A Rotting City on the Hill: The State of Politics in America Post Democralypse 2016

by Scott Creighton

  • The most corrupt candidate in modern history ran as “the most qualified”
  • That most “qualified” candidate ran a campaign of derision, hate and fear-mongering because it was literally the only campaign she could run.
  • The most “progressive” candidate who would have beaten the future king was derailed by the “progressive” party so he wouldn’t.
  • The “progressive” candidate was openly supported by the neocons and war-mongers from the ultra-right.
  • The “populist” who won was a spoiled, self-absorbed silver-spooner billionaire who never gave a damn about anything but himself and still doesn’t.
  • The media became nothing more than an outreach program for one of the candidates, constantly spinning lies and exaggerations about the other candidate like it was their job to ensure her coronation… and that’s because it was… and they still failed miserably anyway.
  • A video featuring the word “pussy’, lies about Russian hacking and a candidate who was a wholly owned subsidiary of Goldman Sachs.

That was Democralypse 2016 in a nutshell and it was the most offensive display of “democracy” we have ever produced in this country to date. And yet, here we are in the aftermath and it’s only gotten worse.

MSNBC and CNN have continued with their “bash Trump all the time!” operational plan so much so you would think they don’t even have a news division anymore. You can’t find news on those channels these days, just new and or warmed over attempts to bash President Trump all day every day.

The “deep state”, something they used to call me a conspiracy theorist for writing about, is now out of the shadows and doing their level best to undermine the president’s choices (some of them) so they can force him to conduct his foreign policy in a manner THEY deem fit for American “values”. It’s not even a question anymore. The spooks, liars and murderers of the CIA want to run the show and apparently the neocons and the “progressives” are just fine with that.

It’s remarkable. They got rid of Mike Flynn after he had been tasked to help figure out how to tame the CIA and roll the agency back under the control of the White House. They attacked him for daring to chat with a Russian ambassador about ridiculous sanctions ObamaGod put on them based on their “hacking” our election, a crime which never happened, by the way.

It seems like the only senators we hear about today are Lindsey Graham and John McCain and that’s because they spend all their time running around bashing Trump from the neocon war-mongering right.

And speaking of the neocon war-mongering right, have you seen the left these days? They make McCarthy look like Jimmy Carter.

In the wake of the slaughterfest the fake left endured in November, you have all sorts of wannabe “leaders” popping up all over the place in the unDemocratic Party trying to establish themselves as the default nominee for 2020. One of them is running for Debbie’s old job at the head of the unDemocratic Party table and he’s an interesting one… he backs rethuglican tax-breaks and “centrist” economic ideologies… but he’s called “progressive” because he kinda-sorta hinted that, yes, the unDems did “slightly” rig the nomination process in favor of Killary. Jimmy Dore calls him a “truth teller” for that little tiny, ballless sliver of honesty.

Over at the Young Turks they are trying their best to reclaim the young disenfranchised voters for the unDemocratic Party, looking to hook them back into the fold in spite of the insult and chaos that the party inflicted on em during the nomination process. They call themselves “Justice” Dems or some such nonsense and Cenk himself is looking to sheepdog himself a nice cushy job in D.C.

And there is another ridiculous effort being put out there by some mousy looking guy who was part of Bernie’s Sheepdog 2016 campaign. His particular shtick is to “draft Bernie” for 2020 I guess and model an entire new political party wrapped around him. Of course, by then Bernie will be a thousand years old and little mousy guy will be 30 maybe, so I wonder who that guy thinks will actually be leading the “party” by then.

The Draft Bernie campaign is one of the most pathetic things I have seen this election cycle and trust me, we’ve seen a lot of pathetic things this year. Not only did he lose, but he was cowed after they stole the nomination from him to the point where when he was offered a chance to run at the top of the Green Party ticket, an opportunity that would have produced victory for him, he declined the offer and then backed the woman who stole the nomination from him.

And he got a new summer cottage by the lake out of the deal.

And you want to build a new “progressive” party around that?

The state of politics in this country is in decay. The foundations are so rotted they cant support the illusion of democracy that we have enjoyed for so many years. The establishment republicans secretly hate their party leader while the fake left doesn’t even have one anymore.

They are terrified that something legitimate will surface from the ruins of Democralypse 2016 so much so they will do anything they can to make sure they craft it themselves to be ineffectual, tepid and corrupt at birth.

All of their efforts failed this past year. Bernie was supposed to serve as a kind of bait to keep the real progressives in the Big Tent of the unDemocratic Party but he won instead and so they had to steal the nomination from him and his millions of supporters.

Trump was supposed to be a foil for Bush and/or Clinton, but instead he won the office and no amount of post-election vote rigging could make it unso. The people “voted the wrong way” in spite of all the work the press did demonizing him prior to Nov. 8th and now we have the head terrorists of the world, the CIA, destabilizing our elected government as a result.

I guess in the end you had to expect as much out of this past election cycle. Maybe they are ready to do away with the illusion of democracy altogether and that was the real endgame they envisioned all along. Or maybe they’re just not as clever as they tell themselves they are.

Whatever the case may be, one thing is for sure: the blinders are off for most of the people in this country today. We don’t live in a democratic republic anymore. It’s an oligarchy run by the deep state on behalf of vested interests and all of us are just spectators to the horror show that’s about to unfold.

