US Military Megacity Pacification and Assault Planning Videos (for educational purposes of course)

by Scott Creighton


We’ve all seen the Megacity prediction video put together by the Special Forces war college that the Intercept received via a FOIA request last year. It’s a gloomy, depressing view of the dystopia they predict will be the future of human development by 2030. It deals with a rather unique and relatively new problem of maintaining order in the megacities that are developing across the globe in mostly Westernized nations.

As the slaughter continues in Mosul, the 2nd largest city in Iraq, military planners are getting a chance to try out some of their new theories since it’s the rebellious population that is the target there, not the CIA’s construct known as “ISIS”

But what they call “megacities” are different and thus the combat is different.

Megacities have been attacked before. We destroyed Dresden to make a point as we did Hiroshima and Nagasaki. In Japan we used fire bombs on wooden cities, 60 of them in 30 days just prior to dropping two atomic weapons so we could garner real world experience with their effect.

That’s how we used to pacify megacities. But that model wont work anymore, nor will the shock and awe technique used in March of 2003 in Baghdad. Mostly because the megacities they envision they will HAVE to pacify in the future… are our own.

Not only do they house, will they house, citizens of the countries which unleash the military forces against them, but they also house the critical business infrastructure that helps keeps Wall Street and London thriving while the vast majority of those inhabitants of the targeted cities struggle and scrape for just enough sustenance to survive on a day to day basis. All of that surrounded by 10 million non-combatant potential collateral damage PR nightmares.

Now you start to see the problem for military planners. Not only are they planning on the wholesale violation of the US constitution by literally drawing up plans to use the military on US soil against US citizens… but they don’t wish to fuck up too much of Big Business’ profit centers while doing it.

Sec. 15. From and after the passage of this act it shall not be lawful to employ any part of the Army of the United States, as a posse comitatus, or otherwise, for the purpose of executing the laws, except in such cases and under such circumstances as such employment of said force may be expressly authorized by the Constitution or by act of Congress ; and no money appropriated by this act shall be used to pay any of the expenses incurred in the employment of any troops in violation of this section and any person willfully violating the provisions of this section shall be deemed guilty of a misdemeanor and on conviction thereof shall be punished by fine not exceeding ten thousand dollars or imprisonment not exceeding two years or by both such fine and imprisonment[6]

There is no option in their minds. The world will be populated by millions upon millions of desperate, angry, jobless, hopeless civilians who pose a great threat to the established system, a system they fully expect to create mass poverty and inequity in Westernized countries across the world, including right here in the states. It never dawns on them that a different, more equitable system may come into being, a rising tide that lifts all boats, not just those owned by the megawealthy and those privileged enough to serve their interests at the expense of everyone else.

That thought.. never.. even.. crosses.. their.. minds.

What they also never say in these discussion videos I am posting below for the sake of your understanding the level of depravity of these people, is that the people they envision targeting mostly feel the same way THE MAJORITY of us feel today: that the system is rigged against us and it’s time for a change. Whether they are classified as “criminal gangs” or “narcoterrorists” or “insurgents” or “ISIS” in the future doesn’t matter, the core of their grief is the same and it is completely legitimate. Or it will be.

That never even crosses these guys’ minds in these videos. Not the ones I have viewed thus far anyway.

In the videos you will see them using slides which depict such future battlegrounds for the US military being cities like L.A. for instance. Atlanta. New York.

Let that sink in for a minute. The US military’s own planners sitting around on the company dime, your tax dollars, figuring out tactics, battle plans and other means of modern day warfare in US cities targeting US civilians.

And this, to them, is an unavoidable future.

The videos are in depth discussions that took place here in the US last year at the “Frameworks for Future Challenges: Understanding Dense Urban Areas” during the 2016 Megacity Mad Scientist Conference from Arizona State University April 21-22, 2016.

I am not editing them and there are more from this collection which was posted by these guys on a US Army TRADOC Youtube page.

