Billionaire Religious Fanatic Public School Privatizer Betsy DeVos Becomes Trump’s Sec. of Education

by Scott Creighton


the mask of the free market sociopath

I have written about this neoliberalization crap all day long for almost a decade now and as it unfolds it still makes me as sick as the first day I figured out what these fascist bastards were really up to.

Trump’s VP, Pence, had to step in and break the tie vote in the senate and so the billionaire privatizer who’s married to the Amway pyramid scheme fortune and the sister of Eric Prince (former owner of Blackwater and a guy looking forward to when he can cash in on the new Phoenix Program right here in America) is now your Secretary of Education.

Her goal, now that her cover is blown, will be to privatize as much of the Department of Education as she can, making billions in profits for her colleagues in the charter business while cheating at least a generation of young poor Americans out of their education.

Gov. Martinez of New Mexico can’t wait to help the “brave reformer” DeVos chop up public education on behalf of a couple billionaire oligarchs.

This isn’t about conservative verses liberal ideology. This is about bringing Milton Friedman’s economic brick to America and watching the Miracle of Chile being imposed on us in slow motion. School for profit ideology is sickening just like running prisons for profit or police for profit or wars for profit. It is all the same. And it sickens me.

Donald Trump has done a lot of things already that make me proud to have refused to vote for him. This tops the list thus far.  Makes you kinda wonder what he has up his sleeve next, doesn’t it?

26 Responses

  1. Miracle of Thatcher that destroyed UK.

  2. The beauty of charter schools is that every single one of us is required to pay the rich owners of the schools until the day we die. Literally.

    Your payment to the rich owners is included in your rent payment or your mortgage payment. Even if you own your house free and clear, much of your county property tax payment goes to the rich owners of schools…forever.

    With charter schools, public education becomes for-profit. This means continual price increases (forever) plus continual service reductions (forever). The result is endlessly-rising rents, mortgage payments, and property taxes. Education becomes irrelevant. K-12 schools are reduced to mere detention centers.

    Scott is correct. This isn’t about conservative verses liberal ideology. This is about neo-feudalism, in which a handful of oligarchs own everything and everyone.

    Of course, this is what average Americans demand, since anything else would be ebil kommie soshilizum.

    • Speaking of property taxes, if a banker forecloses on a property, and thereby becomes the owner, then he is required by law to pay the property tax on that property.

      However no county enforces the law, since bankers can (and do) buy any judge. Bankers are untouchable. They pay no tax.

      And remember: establishment Democrats are just as neoliberal as are Republicans. Anyone who claims otherwise is a lying a–hole.

      • Yikes. Suddenly Neofeudalism doesn’t seem like an abstract concept. Should we expect to see charter school owners buying up real estate like crazy since they’ll pretty much be paying taxes to themselves?

        And regarding state trust lands, do you figure the income (from logging, grazing leases) will go to charter schools just as it goes to public schools now?

        • I don’t know about the state level of government, but I do know that at the county level, money to pay for K-12 public education (and therefore money to pay the private owners of charter schools) comes from county property taxes in most states, plus sales taxes in some states. Everyone must pay in one way or another — unless he is rich, or a large corporation, or a bank. Hence the frantic push for privatization nationwide. It is another form of wealth transfer to the rich. The fake leftist hysteria about Trump’s immigration rhetoric is designed to distract the masses from these realities.

          In Brazil, neoliberalism and mass privatization has been recently written into the national constitution!

          The good news is that neoliberalism is finally doing away with ebil soshializum. Instead of working for each other, we will now toil only for the rich. If you oppose your enslavement, then you are a evil Nazi, since the Nazis were socialists.

          • Thanks for breaking it down for me. I hope this issue is significant enough to garner people’s attention away from the big orange distraction with the long red necktie.

    • and don’t forget… no accountability for the reactionary revisionist history garbage they teach our kids or them deciding the children’s future for them. Some they give real educations to.. others, they teach enough to make them good Walmart employees. its a horrible future these selfish monsters have in mind, but make no mistake about it, it’s the future they envision and the one they work for every single day.

      • Charter schools (i.e. private ownership) reduces K-12 schools to places where kids can be warehoused until they are old enough to work at McDonalds or Wal Mart. What little “education” they receive consists of indoctrination so that they worship slavery, imperialism, and war. (And the “holocaust”™ ).

