Jared Polis Admits DNC Support of Refugees and Illegal Immigrants is All About Cheap Labor for Big Business

by Scott Creighton

Jared Polis is bringing an illegal alien to Trump’s State of the Union address tonight. He’s using this human being as a prop just like Big Business used him as cheap labor for years. Exploiting him.

Polis went on Tucker Carlson’s show the other night and went on and on about how the “invisible hand” NEEDS cheap labor in America and how folks like this prop of his help Big Business by providing that cheap labor. And yes, he said “invisible hand”

Polis is a congressman from the unDemocratic Party, the same party who’s former treasurer just admitted they were only interested in serving “rich business folks” for kickbacks.

Ever since George W. Bush announced his Comprehensive Immigration Bill proposal I have been writing that the whole thing was based on the desire to provide cheap labor for Big Business while deconstructing the wage scale, ultimately damaging the quality of life for millions upon millions of hard working American citizens.

Now that the Comprehensive Immigration program has been passed on to Obama and now Trump, the plan is still designed for the same purpose and this guy, this fascist member of the unDemocratic Party, makes it perfectly clear in this interview that everything he and his One Party buddies are doing is in service to Big Business. That’s fascism folks.

Tucker is watching this guy spout right-of-Reagan free market Milton Friedman talking points like his life (or his paycheck?) depends on it and he is quite literally stunned. Maybe he’s stunned because the neoliberal ass-clown is just so open in his disrespect for the American workers or maybe it’s because he can’t believe this is what passes for a Democrat these days.

The unDems have gone full on batshit, fascist crazy. They want slaves to save Big Business’ profit margins and they don’t give a shit who knows it and that includes working Americans who used to call themselves Democrats.

The mask is off, the Dems are raving fascists who would bring in real slaves from Africa for their friends at Walmart if they thought they could get away with it. These people are sick.

13 Responses

  1. This guy is a real scumbag. There should be plenty of legitimate work for people of this country and others who want to live here without the interference of the parasite class. Forget the “invisible hand!” That hand is the hand of crooks, liars, criminals, and otherwise malevolent creeps. If they’d just go away permanently and let us take care of ourselves, we’d be a whole lot better off once we shake off the nonsense they’ve been pushing as truth for so very long.

  2. “The unDems have gone full on batshit, fascist crazy.”

    Exactly so, and yet, I personally know people (mainly older people) who praise Democrats as if Democrats were still Democrats. They concede that Democrats and Republicans are identical, and that Democrats are “just as bad” as Republicans — yet they say Republicans are worse.

    How’s that for logic? “A” and “B” are identical. They are one and the same entity. “A” is “B.” And yet, “B” is worse than “A.” (!)

    These demented creeps pine for Obama and Hillary. They tell me they would hate Trump even if Trump doubled their Social Security, and gave them everything else they wanted. I don’t argue with them. The worst form of insanity is the belief that we can reason with insanity.

    • the race to the bottom that is the neoliberal economic ideology ends at nothing. as in “no thing”… they want to pay nothing for labor and this is where it’s going. $3 will be too much when their businesses need to expand the profit margins further. the answer of course will be to bring in “apprentices” from overseas someplace. get them to work for food and lodging. maybe they’ll make work camps for the homeless people that are displaced after they lose their jobs to illegal immigrants and refugees. they can set them up in plantations, pay em .38 an hour or so in order for them to get commissary enough to keep working. or maybe they’ll just put them in for-profit prisons which are basically modern day plantations anyway.

      • In more and more prisons, inmates must pay for their food, their jail cells and everything else. Since inmates can never make enough money to meet these growing expenses, inmates are trapped in the prison-plantation for life, even for petty charges. Quite literally a traffic ticket can effectively get them a life sentence. And of course Blacks are wildly over-represented (statistically speaking).

        It is an institutionalized racist nightmare, but fake leftists are fine with it, just as they are fine with hate, war, poverty, inequality, neoliberalism, and boundless hypocrisy.

  3. Well, my marbles don’t roll and my chalk won’t write, so I wasn’t going to post anymore, but …

    I’ve got lots I want to say about this, but I don’t even know how to start. Just thanks for putting it out here. Hope you get lots of comments

  4. Ya gotta love that supply side nonsense.

    • don’t you love hearing that crap from Dems? Slippin the old invisible hand under the table and picking your pockets clean with it.

      • Most people believe it or some variation of it.

        ‘Sensible’ people reject the realities of the system as it exists.

        • If we think we can reason with anyone who supports neoliberalism, then we proceed from a false assumption, namely that such people have an intellectual flaw, and can be swayed by logic.

          In reality their flaw is moral. Their flaw is their character. They are sociopathic worms. Hence it is folly to try reasoning with them.

          This is one reason why some socialist revolutions in history have included large scale purges. Rather than argue with viruses that cannot be reached with logic, we liquidate them.

  5. Damn. Another comment eaten by WordPress,

  6. Illegal immigration kicked in big time after NAFTA, which was fully supported by Bill Clinton. NAFTA completely destroyed local agriculture in Mexico, brought in big agribusiness, with which Mexico’s farmers could not compete (all with US tax subsidies). So yes, when people can no longer feed their families, they will migrate north, because they are desperate enough to do so, working for absolute shit wages, which no American would accept, and under horrific conditions to boot. And yes, this is by design, because the corporate sector benefits from the fact to drive down wages everywhere. This is neo-liberalism in a nut shell.

  7. I actually think their “wet dream” is to get people to PAY them for the privilege of working–because that’s really what it is these days: only the privileged get access to decent jobs. It’s not enough to earn your living, you have to kiss the ground the “job creators” walk on, because if it weren’t for them you would be starving and jobless, right? You didn’t earn your living, they GAVE it to you by deigning to hire you over other desperate people! Don’t ever forget how replaceable you are! Honestly, I don’t know when American society will wake up from this Jedi mind trick. How much shittier does it have to get before they finally get off their collective behinds and say enough?

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