MegaCity Army Panel

MegaCity: Frameworks for Future Challenges: Understanding Dense Urban Areas

MegaCity: Megacities: The Good; The Bad and the Ugly

Everyone of these attendees is already in violation of posse comitatus as are their commanding officers who sent them there. If you read the quote above you will notice, not only is the implementation of the use of our military against us a crime, but also, the planning of such actions if one red cent of taxpayer money is spent on it. Thus they are all in violation of standing US law and should each be demoted and arrested as such.

But they wont be.

This is just a brief sampling of the videos they posted from this conference and anther that took place at the CIA’s university, Georgetown. It’s fascinating to watch these guys and how their minds work. Keep in mind, the battles for megacities in the future which these men and women are actively planning for, will not be against states declared enemies of our nation. They are by the very nature of these talks, cities of ours, those of our allies, which have been lost to the chaos of neoliberal globalization and the enemies are our own citizens, our neighbors, our brothers.

Urban pacification of dissent on a massive scale so large that even the overly militarized police forces cant contain the anger. That is what they fully expect in a future close enough that you and I will see it with our own eyes.

And of course, to these people, the only solution is not one of fixing the social condition problem that will inevitably breed this kind of dystopean future, but instead, it’s one of military might and planning to crush it with as little collateral damage as possible.

If the only tool you understand is a hammer, every problem looks like a nail.

23 Responses

  1. depressing….. God help this world. where are our churches……

  2. deth to ‘merka. well-deserved. d.c. manhattan– they’re número uno

  3. Great point about choosing to use high cost military power instead of low cost social programs to manage dissent. Perhaps from the investors’ point of view they see military power as more of a sure thing, and social programs as too risky or difficult to quantify?

  4. Haven’t they found an end run around posse comitatus by heavily militarizing the police and giving them new “laws” and surveillance powers that defy the constitution and presume us guilty of whatever they choose?

    • i think to some degree, yes they have. But these guys expect MASSIVE resistance in the near future, something that they think the local and state police will not be able to deal with. also, looks to me like they are expecting to shift the role of the military almost entirely to this kind of action, since world wars may soon be a thing of the past.

      • Local and state police certainly have the muscle to deal with mass dissent. But regardless of hardware they are civilian controlled, and PR limits their behavior. The military on the other hand only has to be concerned with PR in the Beltway. So I guess they can more easily play hardball without political consequences.

      • That may not be a problem. Remember when Baby Bush was pretending to be the leader of the free world and said, “The Constitution is just a piece of paper.” Though the mouth of an idiot then, that seems to be like chum to sharks today.

      • “These guys expect MASSIVE resistance in the near future…”

        They don’t just expect it; they hope for it, since it will keep them employed, and keep them “important.” It will let them herd the cattle to the slaughterhouse, so they don’t have to join the cattle themselves. It will let them round up victims for extermination, so their own names don’t go on the list. They are sub-human sociopaths with zero empathy for others.

        I honestly don’t know if there is an Afterlife, but if there is (and that’s a big “if”) and if it has any semblance of justice (an even bigger “if”) then these little maggots will face a reckoning.

        If there is no Afterlife and no justice…well…a truly decent person does good whether there is or is not. The fact of not knowing is precisely what makes the goodness pure.

  5. We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them. -Albert Einstein

    Urban dystopia, and the more hellish normalization to come, is a symptom not the disease. The etiology is a system of control-freaking kleptocrats who are actually in a war against our self-reliance. Our fake-pharoahs want something far more than money and power and it goes back to the Old Testiment (poverty/debt/slavery=pharoahs). What they have in their black hearts and sociopathic plans is within their grasp….if we don’t resist. They want the soul of the American people. That’s the crown jewel for the New (White) World Order…. and that goes way back to when we had the balls to tell the world that, “All men are greated equally.” That was the most revolutionary statement ever heard on Planet Earth. And we’ve put are backs into building a country to support that goal, and even when we failed each other, we rose far above most social stuctures. No matter our differences we all had to work together. That’s why any color revolution in this country…. forget it, it would be the whole, giant, deluxe box of crayons melting everywhere.

