As Iraqi death Squads and Coalition Forces Advance on Mosul, Uppity Civilians are the Real Targets… not “ISIS™”

by Scott Creighton


Iraqi death squad member. Our partners against “ISIS”

In Iraq, there is a popular revolt taking place against the neoliberal puppet regime we installed after we illegally invaded the country and occupied it for over a decade. Led by the General Military Council for Iraqi Revolutionaries, the popular insurgency started in earnest once the US had to pull out the majority of their forces per an agreement signed back in the Bush administration days. The large Sunni population of the country had no representation in the government in Baghdad and they were sick of being imprisoned and abused by our previous puppet dictator, al-Maliki so they took advantage of the power vacuum created by our exodus and rose up against him.

Then President Barack Obama faced a dilemma. He had campaigned on Iraq being “the wrong war” and a promise to end our military involvement in the country. A promise he reluctantly had to keep when al-Maliki refused to sign a new agreement allowing the US to keep troops in the country past the deadline agreed to by Obama’s predecessor. So his problem lay in the fact that Malaki’s refusal to allow troops to stay meant there was a good possibility that the new insurgency would unseat our puppet and forces once alligned to Saddam Hussain and the Baath Party would take control of the country, thus reversing all the gains our “national interests” were enjoying since the illegal invasion and occupation of Iraq began back in March of 2003.

Obama and the fake left war-mongers understood that they could never sell him going back into Iraq to stamp out a legitimate uprising of Iraqi Sunnis to his fake progressive base. So they came up with a manufactured enemy in Iraq they called “ISIS”. They made ridiculous videos, staged false flags across Europe and the States in order to turn the public against the new evil enemy and they did all this so they could reengage in Iraq in a civil war on the side of our puppet regime.

The people of this country would never have supported sending our troops back to Iraq to battle civilians rising up against our installed proxy government in Iraq but they would support attacking the fictitious “ISIS” with their fake execution videos and their endless supply of British “Islamists” who always turn out to be bad actors with silly-looking stage props.

“ISIS” was and is a “hearts and minds” program designed to promote a military campaign inside a country in support of one of our “friendly” regimes. It is the stock and trade of Special Operations these days and along with Israeli contractors like SITE or MEMRI, the videos did their work and the vast majority of people in this country honestly have no idea who and what we are fighting in Iraq.

Unfortunately, every now and again a little glimpse of reality seeps in and we can see the true face of what we and our puppet Iraqi regime consider “the enemy”. And it’s the Iraqi citizen… not “ISIS”

“… Aside from the military difficulties, retaking eastern Mosul has also cost civilian lives. Gruesome reports have come in from several villages outside the city, where Iraqi forces, particularly police units, have allegedly executed, tortured, and abused people accused of siding with IS militants.

Throughout the past months, rights groups have documented a number of instances when bodies of unarmed civilians, often bearing signs of torture or mistreatment, were found in villages and towns around Mosul. In a recent comment to RT, Human Rights Watch (HRW) said the conduct of Iraqi forces in the battle of Mosul may amount to war crimes.

“Our research demonstrates that Iraqi armed forces that are fighting ISIS to retake a couple of villages and a small town near Mosul – they looted, damaged and destroyed homes. And that was apparently with no military necessity for those demolitions, HRW’s communications and advocacy director for Middle East & North Africa, Ahmed Benchemsi, told RT.

[That] means that these acts amount to war crimes,” he added, commenting on allegations that the Iraqi Popular Mobilization Forces (PMF) were carrying out unnecessary demolitions of buildings in the village of Ashwa outside Mosul. While the PMF said the measure was taken to clear the area from mines and booby-traps planted by IS, HRW stated that “the whole area inside was well enough protected that there would have been no military need for PMF forces to demolish the homes.”

As the operation to retake western Mosul is in full swing, humanitarian agencies fear that hundreds of thousands of civilians might face dangers similar to those weathered by the residents of the city’s eastern half.” RT

The Iraqi Popular Mobilization Forces (PMF) are death squads. There’s nothing outrageous about that statement. They are known to be death squads throughout Iraq.

