Been very sick this weekend.

by Scott Creighton

Hi everybody. I’ve been sick all weekend. Got some flu bug from my mother Sat. morning. Haven’t eaten since Fri. Slept about 2 hours since Sat. Combine that with me not being therapeutic with my INR and all the ramifications of that and it’s a pretty unpleasant time in the AE household.

You know, I wonder if people understand the purpose behind this reactionary austerity measure of Obama’s attack on the disabled in 2013. Few write about it. Hell, no one writes about it. I wouldn’t if I wasn’t one of its many victims. And that’s what happens every time. Because people just don’t give a shit about the disabled. (this is a depressing post written by someone in a bad situation so if you don’t wish to continue reading, I certainly understand)

In ’81 when Reagan did the same thing, eventually it got some coverage and exposure and in ’84 it was halted and a new piece of legislation was put in place to keep future reactionary fascists from targeting the weakest and most defenseless in our society.

But Obama and the “moderates” got around that, they took a percentage from the 6% SS withholding tax in 2010 so by 2013 they could claim there was a “crisis” in SS which of course allowed them all the cover they needed to pump an additional 1.4 billion annually into the program that “reviews” the disability status of the disabled and then kicks them off the program. In many cases, like mine, wrongly and deceitfully.

You know what’s funny? Someone who was actually faking a disability wont be harmed by this move. That’s the funny thing. They’ll just find a job and go to work, as if they weren’t already working off the books in the first place.

The ONLY ones who will be harmed by this policy, and it was the same in ’81, will be the truly disabled. They wont be able to work and no body would hire them even if they could, for a while, because the company’s insurance provided wont allow them to be hired.

It’s a horrible little way to die, you know? You watch your life fall apart piece by piece. Family relationships are strained, your credit hits the toilet, homelessness, madness, depression, arrest, incarceration… that’s what happens when you can’t work and you cant get health care.

Funny thing is, in this great country of ours, this weekend at least once, some self-satisfied snobbish fake leftie was marching to some protest somewhere to scream and yell to keep some criminal in this country who is here illegally and working for 5 bucks an hour under the table, and he walked by some disabled American citizen sitting on the sidewalk with his hand out and that self-absorbed fake leftist sneered down at him and told he would be just fine if he had just a little of the gumption of all these illegal immigrants.

That happened. No doubt in my mind.

People don’t give a shit about the truly disabled. In fact, since that phony “crisis” they manufactured, my bet is, a lot of people secretly applaud the decision to let us die in the streets. That way SS is “saved” for when THEY retire… right? Something about war-time triage and cutting off the dead flesh. Yeah, of course the right-wingers and the Randians will openly admit to this, but I’m talking about the fake left, the one’s who wear their hearts on their sleeves and pretend they stand up for the weakest of our country.

They don’t. They stand up for cheap labor and yelling at congress members at town hall meetings because THEY’RE scared THEY might lose THEIR healthcare.. like us poor miserable disabled folks.

Hell, I understand that. It’s a horrible thing to be excluded from any kind of medical care due to circumstances beyond your control. Actually, it fucking sucks. Especially when you paid for SSDI for 30+ years just in case something unforeseen happened.

But don’t expect the left to start running around demanding an accounting of how many truly disabled people have been cast aside, made homeless, destroyed bit by bit and then died on the side of the road someplace. Don’t expect them to give a shit about that. Because ObamaGod of the Left Cover did it.

And don’t expect the Trumpers to give a shit either. They are fine with the whole process. Disability for them is nothing more than an entitlement a bunch of frauds take advantage of to bring down our Shining City on the Hill. Until they get sick. Until they need it. Then it’s different.

It’s been a bad weekend and I’ve been left stewing in my heart all night long thinking thoughts reasonable people should never think. I can’t sit here for too long and this is already longer than I thought it would/should be.

The people in this country don’t give a shit about the disabled. They’re broken so why bother with them? What can they contribute anyway?

I hope sometime soon someone with more resources and ability starts to look more closely into the tens of thousands of people kicked off disability since 2013. I hope someone comes to the conclusion that it’s not about getting frauds off the system as much as it is about getting rid of the damaged and dying.

I gotta sleep. Trolls go ahead and have your field day.

23 Responses

  1. “People just don’t give a shit about the disabled.”

    Correct. If people cared, they would end their absurd belief that money is physical and limited, and that the U.S. federal government gets it spending money from tax revenue and from loans from China. The U.S. federal government creates its spending money out of thin air, simply by crediting bank accounts. Therefore federal dollars for the disabled do not cost anyone anything. Not one penny is taken out of anyone’s pocket, nor is a penny taken from other federal programs.

