Constructive Destruction: Are We Looking at a Color Revolution Here in the Shining City on the Hill?

by Scott Creighton

Last week Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey said it “looks like” another Iranian Green Revolution is taking shape right here in the States. He said everything looks like what happened back then in 2009 when Hillary Clinton tried to get a US puppet, Mir Hossein Mousavi, elected in the Iranian presidential election but he lost by a landslide so she tried a color revolution instead. Mr. Dorsey seems to think the social media trolls are at it again, though he doesn’t actually call them trolls or mention the fact that Iran was a color revolution.

It’s still a good question, isn’t it?

Are we looking at the birth of a color revolution here in the States?

I think it is safe too say a number of the masters of the universe were displeased with the outcome of this past year’s presidential election. Not all of them perhaps and some have certainly taken a more “wait and see” approach since The Donald seems to be cowing in the face of pressure being applied to him and his administration, that goes without saying.

But there are factions that want him, Bannon, sleepy-eyed Jane and Miller out of the Oval Office in the worst of ways and they seem to be pretty dedicated to that end result in spite of the fact that Trump is becoming more bullish on Russia, toeing the line on Iran and bombing places like Yemen, Iraq and Syria with impunity like his “progressive” predecessor did. He’s written and signed executive orders that give Big Banking all the perks they want and all the leeway to set up the next financial crisis they need to completely crush the economy at will and his picks for the various agencies all have one thing in common: they want to see the agencies they head destroyed as soon as possible.

So Trump is giving them everything they want, so far he’s a perfect pick for our next pragmatic dictator in chief… and yet some still seem to want his head on a platter. Why is that?

It could be they don’t trust Trump to stay the course when things get bad and his base turns on him, which is a key qualifier for such work. Nixon strayed from the path so they fixed that and of course, JFK took a decidedly populist/progressive turn away from the profitable Cold War and the CIA so they had to “fix” his administration as well. They set Reagan’s mind right 60 days into his presidency and let Bush 41 run the show from there on out.

Perhaps they are concerned his heart isn’t in the right place and that maybe he worries too much about his “brand” to do what they figure needs to be done in the coming months.

Or maybe this is all just a not-so-subtle warning from the servants of the masters of the universe striking out on their own.

I don’t know. Is this a color revolution taking shape? Did the populist undercurrent of this past election coming from both sides of the fake political divide put the fear of democracy in them? Did we really “vote the wrong way” or was Trump the Manchurian Candidate all along?

Was this past election like what I suggested a year ago… a designed catastrophe meant to usher in a new age of unelected technocrat board members to rule over us all? Is this part of the constructive destruction of the tattered paper-thin veil of democracy here in the Shining City on the Hill?

I don’t know. It certainly smells like a color revolution at this point, doesn’t it? What do you think?

11 Responses

  1. I appreciate your framing this as a question. We seem to be in a very interesting and pivotal time in history.

    A very useful, and I believe accurate, view of current events is presented by Robert David Steele. Steele believes Trump is under attack from different factions within the Deep State and that we are headed towards a violent American Spring this spring/summer. The goals are to 1) hamstring and neutralize his initiatives, 2) create the impression of incompetence to support impeachment against him and 3) foment violence to create a sense of urgency within the population as a whole to support the soft coup.

    Here is a recent interview he did where he lays this out.

    Steele is one of those people who seems to get better and more articulate with each interview so I encourage everyone to follow his interviews via this link.

    What is hopeful in Steele’s work is not only his expertise in counter intelligence but his clear interest in reducing the dependence on corporate power in politics and his innovative inclusive ideas about how to go forward. This guy is brilliant and worth supporting in his initiatives.

  2. Regarding that color revolution, the Empire has maintained sanctions against Iran since 1979, but imposed its harshest sanctions after the failure of Hillary’s “Green Revolution” in late summer 2009. The sanctions were designed to make average Iranians suffer so much that they would turn against Ahmadinejad, who opposed neoliberalism, and who was reelected with the support of average Iranians. Meanwhile rich Iranians opposed Ahmadinejad, and favored neoliberalism. They tried to enact Hillary’s “Green Revolution” against Ahmadinejad but failed, causing the Empire to triple its sanctions. From 2009 to 2013 the sanctions caused so much pain for average Iranians that they began listening to the Iranian oligarchs, who promised to get the sanctions removed if one of them were elected President. In Aug 2013 Hassan Rouhani (a rich oligarch) was elected President, but Rouhani was not able to get the sanctions removed, since Rouhani has not been able to destroy the Iranian Revolutionary Guards, which are anti-neoliberal. Obama talked about removing the sanctions in order to strengthen Rouhani, and to weaken the Revolutionary Guards, but the Guards have survived. Therefore the sanctions remain in place, despite Obama’s rhetoric. Rouhani failed to keep his promise, and the masses feel betrayed by him.