“The Iraqi House of Representatives last week approved an Act legitimizing the so-called Popular Mobilization Forces (PMF), the pro-Iranian militias accused of acts of barbarism and brutality in Fallujah, Ramadi and Mosul. The Act was opposed by Sunnis in the parliament but pushed through by a Shia majority. The new law recognizes the PMF as a legitimate military force in Iraq and some Shia Iraqi MPs are now even calling for further legislation to absolve PMF fighters from any accusations of crimes against humanity.” Daily Caller, Dec. 2, 2016

What is happening in Iraq is the continuation of the Salvador Option that started under the Bush administration and then continued under President Peace Prize’s left cover. It’s now quietly being expanded upon by The Donald while everyone pays attention to ObamaCare distractions or talk of his sending illegal immigrants out of the country. It’s a slaughter and The Donald is providing the same air cover for death squads and ethnic cleansing that Obama provided. Again, that is not a controversial statement as that link is to a Foreign Policy magazine story from 2015.


I wonder how many people this animal has raped and murdered in Iraq under the protection of the US government

It’s true, this is not a unique situation, having our soldiers defend monsters committing unspeakable acts in furtherance of our “national interests”. Not in Iraq. Not in Vietnam. Not in Bosnia or Libya or any number of African countries where entire villages were ethnically cleansed in the name of progress by some US-backed drug-dealing thug dictator wearing a cowboy hat given to him by a seated US president. It’s a horrible fact of life for some soldiers, these deep state truths they have to live with for the rest of their lives.

But don’t think it’s over just because The Donald came to office and because no one else is talking/writing about it.

The body count in Iraq didn’t stop when President Peace Prize took office and it hasn’t stopped since he left. The battle for Mosul, a battle being waged against a rebellious civilian population (not “ISIS”) is about to add a bunch of numbers to that horrible living legacy we call the Iraq War and nobody is talking about it. Like it’s not even happening.

But it is happening. We are currently shock and aweing the people of Iraq into submission once again and unfortunately this time, there are no protesters on the streets demanding we stop. Of course, if there were, they’d just make a couple more fake beheading videos with their bad British actors playing the role of “da ebil boogeyman” and all would be forgiven.

What’s happening in Iraq is another Phoenix Operation. The civilian population is being pacified by brutal force and the armed resistance is being crushed into submission. We will probably never know the full extent of civilian casualties in Iraq these past few years nor will we get a clear picture of what is about to happen in Mosul. But it is not “ISIS™” that we fight over there. They are a construct of military public relations and nothing else. And if that is true, what follows is the obvious question: then who exactly are we killing in Iraq? And the answer, unfortunately, is the same as it ever was.

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  1. Excellent overview, Scott.

    • every now and again I have to remind myself what “ISIS” is or more importantly, isn’t in Iraq. Everyone knows about the WMD lies but few unfortunately seem to understand who we are bombing over there. and Mosul promises to be a huge body count that no one is talking about.

  2. Good commentary as usually. I think this ISIS BS in Mosul is believed by a lot of people, even the ones who aren’t fooled by the Syrian ISIS actors( mercs).

    Sorry to hear your not feeling well again, really do hope you can get some relief. Your obviously a great researcher, was wondering if you have done so on natural/ diet, as there is a lot out there on web. I’m aware your condition is not your typical aches and pains. Naturopathic practitioners are usually very caring individuals, perhaps because of your situation one might be able to help you. Just a thought, I really am concerned about you, I think very highly of you and want you get some relief.
    Cheers Rachel

  3. In SYRIA what the corporate media outlets call “ISIS”™ consists of terrorist mercenaries (most of them non-Syrian) who seek to destroy Syrian government and society. They are armed and funded by the Empire, plus the Israelis and the Gulf oil sheiks.

    In IRAQ what the corporate media outlets call “ISIS”™ consists of native Iraqis (most of them Sunnis) who seek to avoid being exterminated by the Kurds in the north, and by the Shiites in the south. The Shiites include the US-installed puppet government in Baghdad.

    Syria has a foreign-instigated proxy war. Iraq has a native-instigated civil war.

