Author of AI Baseless “Human Slaughterhouse” Report, Nicolette Waldman, is Doing the War-monger Circuit Selling More War and Regime Change for Syria

by Scott Creighton

UPDATE: Check out al Jazeera story which features one of the sources of Nicolette’s report. He is a Free Syrian Army terrorist who did two years in the prison AND WAS RELEASED. Wait a minute… I thought they were exterminating everyone? What gives? (check out video at 1:10 mark)


I wonder who’s kids they grabbed for this PR shoot.

Nicolette Waldman is on a one-woman campaign to rekindled Obama’s Syrian regime change operation by first cobbling together her bogus ‘Human Slaughterhouse” report for Amnesty International and now running around giving interviews to anyone who will put a microphone in front of her so she can make up even greater lies about the government in Syria killing Obama’s “moderate” mercenary terrorists en masse.

As I reported this morning (and many others have as well) Nicolette Waldman’s AI report is complete bunk. It’s based on sketchy math extrapolating numbers of hanged prisoners based on lies told to her by former and current regime change mercenaries in Syria as well as a “report” of 375 people hung by Assad in Syria coming from a regime change propaganda outlet known as the Syrian Network for Human Rights.

Starting with the New York Times, Waldman has taken her fabricated propaganda piece everywhere she could. The accounts get more breathless and outrageous every time she tells it.

“We now know where, when and how often these hangings are taking place, as well as which elements of the Syrian government have authorized them,” said Nicolette Waldman, an Amnesty researcher specializing in detention issues and one of the report’s authors.” New York Times

“We believe these practices are known about and approved by the highest level of the Syrian government,” Waldman told Fox News. “People need to understand that Saydnaya has been manufactured to be a place of slaughter for human beings.” Fox News

“This is a prison that’s operated by the Syrian military police. And usually detainees end up at this prison after they have gone through a horrible process of interrogation and torture in the intelligence agency branches. They’re also subjected to this incredibly dehumanizing set of rules.

One of these rules is that they can never speak even when they’re being tortured. They’re not allowed to look at the guards. If they do, they will be killed immediately. And actually one person in the cell is usually put in charge of the cell and has to pick out people to be tortured each day.” Waldman on NPR

Unfortunately, people like Dennis Kucinich are listening to this crap and it’s sinking in. Just like they did before when AI helped push the Libyan invasion and bombing and like they did when they helped push the “incubator babies” story way back when, AI is helping sell a regime change operation which will undoubtedly result in countless civilian deaths.

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  1. I’m skeptical about Fox News’ claims regarding Kucinich. Perhaps they misquoted Kucinich, or quoted him out of context.

    Two weeks ago Kucinich and Rep. Tulsi Gabbard and met Syrian President Bashar al-Assad to ask how the mop-up operations were going. The two spent a week in Syria meeting all kinds of social leaders who recounted the crimes of Obama’s “moderates.” Their trip was funded by the Arab American Community Center for Economic and Social Services, a Cleveland-based nonprofit organization that had previously funded a Kucinich’s trip to meet with Assad in 2007.

    Tulsi Gabbard, upon returning to the USA, tweeted, “End regime change war in Syria now.”

    See her condemnation of the proxy war…

    • thats possible. also keep in mind… Dennis works for Fox News these days. 😦

    • Hmmm. I wonder how long it will be before Gabbard’s opinions morph into amnesia and agreement with the deep state. If this does not happen, I wonder how long it will take for a scandal about her to appear or an accident to happen.

  2. Those kids look terrified. He’s not the real Santa…

    • their first clue was when Santa’s helpers gang raped their mother. Something seemed amiss with that…

      • Well, shit. At least they got a banana out of the deal. Fake Santa’s spreading love, freedom, and nutrition (brought to you by United Fruit Co.).

  3. […] Scott Creighton har ett par inlägg om Amnesty-offensiven – The Farce that is Amnesty International’s ” Human Slaughterhouse ” Study: It is, Quite Literally, Fake News Gone Viral och Author of AI Baseless “Human Slaughterhouse” Report, Nicolette Waldman, is Doing the War-monger … […]

  4. I’m not convinced that Kucinich is involved.

  5. Assad’s most recent interview. The man is wise, smart, comes off as very sincere, and certainly does not take any crap from this mockingbird.

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