Roland Martin: That Hustla Ova There Tryna Sell Us School Privatization

by Bruce Dixon, BAR

Roland Martin pretends to be a journalist. But what does a guy do when the one percent won’t pay for an informed public? Roland is a hustla for hire, and he’s found a dependable set of clients. Roland is all about blackening up and selling us the destruction and privatization of public schools, which is what both elite Democrats and Republicans want. Journalists tell the truth without fear or favor. Hustlas do what they’re paid to do, and the charter school sugar daddies pay well…

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6 Responses

  1. And, if I may add, he looks like a pedophile (or worse) to me.

    Proof? I’ve got no proof… I just know the type! Just an observation.

    • I added the photo so folks could see what you are talking about and yes… he does seem to have the gene, doesn’t he?

      • Hehe… yes… He almost looks like a cryogenically frozen Larry King (of Franklin scandal fame) from the 90s, thawed and ready to provide his services again… Wheelin’ and dealin’ in the lucrative education ‘”industry” of course… where all the children are!

  2. I love the Black Agenda Report, but Bruce Dixon made a flub…

    Dixon writes, “Roland Martin bleats and tweets his sponsors’ narrative that public schools in black areas are ‘failing’ and must urgently be replaced with something – anything but publicly funded, publicly accountable schools.”

    Actually, privately owned charter schools are publicly funded with local tax dollars. Each of us must directly or indirectly pay the thieves until the day we die (literally). This is why the thieves love the charter school scam.

    Next stop: privatized Medicare and Social Security, in which FICA taxes remain mandatory, and Wall Street pockets $1.1 trillion (with a ‘T’) in FICA tax revenue each year.

    Again, this is what the masses insist on. Anything less would be ebil soshilizum. Anything less would make the USA like Cuba (which has free college and free health care).

  3. Speaking of Black Agenda Report, Glen Ford says, “If Americans truly cared about Muslims, they would stop killing them by the millions.”

    Good post…

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