    The corporate media outlets reverse this, claiming that Syria has a native “uprising,” while Iraq has foreign “jihadist” invaders. Therefore the media outlets say that “Muslim jihadists” must be exterminated in Iraq, and protected in Syria, where they are “freedom fighters.” Muslims are “evil” yet “good.”

    The purpose of this self-contradiction is to keep average people in the West confused, submissive, and resigned to endless war. The Empire rolls on, because the masses bicker about trivia. They are cattle fed by lies, imagining themselves “experts” as they stampede to the neoliberal slaughterhouse.

    • EH001,
      Excellent summary!

    • And (((BOOM))) goes the dynamite!
      I’m about to start memorizing this word for word so I can give a succinct and complete overview to my less geo-politically knowledgeable and still confused friends!

  4. Yes, they are killing innocent people in Iraq, at the name of «ISIS». The slaughter is still going on. I wonder how the «US» army is looking at this, as it goes on. My question is there any discontent faction in the US army that could rebel against the military system that is responsible for these wars? Or is the US army totally commited to rage war agains the world?

    • thats a good question

    • West Point is only a few miles from Wall Street. I’m pretty sure that the cadets are vetted by the Evil Elite before they become upperclassmen.

      • I’m hoping there’s a Smedley Butler type general that slipped through their vetting process…

    • When you have risen in grades in the military you have become a brainwashed monster. No more, no less..

      • My father was career Navy. Had a degree but he wasn’t a high-ranking military officer. He ended up as a Chief Warrant Officer (back when they had those) and Senior Chief Petty Officer (E8). His specialty was engineering on nuclear submarines. He actually worked for a number of years (after doing his 25 in the Navy) for contractors working on various programs having to do with very high-end torpedo systems (NUSC, ADCAP). I tell you this because over the years, I had occasion to get to know a couple of his friends and work acquaintances, engineers mostly, but all very high ranking commissioned officers at one time or another. Even met an admiral or two down in Charleston. For the most part, they were very bright men, committed to their professions. Men who understood even better than we do the corrupt nature of the US military/political system they had chosen to commit their lives to. Too say they are all brainwashed, in my opinion, is to do a disservice to many of them and serves only to diminish the truly dangerous aspect of a few of them. From my experience with officers in the Navy I can tell you these are not drones. They aren’t even all of the same mindset when it comes to our foreign policy. There are many who think (or at least there used to be back when I met a few) much the same way we do but they chose a profession early and saw no viable option to get out of their chosen career path. These are just people. Working to support families, trying to hang onto the idea they once had about seeing the world and defending the country. they are not drones or Stepford Wives. They are not Manchurian Candidates. Nothing as simple as that. Most spend their entire careers never having fired a shot in hostility toward anyone or anything. Dad was not a brainwashed monster. He was a man from a small town who saw a way to make a better life for himself in the Navy. He even voted against George W. Bush in 2004, first time he EVER voted against a republican presidential candidate. And that was after he and I argued for weeks about the invasion of Iraq and all the lies we were being told in the media. Dad had risen grades in the military as you put it, but he was no monster. And he wasnt brainwashed. And there are many more like him out there.

        • When the orders come – they execute those orders no matter what. You follow orders and you don’t question them and this makes you a soulless killing drone. This is the military way.

          But if you are a bright human being well knowing the corruption of your own line of work and you still stay in that line of work, what does it say about your character? It doesn’t matter if you have a family to support if you are supporting them by slaughtering other families around the world.

          You judge the tree by it’s fruits. Bad tree, bad fruits…

        • I think you need to review your medication.

  5. Unpack this, Scott. The Iraqi government is dominated by Iran. Everything the US is currently doing in Iraq/Mosul is making Iran stronger. Yet, the US government is doing lots of saber-rattling against Iran. Trump’s gov is loaded with Iran-phobes. With Stuxnet, US and Isn’treal went right after Iran. Iran is unquestionably at the head of Israel’s hit list. US is supposedly alarmed by the Shia crescent. WTF?

    • But this might be still their project (US project) to divide and conquer. Split or carve Iraq in three sectors. Their sector, where they are staging this fake war against ISIS (in Mosul) is their sector.

