The Farce that is Amnesty International’s ” Human Slaughterhouse ” Study: It is, Quite Literally, Fake News Gone Viral

by Scott Creighton

UPDATE 2: Also… please read The “Human Slaughterhouse” Propaganda Campaign: “Articulating Notions of Public Truth”

UPDATE: Check out al Jazeera story which features one of the sources of Nicolette’s report. He is a Free Syrian Army terrorist who did two years in the prison AND WAS RELEASED. Wait a minute… I thought they were exterminating everyone? What gives? (check out video at 1:10 mark)


I wonder who’s kids they grabbed for this PR shoot.


Everyone from CNN to al Jazeera covered the Amnesty International report of the 13,000 prisoners hanged by the Assad government during President Obama’s “moderate” terrorist regime change operation in Syria yesterday. They titled the report “Human Slaughterhouse” so the concentration-challenged American public wouldn’t have to read much further than the title to get their water-cooler talking points for the day at the office. Fox covered it. The Guardian covered it. ABC, USA Today, Telegraph, BBC, Red State, Breitbart, Business Insider you get the picture, right?

All day yesterday, Amnesty International was trending on Twitter. Thousands of people left comments reflecting their outrage at Assad “the monster” and various news organizations published the baseless comments as news. It was a megaphone project that worked perfectly… for a little while.

You’ll notice the story has been relegated to the back pages today and some publications  have actually pulled their articles on it. There’s a reason for that. The AI report is complete and total bunk. It’s baseless, technically flawed and as they accurately reported over at Moon of Alabama, it wouldn’t stand up in even the most rigged kangaroo court on the planet.

Do you want to know many of those 13,000 victims of “torture, hanging and extermination” that AI has actual evidence of?


It’s not 13,000 which is the high range of their “estimate” which everyone is touting on various regime change backing “news” outlets.

It’s not 5,000 which is the low range of that “estimate”

It’s not 375 that were provided by the western-backed, regime hating, openly lying Syrian Network for Human Rights.

It’s not even the “additional” 36 names that were provided to AI by “witnesses”

It’s zero.

It is total,complete, absolute fake news and there is no other possible way to look at it.

Here is what Amnesty International says about the “documented deaths” in their report. It is found in section 4.3.4 on page 40 of their study. It is the entirety of the documentation of deaths in this report and therefore the entirety of the factual basis they offer.

“Amnesty International’s research, along with the research of the UN Commission of Inquiry, the UN Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights and Human Rights Watch, suggests that tens of thousands of detainees have died in Saydnaya and other government-run detention centres since 2011 as a result of the extermination policies discussed above. Because the Syrian authorities have withheld information on the names and whereabouts of the individuals they have in their custody as well as the names of those who have died in the detention centres it operates, the exact number of deaths in Saydnaya is impossible to specify. However, the Syrian Network for Human Rights has verified and shared with Amnesty International the names of 375 individuals who have died in Saydnaya as a result of torture and other ill-treatment between March 2011 and October 2016. Of these, 317 were civilians at the time of their arrest, 39 were members of the Syrian military and 19 were members of non-state armed groups.170 In the course of the research for this report, Amnesty International obtained the names of 36 additional individuals who died as a result of torture and other ill-treatment in Saydnaya. These names were provided to Amnesty International by former detainees who witnessed the deaths in their cells.171

170 Email correspondence with Chairman of the Syrian Network for Human Rights on 25 November 2016.
171 These names are on file with Amnesty International.

The Syrian Network for Human Rights is something akin to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights and they have about as much credibility with regards to what is really happening in Syria.

They are a UK-based “not-for-profit” that is focused on helping the Western-backed ‘coalition’ force a brutal regime change in Syria at any cost. As Steven Lendmen pointed out in Aug. of 2016 (a couple months before the SNHR provided AI with their “list”) the SNHR has a long history of making unsubstantiated claims about brutality in Syria and always their claims are focused on aiding the regime change operations in one way or another.

