Exposing Some of the Fake “Resistance” Growing Out of the Corpse of the unDemocratic Party (Olbermann, Soros’ Justice Dems and Lizzie Warren)

by Scott Creighton

Donald Trump is NOT the biggest threat to the unDemocratic Party or the fake-left “progressive” wannabe leaders swimming around trying to feed off the wreckage of the 2016 election cycle

When things start falling apart, when the ship is leaning and taking on water, the opportunists scuttle out of the woodwork like sharks appearing from the deep looking to cash in for a meal.

And make no mistake about it, the unDemocratic Party is at a historic low for a party which understands what it means to always be finding new historic lows.

That’s understandable because Barack Obama understood his job. And he was good at it. He kept his personal Obama “brand” at a passable margin while decimating the country with right-wing, neoliberal economic policies, all under the guise of left-cover. He did his job well like the fake-dem, Bill Clinton, did before him. And just look how Slick Willie (what an apt nickname) profited from that.

Right now in this country, it’s like watching an episode of American Idol, the early part where they are all auditioning in the open cattle calls from state to state. Only, instead of talent-less singers you have talent-less wannabe heroes, leaders and champions from the fake-left.

Like they think the next Slick Willie or President Peace Prize is waiting to be born and all they have to do is jump out in front of a camera and give voice to the frustration of the thwarted “progressives”, these aspiring opportunists are all clamoring for the brass ring, crawling over the bodies of the other failed superstars of the party, in hopes that they can cash in on the chaos that is the unDemocratic Party today.

You see them all over the place. They’re a dime a dozen. It’s funny actually. Funny in a pathetic/zombie apocalypse sort of way.

Keith Olbermann dusted off his “moral outrage” voice, put his “ESPN idiot jock-worshiping frat-boy” voice back in the closet and with little irony and even less nuance, named his ridiculous GQ webzine TV show “The Resistance”. Keith surely misses the days when he was the voice of opposition to the corrupt Bush regime. He didn’t miss it that much during the Obama years when he turned into a mute sycophant and his ratings dropped consistently until MSNBC finally did away with him.

Cenk Uygur and Kyle Kulinski have started what they call the “Justice Democrats” in an effort to raise money, garner some political followers and hopefully put themselves at the top of the ticket so they can each win some kind of congressional seat from which they can “save America” or some such nonsense.

In reality, they are attempting to keep the younger left from leaving the corrupt unDemocratic Party altogether, so they emphasis “taking it over from within”.

translation: “we’ll get some young people to stick with the Killary Party in hopes the Killary Party recognizes our efforts and lets us in THE BIG CLUB”

Uygur and Kulinski have been controlled opposition assets for the Obama administration since day one and I guess they figure it’s time to get some payback for their efforts.

The “Justice Dems’ are getting all sorts of free publicity from neoliberal influence peddlers like the Washington Post and Morning Joe and interestingly enough, Zack Exley is a founding member of their effort and Zack just happens to be the the financial bridge between MoveOn.org and billionaire Hillary-fan, George Soros.

Exley was a Fellow at the Open Society Foundation and what he studied there is pretty interesting considering what he is doing now with the “Justice Dems”

“As an Open Society Fellow, he was based in Missouri, where he worked to identify “leaderless” organizing models that would enable local leaders, activists, and social service providers to mobilize diverse constituencies that do not normally work together” Open Society Foundation page on Zack Exley

That “leaderless” model is how they advertise the Justice Dems, by the way.

Here he is explaining grass-roots “democracy” to us. That special kind of grass-roots democracy his billionaire benefactor is famous for.

Here’s a graphic from a portfolio review of the Open Society Foundations’ “investigative journalism”. You might notice something interesting where I highlighted…


Cenk and Kyle are the front-men for George Soros’ community organizing effort to keep millions of young, left-leaning voters from leaving the corruption of the unDemocratic Party in the future.

It’s a scam folks. A project. A project Soros hired Zack Exley to run.

It’s not progressive. It’s not “CHANGE”. It’s not opposition to anything, other than real democracy that is.

That’s why Kyle went on a tirade the other day against people, journalists like myself, who have reported repeatedly that the unDemocratic Party engaged in wide-spread election fraud in order to get Hillary Clinton out of the primary process and onto the general as their candidate.

It should be noted, George Soros has invested heavily in companies that own and operate rigged e-voting machines. And he is certainly in bed with the corrupt leaders of the unDemocratic Party, the ones who made the calls across the country to get sympathetic DP state officials to help them “flip the switch” on voting machines or “accidentally” switch Bernie voter’s registrations to a party that wasn’t allowed to vote in the primary.