    • PART 1: Since the U.S. invasion of 2003, Iraqi Kurds and Shiites have marginalized and exterminated Iraqi Sunnis. The U.S. is allied with the Kurds and Shiites, even though the Shiites have some natural sympathies with Iran. Therefore the U.S. legitimizes the slaughter of Iraqi Sunnis by calling them “ISIS.”™ (Meanwhile what the U.S. calls “ISIS” in Syria consists of the USA’s own Sunni terrorist mercenaries.)

      There is oil in northern (Kurdish) Iraq and southern (Shiite) Iraq, but not western (Sunni) Iraq. Therefore the Sunnis have nothing, and are being starved by the Kurds and Shiites. To survive economically, in June 2014 the Sunnis invaded Mosul, which is the capital of northern (Kurdish) Iraq, and is the center of the northern (Kurdish) oil hub. Mosul is multi-ethnic, with Muslim Arabs, Christian Armenians, and so on. Mosul even had Jews until 1950, when Jewish terrorists used false flag attacks to drive out the Jews so they would move to Palestine. In Mosul the ruling Kurds oppressed non-Kurds. Therefore many people in Mosul regarded the Sunnis as liberators from Kurdish oppression. However the U.S. government adores the Kurds, because the Kurds are staunch allies of Israel. (Continued below.)

    • PART 2: The U.S. wants to to create a new nation (Kurdistan) out of parts of Iraq, Iran, Syria, and Turkey. This new nation would effectively be another Israel. Therefore in October 2016, U.S. forces mounted a long-term campaign to retake Mosul and its oil, reestablish Kurdish oppression, and drive out the desperate Sunnis (who the USA brands as “ISIS”™). The U.S. attack on Mosul is intended to strengthen to Kurdish Autonomous Region, not to strengthen Iran. (Iraqi Kurds are no friends of Iran). Meanwhile to the south in Baghdad, the Shiite government is a bystander, although Shiite paramilitary death squads attack Sunnis in small towns that surround Mosul in the north.

      Trump is merely the President. He knows only what the Deep State wants him to know. Trump’s rhetoric threatens Iran, but the Deep State has its own agenda, which partially aligns with Trump’s rhetoric, and partially opposes it. As for the Shiites that control Bagdad, they see themselves as independent. They ally with the USA or with Iran on a case-by-case basis, according to what serves their needs.

      • Thanks for taking the time to write this. I can agree with most of it but it still doesn’t make sense that the Shiites would give blood so that a Zionist-like entity can be carved out of 4 countries. Unless, after the Sunnis, their next stop is the Kurds. If the Shiites in Bagdad think they can align with the US and not eventually get fucked over, they are fatally mistaken.

        • To clarify: The Kurds established a de facto “country” (an autonomous zone) in northern Iraq shortly after the U.S. invasion. The Shiites in the south have no control over them, and are engaged in ethnic cleansing against the Sunnis.This is not a matter of religion, but of ethnicity and demographics. Since the Shiites have U.S. help, the Sunnis sought to avoid extermination by invading parts of the Kurdish zone to the north. The U.S. military is now bombing those Sunnis, and is laughably calling them “ISIS,”™ although the corporate media outlets pretend that it is the Shiites who are attacking Mosul. The media outlets maintain this lie in order to make the Western masses it is a purely internal conflict involving “ISIS.”™ Shiite involvement is limited to paramilitary death squads who seek to ethnically cleanse Sunnis from all southern areas. Iraqi Shiites are strictly for themselves. They accept U.S. help, but they have no love for the USA or Israel, or even Iran. The Hezbollah Movement in Iraq has no connection with Hezbollah in Lebanon. They are two separate groups with no affiliation or allegiance. Lebanese Hezbollah are defensive. Iraqi Hezbollah are death squads.

  6. Tonight in Hollywood “The White Helmets” was given an Academy Award for best short-subject “documentary.”

    No surprise there. If millions of people believe that Putin “stole” the election from sweet innocent Hillary, then millions of people also worship the heroic “white helmets”™ head-choppers.

    At the Oscars, various presenters took jabs at Trump. Celebrities in the audience laughed, albeit nervously, knowing if they were seen not-laughing, they might be blacklisted in Hollywood.

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