    There are more dollars available than there are grains of sand on all the world’s beaches and deserts, since money is no more physical or limited than are points on a sports scoreboard. Therefore at the federal level the disabled are deprived because of sheer cruelty, not financial necessity.

    You and I need an income. Our expenses cannot exceed our income. Same with city, county, and state governments — but not the federal government. The myth that a currency issuer (the U.S. government) is the same as a currency user (you and me) continues because people are selfish. They just don’t give a shit.

  2. Comment eaten by WordPress. (193 words)

  3. Average people enjoy watching disabled people suffer, since it makes average people feel superior and richer.

    This is why average people consistently vote against their own interests. They hope it will increase the suffering of people below them on the social ladder of wealth and power.

    Naturally they deny this. Their denial sustains their savagery.

    • The opposite of this is when average ppl vote for billionaires like Trump. Somehow they think siding with him will allow the possibility of them being like him. They fail to realize that he was born with a silver spoon in his mouth. I guess it’s the same mind-set as ppl who buy lottery tickets. They give up their hard-earned money for some pie in the sky “dream” and refuse to face the inevitability of growing old and the likelihood of getting sick.

    • It’s almost as if some people think “well, if I can’t have ‘handouts’ too, then NO ONE SHOULD!!!”

      It’s depressing that an upper middle class person thinks that some poor schmoe who lives in destitute conditions and is on food stamps is somehow on a level playing field as someone who’s never had to live paycheck to paycheck.

  4. Scott, Get Well Soon!

  5. Sorry to hear your trouble it really is disheartening. This is one of those cruel unnecessary things that those low lives in government love to do to other human beings just because they can. I think it gives them that ‘God’ feeling. Where is the compassion from the religious establishments that should be one of the voices for the disabled. Makes me think back to when I was a kid and basically forced to go to church and they would pass a basket around for donations, and sometimes pass it a second time around in the name of helping some recent disaster that had happen someplace in the world. The collection buckets that had a permanent place as you came in, I guess weren’t getting utilized enough so they did the shame approach with the basket. Most people didn’t want to be seen not giving something, so would chip in something. I was from a big family and we went without a lot, so it really bothered me they did this and I could see their true colors even at a young age and what it was all about. The church is nothing but greedy, selfish org. that is no different than the self righteous people that pass the disabled and go on to the protest. If they were who they try to brainwash all their sheeple to believe they are then they should be up in arms about this. This is a rant, but it is one of those things that makes me so sick about Religious organizations, they really don’t have compassion.
    Scott I realize that your health getting better soon is not going to happen and that is very saddening, but I hope your feeling better soon.
    Cheers Rachel

    • thank you. thank all of you.

    • I went to a Lutheran church and it was always a peaceful and truthful experience. Rev. Mauney, both father and son were good preachers who really cared about their congregation. They also taught peace and the word of Jesus …… I miss them.
      the churches seem to be different nowadays …. not all…..
      Scott is very sick…. I been sick also. but not as bad as Scott.
      pray for him.

  6. Let the temperature work in your body. It will kill the bug. If you were reactionary, it would kill you. Get well soon!

  7. Hi Scott. I sincerely hope you are feeling better and stronger.

    Since you left the gates open while you rest, I will go ahead and take you up on your troop offer and troll this thread with an unrelated comment that I did not know where else to post.

    On Jan 20th of this year, while we were all busy with the inauguration circus, pussy protests and Madonna and all that, there was a staged terror attack that took place in Melbourne Australia.

    In a nutshell, the official story goes something like this:

    Demitrios Gargasoulos, a convicted criminal and drug addict Australian citizen of Greek origin stabs his brother (cuz he was mad at him for being gay) and is on the loose. He materializes an hour and a half later, driving a red car, in front of the central station in downtown Melbourne. He does “doughnuts” (spinning in very tight circles with screeching tire sounds) in front of the Friday afternoon crowd while screaming obscenities (one witness claims he also screamed Allahuakbar) out the window. He then leaves the intersection, driving erratically down a street with four police cars in pursuit. After a couple of blocks, he starts driving on the footpath, mowing down over 20 people, killing 6. He gets arrested a couple blocks later.

    It has all of the familiar elements of a typical drill-attack, which I will not go into. There are many videos online that dissect the incident much better than I can verbalize here. But, I will mention that this was the worst execution of a staged event I have ever seen, and it does not take much skill to see this scam of a “terror event”, which, at best, looked like the first dress rehearsal of an action movie.

    The real point I am trying to get to is what happened after the event.

    I suspect you might know of the Melbourne YouTuber who goes by the name of PeekayTruth, who is quite well known for the videos he makes exposing these staged events, wherever they may take place.