“Instead of reporting truthfully, SNHR falsely claimed “Russian forces have killed no less than 2704 civilians including 746 children and 514 women” from September 30 last year through end of July.

Its assertions aren’t based on credible documentation, Western-sponsored propaganda alone. Saying “(t)he Russian regime has terrorized and massacred the Syrian people and surpassed the extremist group ISIS,” then adding “(w)e have to be brave enough to acknowledge this truth (sic)” is simply crude propaganda anyone paying attention understands instantly.

Ghani is a poor liar. SOHR’s Rami Abdulrahman does a better job of reporting misinformation and Big Lies. Maybe they should get together and compare notes.

Their purpose is similar. Demonize Syria and Russia. Support US-led imperial aggression. Blame its high crimes on Assad and Putin.” Lendman, Aug. 2016

If you go here, you can watch the chairman of SNHR give a presentation before the UN in 2013 which he accused Assad of everything from ordering institutional rape of women to the Lindberg baby kidnapping. He was literally screeching for regime change. He was saying that peace “at the cost of justice” would lead to more instability not less. Meaning, no deal between opposition and Assad government could be tolerated without removing and executing Assad and other members of the legitimate government back then. The chairman, Fadel Abdul Ghani, set up a Youtube channel back in 2013 in which he featured a number of poorly made fake propaganda videos.

This video is one of the first on his ridiculous channel. It features a bunch of Obama’s “moderate” terrorists taking a break from shelling civilians population centers to make a propaganda video where they grab local kids and pretend to weep like they are their fathers. Apparently these Salafist monsters didn’t understand back then of the power of the image of the mother holding their dead child. Either that, or the other terrorists were too busy raping the women to stick one or two in the video.

SNHR is apparently the precursor of the White Helmets al-Qaeda production company.

Taking ANYTHING this organization offers as “evidence” and basing a report such as this on that alone, is beyond irresponsible. It’s almost criminal. The history of this liar Ghani speaks for itself. The fact that the organization is located in the UK and probably receives funding from organizations that support the regime change program makes anything they offer all that more tainted in terms of evidence.

In short, the 375 names emailed to AI for their “extensively researched study” is bunk. And their using it in this report makes it “fake news” pure and simple.

And what about those 36 others reported by “witnesses”?

So, let me get this straight… some released “moderate” terrorists say, without providing evidence of course, that they know of 36 other “moderate” terrorists who were executed by the Syrian government for launching homemade Hell Cannon mortars into population centers and killing and raping civilians during their time in Syria… and yet, remarkably, AI doesn’t wonder why these particular terrorists were allowed to leave and tell their story?

Does anyone else notice a stark contradiction in the “extermination of the opposition” story here?

Does anyone else notice the fact that these guys who were released had at one time been dedicated to the regime change operation and that MOTIVE might just still be part of their agenda?

Would such testimony be permissible in court? Would it be laughed out of court if allowed by a rational jury of 12?

So now what are we at? We have gone from 13,000 “exterminated” “activists” to 5,000 to 375 to 36 and now we are left with what?


See how the math works with that one?

For a good explanation of how AI fraudulently came up with their extrapolations which provided them the massive numbers of inmate hangings, based entirely on hearsay “evidence” (they literally took a lie, extrapolated it as a baseline norm, and then multiplied the lie over the course of the 5 years… I’m not kidding, that is what they did) you need to read Moon of Alabama’s work on the bullshit study. It’s well worth the time and while you are there, check out the informed comments as well.

If you go to Russian Insider you will find a pretty good critique of the “mass graves” images AI included in their study.

Does anybody remember this?

Image result for 12 aerial photo of chemical munitions storage sites at Taji

That was one of the many fake photos of Iraqis WMDs they used to try to get the UN Security Council to agree to our illegal war of aggression against Iraq. It failed. The image was a fraud. Much like AI’s pics of “mass graves”

This whole story is I call a foundation lie. When they came up with this idea, they knew it was bound to be torn apart on the merits by the few conscientious journalists still working these days, but they went forward with it anyway knowing the complicit media would ask no questions, do no independent investigation of their sources or their methods and megaphone their conclusions without pause.

