Trump Continues With Obama’s Greater Kurdistan Project: He’s Bombing Bridges and Water Lines in Raqqa for the Kurds

by Scott Creighton

NEW map

Condi Rice’s “New Middle East” isn’t dead yet. The election of a candidate who promised to leave other countries alone to find their own fate has not thwarted their plans in the slightest, I’m sorry too say.

“Donald Trump campaigned on an “antiwar” platform vis-a-vis Syria and it was the primary reason that many a revolutionary activist entertained his many, MANY flaws and preferred his candidacy over the certifiably bloodthirsty Hillary Clinton. Well, without any further ado, that idea can be chucked out the window ’cause President Supercilious Orange, following up on his crime against humanity in Yemen’s Al-Bayda, committed unspeakable atrocities in Syria just a few days ago. On February 3rd, American warplanes, continuing to illegally fly in Syrian airspace without Syrian approval, carried out several sorties over ISIS’s de facto capital of Raqqa. But it wasn’t the Daeshi terrorists who were targeted. Instead, what the US ZOG bombed were the new and old bridges of Raqqa City, key outlets that allowed at least handfuls of Syrians to escape the barbaric Takfiri hell that the northern Syrian province had become, as well as the bridges of Al-Kalta and Al-Abbara in Raqqa’s northern countryside.” Jonathan Azaziah

Trump did indeed campaign on an anti-interventionist platform which is one of the reasons the complict MSM hated him so much. But then again, so did “W” and ObamaGod before him.

“Air strikes on Friday in Raqqa hit two bridges over the Euphrates river, hindering movement from the city southwards and killing six IS militants, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights reported.

U.S. support for the SDF has been a point of tension with NATO ally Turkey, which views the YPG as an extension of the Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK), a group that has fought a three-decade insurgency in Turkey.” Reuters

Raqqa is located on the east bank of the Euphrates river. For some, that river is quickly becoming the border between Syria and “Rojava” or the “Western Kurdistan” part of Greater Kurdistan.

South Kurdistan is the stolen part of Iraq. “Northern Kurdistan” will be hacked out of Turkey (that plan is already underway). And “Eastern Kurdistan” will be the last piece, chopped from a segment of what is currently known as Iran today.

That, ladies and gentlemen, is the Greater Kurdistan project and that is why no matter how many times they seem to have failed in Syria, they keep going on and on with their murder and destabilization like a Nazi Energizer Bunny on Meth.

The purpose of destroying the bridges is simple: make life unbearable for the civilian population of Raqqa like they tried to do in Aleppo, so they will leave and the city will become “lawless’ and the Western forces can hand it over to the Kurds in the vacuum created by “ISIS”

“Around Raqqa, coalition strikes continue taking a toll on the enemy capacity as strikes remove enemy fighters and resources. Recent targets include tunnels, weapons caches, command and control nodes, and vehicle-borne improvised explosive devices,” he concluded.

On Tuesday 7 February, the Syrian Democratic Forces with their Syrian Arab Coalition partners, cleared 63 square kilometers of territory northeast of Raqqa, for a total of 3,410 square kilometers of territory liberated from ISIS control since they launched their operation to isolate Raqqa on November 6th, 2016.” Ara News

The pattern has been repeated over and over again.


“ISIS” goes into a city, terrorizes the population driving some of them out and killing others. The US and their allies say “Hold on! We’ll take care of “ISIS” over there!” and they proceed to destroy water facilities, electric companies, bridges and anything else they can think of to make life harder for the people in the targeted city who are resisting “ISIS” and staying. They do this under the cover of “cutting off an “ISIS” stronghold” but they never actually target “ISIS”. In the end, when enough civilians are dead or have been made into refugees, they declare victory and then, remarkably, let “ISIS” leave in buses and head over to the next targeted town. This is how they are clearing so much Syrian territory for the Kurds and their “Rojava” project.

The two greatest allies the Kurds have in Iraqi Kurdistan are the United States and Israel. They are determined to see a new nation born out of the rubble they are creating in the Middle East. A nation with resources and strategic placement that will make it rival Saudi Arabia and a nation completely controlled by a brutal, corrupt puppet dictator, Masoud Barzani.

Some of us had hoped (“hope and change”?) that Trump would leave this project to rot on the vine, but apparently not. His Zionist son-in-law advisor certainly wouldn’t let that happen. Nor would his buddy in Israel, Netanyahu.

surrounded by gold of course.

It may be that Trump hopes to be the godfather of this new Middle Eastern country. If he ends up setting up “safe zones” in Syria and then has to move into Turkey and eventually Iran to set up a buffer since they backed Assad and the Syrian people in this conflict, Trump will be to Greater Kurdistan what Clinton is to Kosovo… a founding father.

Image result for bill clinton statue in kosovo

Kosovo is a Thugstate run by a drug dealer, Hashim Thaci

Perhaps Trump envisions a glorious statue of himself standing tall with his combover in “Rojava” somewhere and that is a bit too much of a temptation for someone with such low self-esteem as he has. Get rid of the combover and the Twitter account, you doofus.