    So, as you can imagine, when just such an event takes place in his backyard, he is all over it like a hawk, and quickly releases two videos where he points out all of the idiotic errors that the novice Aussie false flaggers commit. He then starts calling the hospital(s) that the victims are meant to be staying at, and asks to speak to them, an records his conversations where he is stonewalled at every turn.

    Subsequently, he receives a phone call from a Homicide Detective, who tells him (or rather orders him) to take down the videos and stop making any new videos. Peekay complies and takes down his videos, but releases a very short video to notify his followers of what is happening, and that he is taking them down.

    That same day, police land on his house and arrest him and take him in. After being subjected to the classic police intimidation and scare tactics, he spends the night in a cell. The next day, he gets taken to have a psychological assesment done on him, and ultimately released, and told that he’d need to come back after the weekend to have another assessment performed. If I am not mistaken, the whole ordeal takes about six days, and I believe there are still pending legal procedures (and perhaps a court hearing) to follow.

    In the meantime, the big irony is that, the news of his arrest prompted otherwise uninterested people (like myself) who were distracted by the Trump show at the time, to look deep into this “attack” and his subsequent arrest.

    What I find most interesting is the fact that the “authorities” actually decided to actively and openly intimidate and scare this man into submission. I believe this sets a first time precedent to such a move, which may indicate that the “arresting+scaring+intimidation+psychological assessment” is soon to become the standard action towards anyone who exposes any kind of truth, once they have the fake news filters and supporting laws in place. From this angle, I felt it was noteworthy, and deserved sharing on your pages.

    I am not sure how brave he will be in fighting this thing, but if he does not recoil under pressure and receives some support from the pubic, this might very well be the best thing that has happened to him and his efforts to expose false flag bullcrap. If he does go to court, the prosecution might need to present proof that the event was real, or be forced to release more footage, or at last have to explain why they can’t or won’t release any footage of anyone actually getting run over or hit by our muslim greek stuntman.

    I will not provide video links, as a quick search for “Peekay Melbourne Attack” brings them all up. But I will include a link to the two videos Peekay had released before his arrest, which someone (I assume a non-australian) has posted online. The video, which is a copy, is of low quality. In order to see a clearer picture of what Pekay and others are pointing out, please look up the videos by a youtuber called Russiavid. In any case, most of the footage the youtubers use (witness and CCTV) are available on Liveleak in high quality and without commentary.

    Wishing you a speedy recovery, a hot chicken soup, or whatever may make you feel a little better. Short of disability insurance, that is.

  8. Russianvid is a nut-head, loco and a flat earth pusher. Not too credible.

    • That may very well be so… He also indulges in arbitrary numerology nonsense.

      But I refereed to his videos only for the clarity of the picture, not the sanity of his mind. You can actually choose to just watch the raw footage on LiveLeak if you are so inclined.

      In any case, the main point of my comments was about the legal actions taken against Peekay, which I see as a sign of what is to come at a global scale once they are done with their current Operation Fake Truth.

      And regarding the flat earth bit… I’m convinced that Flat Earth “theory” is a psyop engineered, manufactured and propagated to discredit any and all conspiracy theories and conspiracy facts out there by association.

  9. Get well Scott.

  10. Hope you get better soon, Scott and that you get the help you need so you can stay well….better than ever. You’re right, no realizes the nasty irony of toss-around phrases like “quality health care” (Is there any other?) and “affordable housing” (compared to….) until these clichés turn ugly and threaten your life….something we all have in common. One crisis, one accident, one illness….and there we are.

  11. You are sick again? I hope you feel better soon Scott. 😦

  12. Hope you’re able to get a good night’s sleep, dude. Get well soon.

    Hey, on the bright side, good old Uncle Bibi is coming to visit tomorrow. Should be a hoot…in many, many fields.

  13. Don’t eat anything that anybody gives you. Some of these “subversives” know – or are related to chemists. Some of our modern day poisoner’s are some of the nastiest people on earth & they look like friends & not just the Russians are doing it. I know it sounds paranoid & maybe it is. I really think someone tried to poison me once – so, now I’d never eat anything anyone gave me anymore, unless they eat it too. This crap just keeps eroding the shaky trust I had in humanity, to begin with. I agree with all of your assessments about “disability”. It took 7 years & 2 rejections from SS – but I finally got my permanent disability – ten years ago. Good luck & hope you get better.

  14. Scott,

    Late with the get well wishes here, as I’ve been under the weather myself. Hope you are feeling better!
    It’s good that you took a break from the news. Hopefully it helped your recovery immensely.

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