way through a blather of an answer for about 5 embarrassing minutes… and he still “won” the chair position.

After his acceptance speech and a little “let’s get unified” cheer-leading session by another fake progressive Keith Ellison, the unDemocratic Party let party treasurer Andrew Tobias have the podium for a couple minutes to spout his goodbyes to the party faithful and announce his replacement. What followed was a stunning display of a corporatist zealot giving a little too much insight into the workings of the minds of the fascists at the DNC. (note: look at this crazy fuck’s eyes as he rants)

The “rich business folks” are gonna give em some kickback money. That’s all they think about. Telling businessmen their fascist Business-First party is gonna make them more money than the republicans and that they fully expect some kickbacks for doing it.

That’s the unDemocratic Party for you, right there. That’s WHY they lost to the joke of a candidate Donald Trump and that is WHY Democratic Party flight is a thing.

In three moves on that same day the unDems made SURE the progressive element of the party would leave and NEVER come back. It’s like Carl Rove is writing their scripts for them.

No one could be that stupid. The message they are sending is clear: the DNC is nothing more than the kiddies tables at the RNC. Progressive thinking liberals need not apply.

This is the One Party system, the Business Party system, that I have been writing about on this website for the past 10 years. Tobias’ little wild-eyed rant couldn’t have made it more clear. They are geared now to screw the working people of this country in favor of Big Business for kickbacks. That’s it. Nothing more too see.

2 Responses

  1. Trump’s speech to a joint session of Congress last night created a “yuge” boost in Trump’s popularity among fake leftists. Why? Because Trump eulogized Ryan Owen, the Navy SEAL who was killed while butchering innocent victims in Yemen.

    “Ryan died as he lived: a warrior and a hero battling against terrorism, and securing our nation.”

    Then Trump applauded the dead killer and his widow for thirty seconds. Ryan’s widow burst into tears and stared upward, imagining that her murderous dead hubby was in heaven. (!!)

    Sick fu*ks.

  2. Tom Perez is an arch-neoliberal in “progressive” clothing, which makes him a perfect fit for today’s DNC. When Perez preaches “unity,” he means submission to the rich (just as “reform” means more neoliberalism).

    Still, as always, my anger is directed not at cockroaches like Perez (who merely act according to their cockroach nature) but at people who worship the cockroaches. I mean average people who continue to insist that Democrats are more progressive than are Republicans.

    Once people succumb to this psychosis, they become unreachable. Nothing can penetrate their madness. All we can do is wait until they die off, freeing us from their stench.

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