I had hoped if nothing else, The Donald would make good on this one campaign promise if no others. But I guess I was wrong.  Condi Rice’s nation building exercise is just too much of an enticement for him. Either that or his planners were working on a trip for him down to Dallas in a convertible.

23 Responses

  1. Off topic but did you get a chance to read the letter recently released written to Obama by the “mastermind of 9/11?”

  2. I’ll probably never vote again, unless it’s a second term vote for someone who hasn’t lied like all the rest of them.

    Someone like that would not live long enough for a second term though

  3. Scott why do you think the Empire and Israel are so fanatically dedicated to their Greater Kursdistan project?

    I am not clear on the reasons, but here are some factors involved…

    [1] Northern Iraq (the Kurdish zone) has oil

    [2] The Kurds are staunchly pro-Israel, and pro-Empire.

    [3] Kurdistan will serve as a permanent US-Israeli base between Turkey, Syria, Iraq, Iran, Georgia, and Armenia.

    • look at which countries they are making it out of. Iraq (Saddam), Turkey (Erdogan), Syria (Assad) and Iran (Ali Khamenei). Sure it has to do with the Qatar-Turkey pipeline and putting an end to Turkish Stream. Sure they want control of the central banking system of this massive new powerhouse of a country. Sure it will be the precursor to Greater Israel which will be formed beneath it. But for now, the justification they need will be to regime change and pacify four nations that were thorns in their sides in the Middle East.

      and then factor in all the money to be made in the refugee business that follows the displacement of all these people. Lots of money to be made shipping them, housing them and hiring them for starvation wages. Did you know one of the most sought after refugee types in the world right now are Iraqis? That’s because Saddam gave them free education through post graduate work. Damn well educated. And cheap. Think about that for a minute. Iranians are well educated. Syrians are well educated. Lotta potential there.

      and if you think I am exaggerating about the money to be made shipping (near) slaves from one place to another…

  4. America Firsters were never really isolationists or anti-war. They’re just Nazis rebranded for infoworriers, Birchers, corn-fed Ron Paul fans, and VFW brunches. How many times did Donald say America First in the campaign? And yet his supporters don’t connect the dots to recent American history…

    I believe the words behind Bill’s monument loosely translate to ‘thank you, CIA, for sending this lovely saxophone playing man to help us. He has been spreading syphilis amongst our enemies’ women and livestock. Winning!’

    • you had me at “livestock”

    • I wish that “America Firsters” were about America. In my opinion they are about widening the gap between the rich and the rest, worldwide. When the U.S. military attacks nations to “defend our interests” and defend “our” security, the “our” means people who are rich and well connected.

      Of course, many peasants imagine themselves to be one of the rich. They cheer for war and aggression like they cheer for the home team at a football game.

      • Also worth remembering that America First wanted to round up and liquidate all the “commies” in this country. Hide your kids, hide your wife.

        • The most communist thing in the world is the family, what with all those greedy young kids taking according to their need and those poor oppressed wannabe capitalist parents chained to giving according to their ability. it’s tragic that families are so communist and that’s why our great crapitalist overloads must destoy the family.

  5. This is probably incredibly naive of me but is it possible that the new team wasn’t aware these events were in the pipeline and once they were executed they didn’t want to lose face by saying they were done without their knowledge/consent? They do seem to be struggling to hold down the fort.

    • I think that is what happened with the SOCOM attack in Yemen but this? Look, Trump may not even know what Greater Kurdistan is. He might just think the Kurds are in Syria fighting for God and Country and the American flag like all the other saps in the states think. He may… he may also be fully aware at this point and going along with it. no way too know for sure right now, but the project is continuing either way, and the buck stops with him no matter what.

    • Yeah, this ‘Blackhawk Down 2’ thing in Yemen seems like an indication they’re struggling to hold down the proverbial fort. Remind me of the theory that Operation Zapata/Bay of Pigs was intentionally muffed to embarrass JFK. Fortunately Jack chose to lose face.

  6. Hey Scott:

    Agree 100 percent that the Kurdistan project is still on-
    I had put up an article based around a Washington Post piece- that was spinning hard on Trump rejecting Obama’s Syria Policy- but when you get down to the last little bit it was quite clear Trump did nothing of the sort.

    I find the media is playing the right vs left card. Presenting Obama as a sort of reluctant war maker vs Trump as the more wanton war maker- This is pure perception management. And Right vs Left spin

    Example: Trump wants to ignore the civilian casualty restriction put in place by Obama. Except that’s a plain lie- In 2014 I covered how Obama didn’t bother to apply his own alleged strict standards to airstrikes in Iraq and Syria

    “The White House has acknowledged for the first time that strict standards President Obama imposed last year to prevent civilian deaths from U.S. drone strikes will not apply to U.S. military operations in Syria and Iraq”

    Therefore, there are NO Obama created civilian casualty restrictions for Trump to wantonly ignore (Never mind that the US has always been about civilian casualties..)

    Then the moves on Raqqa- this is all about joining up Syria annexed territory with the Iraq annexed territory- Trump administration delivered the weapons Obama had promised.

    It’s simply continuity of government in foreign policy endeavours.
    The only thing that has changed is the style of presentation as spun by the media- Obama/ thoughtful: Trump/ reckless

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