Scott Creighton On Amnesty’s Fake News Stories & Why Alex Jones Is Threatening The Left. (UPDATED video of Richie Allen Show interview)

by Scott Creighton

UPDATE: Richie fixed the video so it now includes a photo of me rather than one of the other Scott Creighton.

I had a great time yesterday talking with Richie Allen on his radio show. We talked about a lot of current issues including the Amnesty International fake news report about 13,000 slaughtered “moderate” terrorists held captive in Saydnaya prison in Syria, the Trumpening and Di$info Jone$ of all things. You can listen to the entire podcast of his show from yesterday here or you can watch the Youtube video Richie put up last night. You might notice I appear to have changed a little bit since the last time you saw me. That’s because I’m eating right, taking my vitamins and sucking t-cells out of the lifeless bodies of fetal abortions. Highly recommend it. Of course, Trump’s SC pick is going to screw that up for me… bastard.

Ok. No, that is not me. That’s the other Scott Creighton. The guy who writes about ancient aliens building pyramids or something like that.

I have sent Richie a photo I took of myself this morning so he could replace it if he wishes… but honestly, I might get some groupies if he leaves that Scott’s pic up on the video. And you know how I live for the groupies.

I should have done what everyone else does and sent him a pic from like 30 years ago. But I don’t give a shit about such things. I think it’s funny and it just goes to prove what many of you guys have been telling me… I need to build up my Youtube page so folks will know who I am when they are talking to me. OH MY BRAND!!!!

Richie is probably going to change it pretty quickly so you might want to take a screen-shot. It’s pretty funny.

All that aside, it was great talking with him. He’s a good interviewer. I hope to be back on the show soon. (Here’s the photo I sent him)


Yeah, maybe Richie should keep the other one up now that I think about it…

14 Responses

  1. Too funny Scott. I kept scratching my head on that one. Made my day! Once you explained drinking the fetal blood, it all made sense to me. Happy Friday!

  2. Good job…

  3. Forbes is boasting that socialism in Venezuela, with its free medical care, is killing one in ten children nationwide. Forbes’ source for this nonsense is Fox News.

    The Forbes article insists that anything less than absolute neoliberalism and “free markets” is genocidal for the children of poor people (which Forbes despises in any case). Therefore we need more neoliberalism worldwide “For the sake of the children.”

    (They actually wrote that!!!)

    • Forbes concerned about the poor? Man, that would be hilarious if if wasn’t so utterly vile and disgusting…

      Just like so many people being against better healthcare and wages because they “hurt small businesses”… yawn.

  4. Speaking of Venezuela, President Maduro made a joint venture deal with Rosneft, the Russian oil company, that will bring Venezuela large quantities of badly needed foreign currency.

    This will boost Venezuela’s economy. Therefore Venezuela’s National Assembly (which is predominantly ultra-neoliberal, and opposed to Maduro) is trying to checkmate the deal, calling it illegal. Maduro’s opponents unanimously oppose it. They want to keep Venezuela’s masses in misery so that they turn against their leftist president.

  5. Excellent interview, Scott and Richie! Scott, great analysis as always, and remarkable overview of that scumbag Alex Jones! Richie, you are a really insightful and cool host!

    Scott, that picture may be wrong, but you sound so full of energy it could very well pass 🙂

  6. ‘El Presidente’ Trump now wants the Pentagon to get more involved in the Yemeni butchery:

    To verify on that, President Trump says he has every intention to make the situation worse. All signs are that Yemen is in for more suffering at Trump’s hands. He evokes America’s sins and blurts out the truth about Washington’s “bloody hands”. His Defense Department is reportedly considering a proposal to designate Yemen a formal battlefield in the bogus War on Terror, which would allow for an “intensified pace of operations, rather than on-off raids or drone strikes.”

    May God forgive our hateful, war mongering ways, because I’m sure as Hell having a difficult time forgiving myself for being part of this insanity.

  7. Ahh yes … women desirous of me … those days – ARE GONE (hell, even tho I still play the eff outta my Fender Bass)!
    Kidding aside I still manage a more than healthy sex life … I’m just the only one there.
    *** *** ***
    I’m here all week folks be sure to tip your servers n’drive home safe!

  8. Great interview! You should do as many interviews as possible. Only concern, Richie has ties to Icke which hurts everyone’s credibility. – Jeff

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