The purpose of crafting such disinformation is that in the future, talking heads and politicos will be able to now say “Assad must go because he hanged 13,000 peaceful activists” and if someone dares challenge them on the lie, they can refer them to all those fraudulent MSM outlet articles posted yesterday without having to worry about the fact that the study itself is entirely baseless. That kind of discussion would take longer than the 45 seconds they have allotted for the segment.

From there, they can call for things like “safe zones”, humanitarian bombing campaigns and even “boots on the ground”

If you want recent examples of other foundation lies, there was the one about Gaddafi killing thousands of his own people, Assad using chemical weapons or even Saddam’s WMD story, which even today is being revisited by the revisionists trying to white wash the Bush administration’s crimes against humanity.

But the foundation lie is key. It pops up, it can’t stand the light of day… and ultimately it’s purpose is to serve as that tiny tidbit of disinformation rumbling around in the back of someone’s head so that when a war-monger brings it up in the near future, all he has to do is mention it and the audience accepts it at face value.

Upon these lies, the structure of future war-crimes is based.

It’s not enough to run around with a “No War for Lies” sign a year from now while Trump is bombing Syria into the stone age. These kinds of efforts they produce must be attacked and dismantled when they surface. Google will certainly prevent searches for the real truth about the 13,000 in the future, as they already do today regarding the truth of things like faked aerial photos of Iraqi chemical weapon sites. We understand that and move on regardless.

This is not going to be the last time AI produces politically based disinformation. In fact, right now, front and center of their website, they are still promoting the stopping of what they call Trump’s “Muslim Ban” even though most complicit MSM outlets have already given up on that line of destabilization.


When you find good, well researched work on disinformation campaigns like this one, share it widely. Make a point to do so. That’s what ultimately stopped Obama from acting on the “redline” violation his “moderate” terrorists in Syria crafted for him with the chemical weapon use in Syria (his mercs did it). When the internet journalists exposed the fraudulence of that event en masse, he couldn’t respond the way they wanted him to because it was already well known and circulating through the internet that the Syrian government didn’t do it.

Yet that foundation lie continues to be used today as well.

Moon of Alabama’s work on this “study” should go viral. Everyone should read it and make IT the topic of discussion at the water cooler today.

It’s not enough to run around on the streets waving signs while bombs are dropping in foreign countries.

It’s not enough to come back years later and say “oh look. the claims were baseless after all”

We have to undermine the foundations of these war-crimes BEFORE they happen by chipping away at the fake news as it is crafted. That is the only way to stop them.

Please help keep AE up and running if you can.

I really could use any help you can afford. Things are getting pretty bad

Thank you all so much

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42 Responses

  1. I heard this on NPR driving home from work the other day. It immediately struck me as a lie with no evidence.

  2. Amnesty International (A.I.) is no more dedicated to “human rights” than is the NED, or USAID, or “Human Rights Watch” (or Wikipedia for that matter). All of them are propaganda outlets for imperialists and Zionists.

    Whenever Israel bombards the Gaza Death Camp, A.I. blames it on Hamas. Whenever Israeli bombs Lebanon, A.I. blames it on Hezbollah. Or, at best, A.I. (Artificial Ignorance) equally blames the aggressor and the victim.

    In 1998 A.I. fabricated lies about Slobodan Milošević to justify NATO’s bombardment of Kosovo. In 2011 A.I. fabricated lies about Gaddafi in order to justify NATO’s destruction of Libya.

    Occasionally the U.S. or Israeli governments criticize A.I. in order to maintain the illusion that A.I. is “progressive. Sometimes A.I. itself sustains this illusion by making safe statements that no one can disagree with, such as calling Guantanamo a “gulag,” or calling post-bombardment Libya a “dialed state.”

    Naturally the sources of A.I.’s funds are confidential.

  3. Note how Amnesty International’s latest “report” calls the Empire’s proxy war against Syria a native “uprising.”

    Note also how Amnesty International criticizes Russia’s “forcible annexation of Crimea,” and Russia’s non-existent “invasion” of Ukraine. A.I. condemns the “ruthlessness of the Russian authorities in brooking absolutely no dissent to their rule in Crimea.”

