Trump Continues With Obama’s Greater Kurdistan Project: He’s Bombing Bridges and Water Lines in Raqqa for the Kurds

by Scott Creighton

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Condi Rice’s “New Middle East” isn’t dead yet. The election of a candidate who promised to leave other countries alone to find their own fate has not thwarted their plans in the slightest, I’m sorry too say.

“Donald Trump campaigned on an “antiwar” platform vis-a-vis Syria and it was the primary reason that many a revolutionary activist entertained his many, MANY flaws and preferred his candidacy over the certifiably bloodthirsty Hillary Clinton. Well, without any further ado, that idea can be chucked out the window ’cause President Supercilious Orange, following up on his crime against humanity in Yemen’s Al-Bayda, committed unspeakable atrocities in Syria just a few days ago. On February 3rd, American warplanes, continuing to illegally fly in Syrian airspace without Syrian approval, carried out several sorties over ISIS’s de facto capital of Raqqa. But it wasn’t the Daeshi terrorists who were targeted. Instead, what the US ZOG bombed were the new and old bridges of Raqqa City, key outlets that allowed at least handfuls of Syrians to escape the barbaric Takfiri hell that the northern Syrian province had become, as well as the bridges of Al-Kalta and Al-Abbara in Raqqa’s northern countryside.” Jonathan Azaziah

Trump did indeed campaign on an anti-interventionist platform which is one of the reasons the complict MSM hated him so much. But then again, so did “W” and ObamaGod before him.

“Air strikes on Friday in Raqqa hit two bridges over the Euphrates river, hindering movement from the city southwards and killing six IS militants, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights reported.

U.S. support for the SDF has been a point of tension with NATO ally Turkey, which views the YPG as an extension of the Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK), a group that has fought a three-decade insurgency in Turkey.” Reuters

Raqqa is located on the east bank of the Euphrates river. For some, that river is quickly becoming the border between Syria and “Rojava” or the “Western Kurdistan” part of Greater Kurdistan.

South Kurdistan is the stolen part of Iraq. “Northern Kurdistan” will be hacked out of Turkey (that plan is already underway). And “Eastern Kurdistan” will be the last piece, chopped from a segment of what is currently known as Iran today.

That, ladies and gentlemen, is the Greater Kurdistan project and that is why no matter how many times they seem to have failed in Syria, they keep going on and on with their murder and destabilization like a Nazi Energizer Bunny on Meth.

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Scott Creighton On Amnesty’s Fake News Stories & Why Alex Jones Is Threatening The Left. (UPDATED video of Richie Allen Show interview)

by Scott Creighton

UPDATE: Richie fixed the video so it now includes a photo of me rather than one of the other Scott Creighton.

I had a great time yesterday talking with Richie Allen on his radio show. We talked about a lot of current issues including the Amnesty International fake news report about 13,000 slaughtered “moderate” terrorists held captive in Saydnaya prison in Syria, the Trumpening and Di$info Jone$ of all things. You can listen to the entire podcast of his show from yesterday here or you can watch the Youtube video Richie put up last night. You might notice I appear to have changed a little bit since the last time you saw me. That’s because I’m eating right, taking my vitamins and sucking t-cells out of the lifeless bodies of fetal abortions. Highly recommend it. Of course, Trump’s SC pick is going to screw that up for me… bastard.

Ok. No, that is not me. That’s the other Scott Creighton. The guy who writes about ancient aliens building pyramids or something like that.

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