        Neo-liberalism ultimately means the privatization of everything, including the water you drink and the air you breathe. Indeed, privatized air is becoming a global trend. For example, one company called Vitality Air sells bottles of breathable air to Chinese consumers at a price 50 times higher than a bottle of water. Quality is assured, because the air molecules are lovingly “hand filled” in Canada.

        If anyone thinks I am joking, then Google the words “buy air” and see the myriad different articles.

    • Yes, Scott and you are correct. If Killary had won, it would move along the same line, with Bill Gates leading the way for charter schools and privatizations (minus the religious angle). As far as the average American is concerned: 100 years of relentless propaganda used to great effect. 😦

      • she would have continued with Obama’s progress moving toward charter school dominance. but it would have been slower. DeVos is a zealot and will see this confirmation hearing as a warning that she had better get things done quickly before the wheels come off and she and the rest of the neoliberal ideologues are exposed and even Trump’s fans turn against their agenda. Hillary would have tried to continue the incrementalism path like Obama did and that is the only real difference. So in that respect, DeVos is worse because of her rushed approach, but also better for us opposing it because it will be in our faces and no longer disguised by left-cover.

  3. the only question remaining is how to most rapidly sink the titanic.

    oh i guess that’s what the dtrumf gang is for.

    What a way to end it all, this festering overcrowded petri-dish

  4. Well, I voted for Trump because I didn’t want Hillary. Some choice

    • I don’t blame anyone who voted for him. in some ways, he was and still is the best choice. once the Soros parades are over, when the real protesting begins in earnest, you’ll know why. lets just hope it doesn’t take too much time.

      • When the protests come, I hope they’re nationwide but peaceful, like the ones in Zola’s ‘Germinal’ (I haven’t finished the book yet, so I don’t know how all that ended).

        No telling how long it’d take to wear down a billionaire that way, though.

    • Me too, Roy. and I had hopes that maybe Trump was for the people….
      cheated again.

    • I voted for neither, but can’t blame anyone for voting for Trump. My vote didn’t count by my own choice, which doesn’t help anything. At least Trump will stir things up so more people get interested in the world falling in around them.

      • That was my first vote in many years. Maybe a lot of others were thinking along the same lines, trying to get their voices heard.

        I was shocked he won.

      • I cast my vote by not voting which i think is a powerful vote when all they offer is shitty versions of the same ideology.

  5. Yesterday Sen. Elizabeth Warren (neoliberal bitch) offered an example of fake leftism.

    Sen. Warren spoke against Sen, Jeff Sessions during a senate confirmation hearing for Mr. Sessions as U.S. Attorney General. Warren was interrupted by Sen. Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) who moved to silence Warren, on the grounds that by directly attacking a fellow senator, Warren had violated Senate Rule 19.

    Sen. Warren responded by calling for a vote on the matter. Warren was voted down. Therefore Warren will not be able to speak during the remainder of Jeff Sessions’ confirmation hearings.

    Why is this fake leftism?

    Because Warren’s complaint is not that Jeff Sessions will further encourage the FBI practice of funding, arming, and entrapping “home grown terrorists,” and not that Sessions will refuse to prosecute Wall Street fraudsters as they impoverish us all. No, according to Warren, Mr. Sessions made racist comments in the past. Therefore Mr. Sessions will be bad for BLACKS.

    For the corporate media outlets, and for the fake leftist a**holes (“Rachel MadCow, Young Turks, etc) this is “proof” that Warren (like Hillary) is “fighting for us.” CNN calls Warren a “hero.” Wall Street will make sure that Warren is re-elected in 2018.

    • I give up. I was a fan of Warren. Lately, I am a fan of nobody.

      Looks like they’ve sent in Ulysses. No man is killing us.

  6. “Makes you kinda wonder what he has up his sleeve next, doesn’t it?”
    I figure it’s gonna be the Dakota Access Pipeline Massacre. It will be ugly and a good excuse to give martial law it’s first test run under the “new” administration.

  7. Wow, took ’em about 5 minutes:

    “On the same day the Senate confirmed President Trump’s secretary of Education pick by a historically narrow margin, a House Republican introduced legislation to abolish the entire department Betsy DeVos will lead.

    “Kentucky Rep. Thomas Massie’s bill is only a page long, after merely stating the Department of Education would terminate on Dec. 31, 2018.

    “Massie believes that policymakers at the state and local levels should be responsible for education policy, instead of a federal agency that’s been in place since 1980. […]”


    • they have to move real fast. The Trump base is not going to remain silent after their candidate exposes himself like the left did for ObamaGod. They know that, so time is short.

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