    Likewise, A.I. refers to “color revolution” regime change operations as “pro-democracy movements.”

    John McCain loves these liars.

  4. Really great analysis, a real complement/addition to the world done by MofA. WIll get a check off to you today, thank you and keep up the great work!

  5. More war by deception, like the six million myth. Like the Kuwaiti incubator tragedy. Like Pearl Harbor, Tonkin and 9/11. Like Sandy hoax. It’s how your overlords roll.

    “Nothing can now be believed which is seen in a newspaper. Truth itself becomes suspicious by being put in that polluted vehicle. The real extent of this state of misinformation is known only to those who are in situations to confront facts within their knowledge with the lies of the day.”

    -Thomas Jefferson (letter to Norvell 14 June 1807)

    • Effective lies are those that satisfy the average person’s self-righteousness and his craving for fairy tales. For example, most people imagine that life consists of a struggle between good and evil, with themselves being good. In this regard, no matter how evil a person is, he can always call himself good by citing the six million hoax as “proof” of a still greater evil. Therefore, because of the hoax, the USA is “good” no matter how many billions of people it slaughters. Israel, war, neoliberalism, and every other evil today are “good.” No matter what, the six million myth is always the greater evil. Nothing else in the universe has “moral equivalence” with it.

      This sick fantasy is indulged in not only by the Chosen, but by most people today, and the game is not limited to the six million hoax. Fairy tales and self-righteousness saturate most of what kids are taught in school about history. If you question the lies, you will be stampeded by the mindless herd.

      • thank you! can we at last put the 6 million lie to rest? i’m getting as tired of seeing bullshit holocaust-affirming films as i am seeing people shoot at watermelons to prove the single bullet theory re jfk. where’s the proof? what does forensic evidence say?

        • Proof and evidence are irrelevant, since the six million hoax is a faith-based religion. Your request for proof is “proof” that you are evil. Everyone KNOWS that the emperor’s new clothes are splendid, just as everyone KNOWS that Hebrew slaves built eighty-some pyramids in Egypt (even though no serious archaeologist believes such nonsense). Everyone KNOWS that the U.S. government can only get dollars from China and from tax revenue. Everyone KNOWS that a couple of Saudis with box cutters perpetrated 9-11, that the harmless Zika virus causes microcephaly, and that vaccines are completely safe and effective. In the past, everyone KNEW that the sun orbited the earth, that leeches cured anemia, that the universe was created in six days, and that kings ruled by “divine right.” This is all “common sense.” It is “objective fact.”

  6. Hope you are okay that we have republished this great article, complete with AE request for donation, at and we have sent you a donation.

    • thank you very much but in the future I want you to know, I publish under an assumed creative commons agreement which means as long as you
      make sure to give me credit for the writing, you are free to republish whatever I write with no need to make a donation to the site. I don’t
      require or expect it. I will check out your website and thanks.

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  9. Where’s the ‘Yemeni White Helmets’ or the Yemeni Observatory for Human Rights?
    They don’t exist because the NGO’s and their thug Daddy sponsors don’t want people to know about the horrors being perpetrated against the Yemeni people, they are to be relegated to the dust bins of history while AI cries about something that didn’t happen.

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  12. […] The Farce that is Amnesty International’s “Human Slaughterhouse Study”: Quite Literally Fake N… by Scott Creighton: […]

  13. So what’s your ludicrous claim here exactly, that the Syrian regime has not tortured or killed a single person? Well, that’s completely untenable considering Assad’s Syria was happily torturing “terror suspects” for the CIA from 2001-2003. Like this innocent Syrian-Canadian Maher Arar:

    Unfortunately you’ve allowed your anti-intervention bluster get the best of you, and you’ve now rendered yourself little more than a lame propagandist/apologist for the Syrian, Russian, Iranian, North Korean, Chinese and other regimes and oligarchies seemingly “targeted” by the US in some form or fashion.

