Deplorable Washington Post Letters

by David Martin, DC Dave

It has been very hard not to notice that the press coverage of Donald Trump, from the beginning of his candidacy right up to the present moment has been nothing short of malicious. One would have thought that out of respect for the presidency and for our democratic system the constant drip of vitriol would have lessened at least a little bit after his resounding electoral victory in November, but, at least at The Washington Post, the toxic stream has grown even larger, and I really didn’t think that that was possible.

The Post didn’t accept his candidacy, and then they didn’t accept his election. As I wrote back on December 8, 2016, before the electoral college had gone through what has always been a formality, the certifying of the victory of the electoral vote winner, The Post gathered three letters that collectively painted the president-elect as Hitler reincarnated, gave them the heading on their editorial page, “The new breed of dangerous know-nothings,” and had a columnist join them in calling for electoral nullification.

But like an increasing number of their readers and other Americans, the electoral college paid The Post no mind, proceeded to do its job in an almost routine fashion and went ahead and certified Trump’s victory without incident…

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