I’ll be on Richie Allen Show Thursday to Discuss “Human Slaughterhouse” Propaganda

by Scott Creighton

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if you missed it live, this is the podcast location


I am pleased to announce: tomorrow I will be on the Richie Allen Show, broadcast live (I think?) from Manchester England. Richie contacted me regarding the work I’m doing on Amnesty International’s bogus “Human Slaughterhouse” report and wants to talk about it. I’m looking forward to speaking with him.

He seems like someone I can have a pretty well rounded chat with as far as Syria is concerned and the continuing effort by the masters of the universe to remake the map of the Middle East.

Today Richie talked with economist Norbert Haering about the effort to promote cashless societies by those same masters of the universe and he also had Kevin Barrett on to discuss his view that we are not long for another false flag event which will provide Trump the cover he needs to strip us of the last of our civil rights and to launch a full scale attack on yet another Middle Eastern nation (Syria? Iran?)

In my earlier article I wrote we need to get out in front of these propaganda efforts quickly and stay on top of them as they develop. Seems to me the Richie Allen Show is a great opportunity for me to take some of my own advice.

I am going on at around 4:05 pm eastern time but I think he starts a little earlier.

Yeah, Richie starts the show at 8pm UK time so you more knowledgeable types can figure out what that means in your neck of the woods. (It’s 3pm eastern if that helps 🙂 )

He left two links in the email for you to follow if you wish to hear the discussion. I hope you tune in.


if you can’t catch it live, I think this is the podcast location http://richieallen.podomatic.com/

19 Responses

  1. Great! Richie does excellent interviews and I’m glad to see you getting the recognition you deserve.

  2. Good luck. Distill your thoughts in writing to bullet points as succinctly as possible and then, during the show, fire them off like machine gun bullets, mowing down the lies.

    Incidentally I am curious about timing. Why did A.I. choose now to release its latest garbage about Syria? Is it part of the anti-Trump and anti-Putin campaign by fake leftists? Is the Empire planning something we don’t know about?

    Just some rhetorical questions.


    Part 1

    CNN says that Trump might designate the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) and the Muslim Brotherhood as “Foreign Terrorist Organizations.”

    That’s good news.

    Within Iran there has long been a power struggle between [1] the Iranian Revolutionary Guards, who refuse to submit to neoliberalism with its IMF debt slavery, and refuse to reduce Iran to sweatshops, and [2] rich oligarchs who are pro-West, pro-neoliberal, and pro-finance capitalism.

    The Western Empire hated Ahmadinejad because he was a populist, and anti-neoliberal. The Empire, along with rich Iranians, tried to overthrow Ahmadinejad in the failed “Green Revolution” of 2009. The current president is on the other side. Hassan Rouhani is a rich oligarch who got elected in 2013 by promising to get the Western sanctions lifted by imposing neoliberalism on Iran, and thereby pleasing the Empire. Rouhani has not had much success in getting the sanctions lifted, despite Obama’s rhetoric about “normalizing relations” with Iran.

    If Trump designates the IRCG a “terrorist organization,” he will strengthen the IRCG (which opposes the neoliberal oligarchs) and will drive Iran further into the arms of Russia. (Cont.)


      Part 2

      If Trump designates the Muslim Brotherhood a “terrorist organization,” he will annoy their principal supporter (Qatar) and thereby complicate the Empire’s campaign against Libya, Syria and Yemen. Al Jazeera may squawk. The Empire will have problematic relations with the oil sheikhdoms (Gulf Cooperation Council).

      Here’s hoping that Trump goes for it, and thereby shoots himself in the foot.

    • Damn. WordPress ate Part 2.

      • Not only is that “Off Topic”, it’s “Off Logic” and your statements are highly suspicious.

        What right does Trump have to designate any foreign group that is not threatening the U.S. as a terrorist group? If he designates a group as a terrorist organization then the U.S. is giving itself the right to take some action, including military action. And you can be sure that any military action that Trump undertakes will involve deception, just like the fake U.S. bombing of Isis in Syria was a case of deception and lies. But the scale of this deception will be much larger than Obama’s deception, and the ramifications much more severe. As Ron Paul has always said, the U.S. should not involve itself in foreign military actions that have nothing to do with the security of the U.S.

        You people who watch the TV talking heads there in the U.S. in order to monitor what’s going on need to be careful that you don’t get brainwashed by the repetitive lies that you hear and by the cognitive dissonance that the mainstream media is skillfully instilling into people’s brains.

        Trump’s goal is war against Iran. For you to say it’s “good” that he is thinking of branding certain groups in Iran as terrorists leads me to suspect that you are a disinfo agent of the worst kind.

        • “You are a disinfo agent of the worst kind.”

          You exposed me!

          Actually I was pointing out something about Iran’s internal politics, and how the Empire’s actions against Iran can sometimes backfire. You would have seen that if you had bothered to actually read the comment that you condemned.

          Moron much?

          • Exceptionalism much?

            You say Rouhani is not the best leader for the Iranian people. Where have we heard that kind of talk before? “Topple” foreign governments much? Color revolutions much?

            Iran’s leadership and internal affairs are the business of the Iranian people, not anyone else’s.

            Maybe it’s time to “much” to a different drum.

    • CNN said that with no documentation for support? Right. So… you know what file that goes under, right?

  4. Remember the fake pics of Bin Laden’s fake Tora Bora complex, showed to Americans who were chomping at the bit for revenge for 9/11 and how the complex was never found, because it never existed?

    This Syrian thing smacks of that. Syria has won some major battles, but the war goes on.
    SA/Qatar and the Pentagon must be pouring in vast amounts of weaponry and troops into Syria, to keep the kettle boiling in the hopes that VP Pence will soon be POTUS, and we all know what that means.

    • Regarding Donnie’s possible firing, do you figure they’ll use a soft method such as impeachment (i.e., Donnie’s adventures with pal Jeff Epstein), or something harder like the Valkyrie/Mongoose treatment?

  5. I’m going to give a listen to this for sure- if I miss at the time hopefully it will be archived- and I’m so glad you’re getting some notice for all the work you do.

    IMO you’re one of the most credible bloggers around!

    • the podcasts go up almost immediately. yesterday’s was up about 10 minutes after his show. so if you miss the live thingy, you can certainly catch it there. and there are tons of other interviews he has done there as well.

  6. Speaking of Human Slaughterhouses, FWIW next week is the anniversary of the inspiration for Vonnegut’s ‘Slaughterhouse 5’; the Ash Wednesday/Valentines fire bombing/strafing of Dresden.

    • Top-ranking Germans were negotiating the surrender of Germany to the US and UK. Hitler would be dead within 60 days. Germany’s surrender would occur eight says after that. With the war in Europe about to end, the “heroic” British and Americans decided to obliterate Dresden, which had no military assets, and no military value. Dresden’s population consisted entirely of refugees, wounded personnel, and POWs.

      Every year during the Dresden anniversary, a handful of Germans march to commemorate the victims of the war crime. Also every year, crowds of counter-protesters march in praise of the atrocity. The latter Germans have inverted the “guilt” of Nazi Germany into “superiority.” “Because we recognize our supreme guilt, we are morally better than you.”

      If an asteroid wiped out humanity, would it be any loss?

  7. Hey WILLY!
    You did great! Hubby and I made it home on time to listen live..
    WE both thought you did terrific- stayed on topic, didn’t wander..
    really good stuff
    And you didn’t sound the least bit nervous either
    Very good
    Oh and as for Alex Jones? YUK

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