Hillary Clinton and the Brutal Murder of Gaddafi

(Here is an article talking about some more of that “American Exceptionalism” everyone is talking about since Trump had the poor taste to tell a report that our leaders murder folks as well. Of course, I don’t know of a single proven incident where Vladamir Putin has killed or ordered the death of one person, much less entire countries, but who’s counting?)

by John Wight, Counterpunch

On October 20, 2011, Libya’s Muammar al-Gaddafi was brutally murdered by a mob of NATO-backed ‘rebels’, after first being beaten and violated in the most barbaric fashion. History leaves no doubt that not only was the Libyan leader murdered on this day but Libya itself.

The regime-change crew who dominate Western governments have a long indictment sheet against their names. Since 9/11 they have wrought havoc and human misery on a grand scale in their determination to reshape and own a world that has never been theirs to own. Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya – Syria currently embroiled in a pitiless conflict for its survival as a secular, non-sectarian state – this is the miserable legacy of nations which speak the language of democracy while practising the politics of domination…

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    • Whoa. Thanks for posting that. I’d heard that quote but hadn’t actually seen the crazy in her eyes. Good lord, there’s no way she doesn’t secretly torture small animals for sport.

  1. “Western imperialism” is a euphemism that gives cover to those seeking deniability if accused of anti-semitism, which is fine as ;log as we know how to decode it. In view of the fact that Libya was on the list of the 7 countries to “do” in 5 years for PNAC’s real project: Eretz Israel, it is clear that “Western imperialism” means global zionist power. You know who:” the chaps who never appear on Forbes’ list of the richest in the world — the “Redshields” (not a euphemism, just the anglicized form of the name) and their close friends.

  2. Muammar al-Gaddafi did more for his people than any of our politicians ever done for us.

  3. Looking back, it’s as if Obama’s main purpose was to make war and imperialism “cool” again. To take leftists who might otherwise be anti war and turn them into warmongers. Out of Obama’s countless criminal acts, this one comes in as his worst offense for myself personally and it’s something I’ll never forgive him for.

    I remember being at a demonstration at the White House the day after the bombing had started, and I was appalled at how many liberals there were who were in support of this barbaric crime. At the time, I thought that the left would have learned the lessons of Iraq, and it was honestly soul crushing to see that most of them had learned nothing.

    • With Libya the Empire did not bother to stage a false flag event, or to fabricate lies about “WMDs” or “nerve gas.” The Empire just started bombing. Average people pretend that this never happened. Or they pretend that Gaddafi was a “brutal dictator,” or some other such garbage. (Gaddafi wasn’t even the national leader when the Empire destroyed Libya.)

      This is why large numbers of people have been liquidated during socialist revolutions of the past. From the outside, such liquidation seems like madness (and to a large extent it is) but it is also a purging of elitists and their enablers: the fake leftists.

      • well, they did lie about a fighter jet bombing civilians and there was the one about Gaddafi arming his troops with Viagra so they could better rape women across the countryside. Not as nifty as the short ‘WMDs!” catchphrase, but they stuck with the more naive American voters.

        • Wow, I missed the Viagra rape army story. Brilliant idea. Best copy since the incubator babies in my book. Showcases a product the average American voter can relate to and enjoy. Also what’s more visually intimidating than a guy with a machine gun? A guy with a machine gun and a persistent erection. So good I bet they’ll use it again…

  4. I used that video a lot in my efforts to get family and friends to see her for what she is. At the time I was pushing for Bernie. Once Bernie was robbed of his win I decided to sit this one out. I now am actively supporting the few politicians who at this time anyway, appear honest.

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