  3. Are we looking at the birth of a U.S. color revolution? I don’t think so. The Deep State consists of top-level members of the military, intelligence, national security, law enforcement, and other agencies. (Mid-level and low level personnel are mere drones.) Also included are neocons, corporate media hacks, and much of Wall Street. These entrenched upper-level parasites conspire and cooperate to advance their own power and income, and to advance neoliberalism. They do this by having the corporate media outlets constantly harp of the “threat” of Iran, Russia, and “terrorism.” They don’t want to overthrow the White House, since they need the “Overt State” to provide camouflage, and to absorb flack. However they felt threatened by Trump’s talk of peace with Russia. Hence they purged Flynn in order to send a message to Trump: “We were here before you, and we’ll be here after you. Join us, and you’ll become richer than ever. Oppose us, and you’ll be ruined.” This was a warning, not a revolution. Trump now seems to be heeding the warning.

    • I would not really disagree with this comment in general, but I feel it overlooks the necessity for the nation state based structure of the world to collapse first, in order to usher in the global structure that all of this is leading to. Even the deep staters operate at the pleasure of the bankers and oligarchs, and I think it’s quite clear what that lot wants as the future of the planet.

      • “Even the deep staters operate at the pleasure of the bankers and oligarchs.”

        Agreed. You are referring to the global financial picture. I was only referring to the shenanigans that surround Trump, and to the entrenched Washington parasites who want to keep their jobs and to increase their salaries while they serve the bankers and oligarchs.

        “I think it’s quite clear what that lot wants as the future of the planet.”

        Yes. Neoliberalism leads to neofeudalism, in which a handful of oligarchs own everything and everyone. The oligarchs, like viruses, have only one function, which is to grow until they kill their host body.

        • “You are referring to the global financial picture”

          Yes, in a sense. Essentially, those who force the revolution on to the people are the ones who guarantee themselves surviving the revolution or war, who actually benefit from a global government and financial system, as they will be in charge of it all. I feel that, even within the deep state and power structure, those who are 100% in on the game are a minority. The rest of the people who are part of the deep state apparatus but a little lower in the pyramid work either for immediate profit and self interest, or for delusional and compartmentalized patriotic ideologies they subscribe to, and get used as pawns. So, I agree that most of them are “parasites who want to keep their jobs and to increase their salaries while they serve the bankers and oligarchs”

          To give a simpler example: The bankers and mortgage brokers who screwed the public over during the real estate bubble and the subsequent crash, had no idea and/or did not care that this was an engineered crash towards the greater goal of incapacitating the masses and rendering them heavily dependent for decades to come by siphoning the money out of the system. For the oligarchs and the ruling families, it did not really matter who exactly was doing the siphoning since the end of the hose is always in their coffers. They simply engineered the whole thing by deregulating the necessary markets and leave the rest to human nature. Like setting up a complex set of dominos, and giving it a little nudge when the time comes.

          It could be said that the so called “deep state” is exposing themselves like never before while the FBI and the CIA and their mouthpieces are openly meddling in govenrment. It’s like watching a panicky magician constantly dropping his cards. But time is of the essence, and we have long passed the point of no return.

          For the moment, they are busy screwing things up just enough to make the people want a revolution. Once the “want” part is solid enough, it’s a matter of giving those dominos a little flick of the finger. Possibly after this next wave of european elections where more Trump-esque leaders are put in place… The likes of LePen in France, UKIP in the UK, Geert Wilders in Netherlands, etc.

  4. Here’s an amateurish check list: (Scott, I am sure you and others could add so much more to this list)

    Contentious elections… Check!
    Disliked president, but with public’s support… Check!
    Divided and fragmented nation… Check!
    Financial hardship… Check!
    Mobilized bourgeoisie… Check!
    Mobilized oligarchy… Check!
    Brainwashed youth… Check!
    Social media apparatus in place… Check!
    Perception of imminent danger unless there is regime change… Check!
    Strategy of tension in full swing… Check!
    Soros NGOs organized and active…
    Deep state openly acting towards a coup… Check!
    Imported terrorist elements in place… I think also check… (Inspire of travel ban)
    Media whores polarizing the population… Check!
    Victoria Noolan is here… (I don’t know… Where has she been lately?

    I nominate “hot pink”, the color of the pussy cat hats, as the color of this color revolution.

  5. Google has a purple background today- so this may mark the beginning of the ‘revolution’.

  6. What if they plan a revolution and no one shows up?

  7. of course the dtrumf was the intended preferred dictator / ‘strongworm’
    from the very start. Rulers knew the little witch couldn’t pull it off.
    It’s all about cia CUT-OUTS psy-ops. The Russia hack thang etc.

    Where do these smart ivy league cia punk traitors reside?

  8. So far he seems to be doing everything they would want. He caved on Russia without a whimper and the Syrian project is going ahead.

    What other disagreements were there?

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