20 Responses

  1. Hey Scott, What do you think of Robert David Steele? Here’s a recent (yesterday) interview.


    He is very direct and specific in his remarks. Wants to abolish the Federal Reserve, abolish the IRS, bring US troops home etc. Best of all he seems to have a plan of action. Seems like a moment in time where circulating his position widely could do some good.

    • hmmm… gee… let me think… an ‘activist” who is former CIA… another one? and hes a libertarian? oh joy. there’s some “CHANGE” huh? and oh lookie… he’s published on the Huffington Post. how could he not be legit?


      • Hell, then why not Snowden/Zuckerburg 2020?

        • jeff bezos can be their campaign manager and Di$info Jone$ their press secretary.

          • I think Jeff Bezos would not be happy as mere campaign manager. How about Secretary of Labor? Since he run’s such a tight slave ship at Amazon already. And Zuckerberg as Secretary of State. Future Prez perhaps Bill Gates, and Evon Musk for Health and Human Services. Oh, and one of Koch brothers for Secretary of Energy. Future elections to be conducted via Google and Facebook. I think, this just about covers it for future generations. LOL. (Snark).

      • Libertarians are just as neoliberal (in some ways more so) as are Republicans and Democrats. The Koch brothers, for example, call themselves Libertarians.

        Libertarians worship Ayn Rand, their sociopathic goddess. For them, liberty means the freedom to rape average people.

        For Libertarians, “small government” means a massive police state to keep the peasants in line.

        “Small government” also means the elimination of all social programs that help average people (e.g. Social Security).

        • Correct, except the ‘police state’ part. They don’t want a state, for the most part. Just private armies to protect their property rights, but all as part of their non-aggression principle. LOL. 🙂 Everything in their little world is ‘voluntary’, remember? Yep, and Fountain Head as their bible…

  2. Draft bernie??? Lmao. Repackaging leftovers and pawning it off as tomorrow’s special entree.

    • old leftovers that have left a sour taste in everyone’s mouth… and that idiot is running around trying to sell it like it’s something new.

      • Well, think of it this way, Scott: somebody has to rearrange to deck chairs on the Titanic. Probably someone who has a library full of self-help books by various authors pushing ‘positive thinking’. BTW, I’ve always liked Barbara Ehrenreich, and her book “Bright-Sided” was almost pure genius in exposing this type of idiocy 🙂

  3. A young lady works for the needy in the state capital, run by a Republican.

    She attended a workshop not long ago, run by that Republican, geared to take away even more from those she works to help. Between sessions, a reporter approached her and said he had been watching the crowd, and that she looked like the angriest person there.

    That Republican got what he wanted.

    Thing is, it probably wouldn’t have mattered if it had been a Democrat

  4. Bill’s tweet sounds more like a command. He is always smirking for some reason?

    In fairness to Dore, it’s a pretty low bar to be considered a truth teller these days. Just the mention of the letters DNC is heresy…even in polite company.

    • all true but a low bar doesn’t have to be celebrated with such fervor in my opinion. he did a whole show on that guy then followed up with 4 videos on the guy trying to sell Bernie as the new flavor of the year. not to mention the fact that he still backs Cenk’s “Justice Dems” bullshit. I give Debbie credit over at Sane Progressive. At least she calls out these shills for what they are.

      • Yep. Sadly I’m just happy there’s still a bar to celebrate. This full court press on the Donald/Russians feels like a climax eruption… the full power of Mockingbird unleashed. It’s impressive. I don’t blame a dude like Dore too much for circling his wagon with a monied shill like Cenk.

        Hopefully this all turns out to just be a family feud between the America Fisters and the Neocons. Looking forward to watching them fight amongst themselves Thunderdome-style…

  5. Sleep tight, America. Bill Kristol (PNAC) and his festering progressive neoconlibs have big plans, OK, so you don’t have to think for yourselves and hurt your heads anymore. And the solution is, “We need new Americans”


    …. to take the places of all you spoiled bastards who work for a living and want living wages and self-reliance and don’t know your station in life. Know your place….and obey.

    Don’t worry about a thing….just wait for the Color Revolution pigs who have come home to rut, and swill, and mobilize you like a bunch of trained mice to go and protest some asshole who’s been president for thirty days, whereas, for thirty years you watched, nodding, between commercials, as a chain of stooge-assholes presided over the death and destruction of the whole world….including one near you. And don’t you dare say no one told you so. Many who dared to tell you paid the ultimate dues while you mocked them. Ratcatcher is the only job punishable by death in Washington.

    Nice post-mortem for American Democracy, Scott. Here’s to all the dead presidents past, present, and future.

  6. This looks like George Bush first mandate in 2000. His numbers went down, until they invented 9/11 and then he was commander in chief again. This presidency is also going down the hill, until the powers that be invent another false flag operation to save the day for Trump and all the hidden agendas.

  7. “The establishment republicans secretly hate their party leader, while the fake left doesn’t even have one anymore.” ~ S.C.

    Many fake leftists regard Elizabeth Warren as their goddess.

    Warren is perfect. She’s rich, elitist, pro-Wall Street, pro-Israel, pro-war-OF-terror and pro-neoliberal, all camouflaged by progressive-sounding bullshit.

    A super-PAC will soon be formed to “draft” Warren for 2020. The corporate media outlets will praise Warren non-stop. Wall Street will support her, as will the neocons, the Deep State, the military contractors, and every murdering thief that you can think of. The more scummy they are, the more they will cheer for Warren. She is a fake leftist’s dream.

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