Standing Rock Forced Evacuation Videos

by Scott Creighton

See updates and videos after break. Spoiler… it was a whole lot of nothing.

UPDATE: The cops moved in. About 20 of em. I’ve seen bigger bar fights. All the “revolutionary” bloggers still standing on the street started yelling about “1984” but when the cops moved in, the brave brave bloggers turned and ran. I heard one of them hiding behind a truck call the cops “coward ass pieces of shit”

UPDATE 2: I looks like the Native Americans are leaving in the backs of pickup trucks and the only ones on the street are bloggers.

UPDATE 3: Every time the cops move forward 10 feet or so, the crowd panics and runs down the street.

UPDATE 4: The DAHBOO  guy keeps saying this is the “frontline of the standoff”… What standoff? They are running away. “You’re not going to catch this on the evening news”… what? Them running away like little bitches?

UPDATE 5: Still standing there. 20 cops verses some wannabe bloggers with Iphones and a Facebook page.

UPDATE 6: Anyone know what happened to all those vets who made a big deal about going up there to stand with the Sioux back when Obama was still the president? I don’t see those guys.

UPDATE 7: And now the cops are moving back down the street. I guess they figure the bloggers will be gone once their batteries run out. And that looks like that. Cops arrested a couple folks and the bloggers ran screaming like frightened children.

Today is the deadline for Water Protectors to leave the Oceti Sakowin camp, near the Standing Rock Sioux Reservation. Trump is determined to let the pipeline run and protesters are being forced out of the way. Looks kinda like a war zone up there.

They are burning their own structures for some reason.

DAHBOO is streaming live. Not much happening at this time.

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