How Democrats Are Already Planning To Lose In 2018 (Jimmy kinda gets it… almost)

by Scott Creighton

Jimmy kinda misses the point here. The rise in populist and nationalist sentiment had to be countered immediately so they flipped the switches and stuck as many reactionary neoliberals in place as they could so they can squeeze as much out of the system as possible before it all comes crashing down. It’s not a failure of the fake left to listen to the working man as much as it was them taking a dive so the rethuglicans could screw them without constraint.

Yes, the unDemocratic Party of America is nothing more than an offshoot of the far-right reactionary Republican Party of the neocons.

And yes, they would MUCH RATHER see Donald Trump in the White House than even a pretend socialist like Bernie Sanders.

But what Jimmy fails to understand is that this historic loss on the part of the unDemocratic Party since 2008 isn’t as much of a failing of theirs to understand and communicate with the working classes as it is an indictment of the corruption of our entire election system. I hate to be the one to point this out but it’s not just presidential elections that are rigged and TPTB want republican controlled state and local governments as well as both houses of congress so they can enact historically reactionary neoliberal austerity measures on the country under the populist cover of Donald J. Trump.

So of course the DCCC picks the same guy as their new chair because he didn’t do anything wrong. His team was scheduled to take a dive, they got the assist from the electronic voting machine companies and now all across the country the illusion of will from the American people provides them a mandate to neoliberalize us like there is no tomorrow. They had to do that with the rise of anti-establishment candidates. Time is running out. So they flipped the switches, stuck their technocrat Zealots in place and now expect us to focus on 2018 as opposed to the crippling austerity they are shoving down our throats in DC and our local/state legislatures.

Still, it’s a good video from Jimmy even if he doesn’t fully understand whats’ going on.

3 Responses

  1. Hurting to be a patriots fan (insert favorite jersey/gang colors) right now. Duh

  2. What is the end game in this scenario though?

    That’s what is difficult to understand from where I sit.

    There is no earthly reason that the system “has to come crashing down”. At least some of the elite must know that.

  3. We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them. -Albert Einstein

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