    As for Amnesty Int., they may not get everything right, but if you’re going to just dismiss everything they say off-hand, then you’ll also have to dismiss their reports about Israeli war crimes in Gaza. But, since those reports agree with your worldview, you won’t dismiss them.

    You’re just a manic hack for your favourite dictatorships and oligarchies of the East.

    • as I stipulated several times, Syria is well within their rights to impose the death sentence on Obama’s mercenary terrorists. What I am saying is there is absolutely no evidence for this craftily timed piece of blatant propaganda. No evidence whatsoever. And sorry but the history of them aiding the phony “war on terrorism” doesn’t stand in place of actual evidence. Provide the evidence and I will look at it. But what they have provided thus far, is not evidence. it’s the say-so of regime change terrorists being expanded on 100 fold by an organization with a history of helping promote more war and regime change so ideologues like yourself can have something to hang onto as you beat the drums for more “humantitarian interventionism”

      and you can call me any name you wish but that doesn’t change the fact that you cant for a minute, defend that “report” on the merits of the evidence.

      • You’re a complete fool. I’m not for “humanitarian intervention” of any kind, but you actually are a humanitarian interventionist, supporting the Russian invasion to put down “bad” rebels who you don’t like. How is that not a “humanitarian intervention”? Your logic is consistently inconsistent.

        But that’s completely separate from the issue of whether or not the Syrian regime tortures prisoners, which they undeniably do, at their own behest and previously at the behest of the CIA. So you reluctantly acknowledge that Assad’s forces tortured innocent prisoners for the CIA, but then delusionally claim that they magically aren’t doing it anymore today, even in the midst of a brutal war. But then you contradict yourself and say that the Assad regime is right to execute prisoners, who you’ve prejudged as being all “terrorists.” So you want it both ways – you want to deny the Syrian government tortures or kills prisoners, but then say if they did do so it’s “well within their rights to impose the death sentence on Obama’s mercenary terrorists.” On top of that you’ve prejudged all prisoners in Syrian jails as “terrorists” or “Obama mercenaries” without evidence, when in fact anyone who so much as lips off against Assad will find themselves in a dungeon.

        As noted above, you don’t require any evidence when you want to impose a death sentence on an “Obama mercenary” but require untenable amounts of it when the charge is against the Syrian regime. I doubt any amount of evidence would convince you since you are a known propagandist of the Syrian government and any government, no matter how awful, that is supposedly a target of a “regime change”.

        I notice you sidestepped the point about Amnesty’s reports on Israeli war crimes in Gaza. If Amnesty is all lies, then you’re going to have to dismiss their Israeli reportage as lies as well, which you won’t do because you’re a biased hack.

        • your bullshit is so transparent, it’s sad. Yes Amnesty International did good work on Israel’s attacks on Gaza and their illegal occupation of the West Bank… but that doesn’t mean we HAVE to take this bogus report at face value without examining both their motives and their flawed reporting. So no, I don’t “have” to take one along with the other… that’s the kind of thinking that the folks that put AI up to this shit WANTS us to do.

          You put Obama mercenary in quotation marks? You do know of course that he created and funded these for-profit terrorists, right?

          • So Amnesty did “good work” on Gaza, and this judgment of yours is based on what objective evidentiary standard? I doubt you’ve even READ their reports on Gaza, but since the conclusions suit your preconceived cognitive bias, you accept them. But then, when it comes to Syria, your standards change dramatically. Moreover, you already ADMITTED the Syrian regime torture prisoners when the CIA told them to do it, so whether or not this latest report is accurate by the numbers, it makes no difference since the regime clearly engages in torture.

            Moreover, you’re a kook who claims that every single terrorist attack in the West is a “false flag” set up, and the evidence you provide for that is pure speculation, sprinkled with more speculation on top. Quite the detective you are.

            You are a pathetic fraud, sir.

