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  1. My problem is not with establishment Democrats, since I know they will always behave like dung beetles. No, my problem is with average people who explode in rage when they see a Trump supporter. I speak of morons who intolerantly preach “tolerance,” and who cheer for war while they talk about peace. I speak of assholes who self-righteously cry for the poor, but who don’t want to actually help them, or live near them, or even see them. The shit-heads who approve of neoliberalism, and are only concerned that male perverts have the “right” to invade and occupy women’s showers. The maggots that cry about Muslim refugees, but are okay with wars of extermination that create refugees. The imbeciles that cry about Trayvon Martin, but are okay with institutionalized racism that fills prisons, and which financially chains people to the “justice” system for life. F**k these hypocrites.

  2. hey EH101—i’m kinda infatuated with yer very astute analysis.

    Would you be so kind to re-print &elucidate yer belief concerning
    that perso from Austria who was ” trying to make the world a better place”. Or not

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