    But lately with Corporate America and their perversion, preditory capitalism, the establishment (the military/industrial/political/media/you-name-it complex) has decided they no longer need US workers anymore, basically because that means giving us enough money to live on with fair wages we earned, but potentially and most frightening to them, this means independence from their totalitarian trappings. No they don’t want your money (they’ve got it), don’t want your power (they’ve got it)….no, they want your soul. This may be preaching to the choir for many older folks but, sadly, there is about a generation and a half that have never had any hold on “The American Dream.”

    Check out

  6. wordpress gremlins ate my homework

  7. We’ve got some heavy dues to pay and it looks like they’re going to come due on our watch.
    No we’ll get a taste of all that ‘freedom and democracy’ we’ve been dropping, shelling on and shooting into nations for decades. And it looks like March 20 is the tipping point.

  8. They don’t just predict dystopia. They look forward to it. They are thrilled by it. They work to guarantee it.

    Their prosperity is our poverty. Their pleasure is our pain. Their heaven is our hell. They claim that dystopia is inevitable, and they are making sure that it is indeed inevitable.

    “Imagine a boot stamping on a human face forever” with them wielding the boot. Any slave who questions the boot is a “terrorist,” and must be exterminated in the interests of “freedom and democracy.” Anyone who tries to bring about a better world must be vilified for all time as supremely evil. (An example is a certain person from Austria.) Anyone who seeks to halt the global stampede to the neoliberal slaughterhouse must be annihilated.

  9. No word of a lie, I was over on the Guardian’s website and there is not a single mention of Mosul. I posted a question about this in one of their daily anti-Trump articles about revolutionary Hollywood actors and the Oscar. In under 25 seconds the comment was censored. BBC coverage is dreadful and dishonest.

    Just thought I’d share that here as I posted that comment over there after reading this article.

    Love your work, Scott. Take care.

  10. You have to wonder if these people ever do any self analysis in a moral and/or ethical sense. One would have to be a sociopath surely.

  11. Fuck their “megacities” and double fuck the pacification and assault planning.

  12. When Bush, Obama and the MSM were telling lies about Iraq, Libya and Syria, which then led to an invasion of those nations and the deaths of millions, don’t recall the witches being upset about that, nor casting spells against those Wall Street casinos who have and continue to steal trillions.

    On the evening of February 24th, at the stroke of midnight, witches worldwide will engage in a mass occult ritual to “bind Trump and all those who abet him”.

    • In response to vigilant citizen I present to you it’s equivalent:

      The internet is new, and people don’t understand that slot of it is entertainment. Although VC is fun and presents compelling arguments, it is no different than the rags in the supermarket lanes – a grain of truth scattered amongst loads of shit. People need to remember that if you can’t use the information in a scholastic citation, then you should be very discerning about what you take from that info.

  13. I don’t understand what you mean that ” It never dawns on them that a different, more equitable system may come into being, a rising tide that lifts all boats, not just those owned by the megawealthy and those privileged enough to serve their interests at the expense of everyone else.”
    They are doing everything in their power to PREVENT such a system coming into existence. At least at the top, the oligarchs are. They want power, man– not something equitable. It’s possible that some military types are rationalizing their actions in accordance w the propaganda of the oligarchs’ think tanks. But it’s awfully thin. Surely they know that they’re working for the megawealthy alone.

  14. In reality, for these lunatics who think themselves as the saviours of the planet, «Pacification» means massacre in big scale.
    Once again, I say that it is up for the good guys in the military to fix things in the whole decadent and corrupted system. It only takes a few to rebel and deal with the situation. There must be people in the military who hate to see the suffering that war causes in other countries. Also, I think that some in the military do not want for this planning of wars and «pacification» to go on and on.

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