            • If your boss(es) read your work here, they may not be very impressed. You should focus on trying to appear more objective and reasoned. Pretend you are giving consideration to what you read, weighing evidence and the logic behind arguments, etc., rather than going straight for the very transparent personal attack. It comes off as childish and rather empty. When dealing with a target who is clearly not really a propagandist with an agenda, you need to be more subtle in trying to discredit him because your overdone onslaught is too obvious and loses your audience immediately.

              • Yeah, the troll quality has definitely gone downhill lately. Sadly, it’s not even really sporting. Some rugged individualist out there should start a new troll consulting firm utilizing the objective and reasoned approach you proposed to improve the product quality.

            • Brandon, you should be ashamed of yourself.

          • scott, i know i’ve seen this troll before — i just can’t remember if it was here or elsewhere.

    • since you’ve put the word TARGETED in quotes i can only imagine you disagree that those nations have in fact been targeted by the u.s. and it’s allies. and you have the nerve to call anyone else a fool? i guess you weren’t paying attention when john mccain admitted on tv that the cia had trained the so-called “free syrian army” — and maybe hadn’t noticed how those terrorists have spent the last 5+ years murdering their way through syria. and i suppose we just imagined when they did the same to libya.

      you, sir, are simply a manic hack for your favorite regime-change proponents.

  14. […] Waldman fictional “Human Slaughterhouse” report. And I say “fictional” because it is based entirely on statements she garnered from former president Obama’s “moderate” regime chan…. So yes, it is a work of […]

  15. […] Waldman fictional “Human Slaughterhouse” report. And I say “fictional” because it is based entirely on statements she garnered from former president Obama’s “moderate” regime chan…. So yes, it is a work of […]

  16. Personally, I don’t give a shit if the Syrians tortured some folks or kept the hangman busy with teenage French mercenaries. It’s a dirty proxy war. Like the Spanish “civil war”, it’s not like there’re rules, dude.

    Brandon’s moral relativism argument is just a distraction, in my view, from the more serious problem of several major military powers running into each other in Mesopotamia. Like Brokeback Mountain, the empire just doesn’t seem to know how to quit. Eventually something very bad will happen and then nobody’s going to care what amnesty international says anymore.

    • Right, you “don’t give a shit” if the Syrians torture and kill prisoners without due process, who you’ve collectively judged as somehow guilty even though many of those tortured are innocent like the ones rendered to Assad by the CIA. But you most certainly give a shit when the US or some “Western” power does it in Abu Ghraib or Guantanamo Bay because you are little more than a partisan hack for any den of vipers on the new Eastern block.

      At least you’re honest about where your loyalties are and your lack of concern for morals when “your side” is doing the killing/torturing. Whereas the blog owner here, portending to be some bleeding heart lefty “anti-imperialist,” deceptively tries to hide his extreme cognitive biases.

      • Den of vipers? Cool…like Cobra Command in GI Joe, right? Well, best of luck with your campaign to sell the next land war in Asia. Hope that pans out alright on your end, kemosabe.

      • in case you hadn’t noticed, the cia are one of the institutions behind the terrorist army that has been laying siege to syria.

        what you are doing is simply providing cover for an obviously bullshit story that’s supposed to get people onboard with some kind of “humanitarian” intervention in syria (bombing & regime-change) — which is exactly the position taken by establishment figures in gov’t & media. y’know — the same people who’d told those same lies so they could destroy libya. so you get your panties in a wad over how those poor terrorists are allegedly being treated, but have nothing to say about the aggressors & those states currently backing the terrorists. you’re the worst kind of scum.

      • Or are you talking about a den of vipers like this, Brandon?

        If so, please sign me up because that looks like a hell of a party. If that’s what it’s like working as a “partisan hack” for the “new Eastern Block” (or is it Bloc?) I think I could tolerate an occasional human sacrifice as long as the boss was throwing company parties like this shape shifting motherfucker.

      • Good Lord man! Does this even pay well?? If you’re really defending what you believe in, then fine, more power to you. But if you’re just collecting a paycheck to sway peoples’ opinions, there are probably more lucrative, and possibly less harmful, ways to go about using your talents.

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