Intel Community Is Sabotaging Trump! – Warns Notable DEMOCRAT (video by Jimmy Dore)

With the “ISIS” boogeyman losing credibility and al Qaeda now back to being our friends and allies in Syria, a new Cold War is just what the doctor ordered to pump up MIC expenditures, right?

The Edge of Treason: The CIA Waging War Against American President for Threatening to Restructure Their BIG CLUB

by Scott Creighton

Yes, Virginia, there really are monsters working at the CIA.

This morning, after waking from the first good night’s sleep I have had since Friday night, I suffered through the first 20 minutes of Morning Joe during which their entire panel basically got down on their knees in the studio and offered a collective blow job to anyone working in the CIA because… “liberty” or some such nonsense.

Though that is a bit of an exaggeration, what they actually did was probably more disturbing to watch as they repeatedly justified a US intelligence agency openly working against a seated president because they didn’t like his policies. That’s treason folks. Treason on an agency-wide basis and treason being openly supported by the gaggle of neoliberal war-mongers at Morning Joe.

Some will try to tell you that this apparent war between The Donald and the CIA is a fabrication. I wont. It’s very real and it’s been on since Killary stole the nomination and the CIA’s leadership made it painfully clear she was their tainted choice to lead the nation into the new age of Red-baiting McCarthyism.

Ever since their corrupt candidate of choice lost, the CIA and the DNI have been doing everything they could to gin-up hostility toward both Russia and the current president of the United States. As one reported noted, we are looking at an unprecedented development in this country: intelligence agencies actively waging information warfare against a seated president because they perceive, rightly or not, that he will be less aggressive toward a nuclear armed state than they would like him to be.

Can you imagine what would have happened in this country had any intelligence agency been this hostile toward President Obama in the first month of his presidency?

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