As best as I could tell, Bernie Sanders whipped Hillary’s butt in the primary. It wasn’t even close. Trump probably did the same, but they rigged as much as they could and figured they didn’t need to rig a couple key states that USED to make up the Blue Wall… so they lost. Then they padded the numbers in Cali in hopes that they could use a popular vote mantra to their advantage for further efforts at her coronation. All of which failed. So far.

Kyle’s ridiculous controlled opposition performance was discussed the other day by Debbie at Sane Progressive. You should check it out when you get a chance.

Elizabeth Warren is trying to reclaim a bit of the progressive street credibility she used to have before backing away from Sanders’ campaign and then joining in with Killery for the final push. She is a complete and total fraud who now openly speaks in the language of the neoliberal Disaster Capitalist.

“We’re gathered today in Baltimore during a moment of crisis – for us as progressives, for us as Democrats…

We’re in a moment of crisis

Our moment of crisis didn’t begin with the election of Donald Trump…

We were already in crisis..

We were already in crisis because…

We were already in a moment of crisis because…

In November, America elected Donald Trump.

Yes, the Russians helped.

Yes, the FBI director helped.

Yes, he lost the popular vote by three million…

And we need to figure out what comes next…” Elizabeth Warren

To the neoliberal Washington Consensus, crisis is golden.

In crisis opportunity is born. Opportunity to remake constitutions. Opportunity to remake economic and social policy. Opportunity to change the hearts and minds of targeted population in order to remake their belief systems into something more conducive to their world view.

The fact that she is speaking in the language of the Disaster Capitalist concerns me. The fact that she is using the opportunity to reshape the agenda of the left is even more troubling.

She says we will “fight back” against a Muslim ban that really isn’t a Muslim ban. Meaning she wants to make sure Starbucks, Microsoft, Apple and all the other major corporations in America can keep counting on even more cheap labor in the future.

She says we will “fight back” against “ripping away healthcare from millions of working people” meaning, she wants us to keep the unconstitutional mandate that forces young, underpaid American workers buying HEALTH INSURANCE (not “healthcare”) on behalf of the same health insurance monstrosities that helped Obama write Obamacare.

She says we will “fight back” against those who wish to roll back a woman’s right to choose. She doesn’t say we will win. She says we will “fight back”

The hypocrisy of what Elizabeth Warren voiced the other day could not be more obvious in this last statement of hers that I will share with you:

“And we will add our voices to the voices of millions of people in this country who are standing up to say that the character of this nation is not the character of its President.

No. In our democracy, We the People decide the character of this nation.” Elizabeth Warren

She would have been just fine and dandy with the character of the nation being defined by the character of Hillary Clinton, right? Just as she seemed peachy keen with the character of President Peace Prize as he did away with Habeas Corpus and droned families to death to the tune of one a day in nations we had no legal authority to be in.

Just for reference: We The People chose Bernie Sanders over Hillary Clinton in the primary. Elizabeth seems to have forgotten that and in fact, supported the one who stole the nomination from We The People.

We The People looked past all the fear-mongering and identity politics of the Clinton team and ignored the constant campaigning on her behalf by the complicit media and went out and elected Donald Trump (of all people) and yet Elizabeth Warren is apparently ready to do whatever it takes to thwart the will of We The People at every turn.

She isn’t resistance. She never was. She’s a mega-rich politician who has cultivated the “angry self-righteous woman on the left” character like Denzel has done the “angry black man” and Clint Eastwood did with the “quietly angry whispering, sneering redneck with a gun” version.

It’s a stock performance and once you see enough of her speeches and her interviews, the pattern of her performance because so dreadfully obvious you cant stand watching anymore of them (kinda like Bernie in that regard,huh? hmmm)

Her forced passionate indignation has all the spontaneity of a metronome.

But she did say one honest thing: “we need to figure out what comes next”

On going to lay a little truth on you, just for the fun of it. Pay attention now:

Donald Trump is NOT the biggest threat to the unDemocratic Party or the fake-left “progressive” sharks swimming around trying to feed off the carcass of the 2016 election cycle.

Donald Trump is not the biggest threat, nor is his neoliberal economic agenda that looks like it will make Ronald Reagan look like Fidel Castro.

It’s called the Washington Consensus for a reason. George Soros is as big of a fan of neoliberalism as are the Koch brothers, Goldman Sachs, Milton Friedman, Oprah Winfrey and … Elizabeth Warren.

The REAL threat to the unDemocratic Party is losing it’s grasp on more than half the country’s population.

Face it, as much as Bernie wasn’t actually a socialist, he was socialist enough to fool the average American and if he had been ALLOWED to win the nomination, he would have destroyed Donald “WWE actor” Trump, possibly taking all 50 states. I will stand by that conclusion till the day I die (so don’t even bother…)

For all their efforts to bring the left “to the center”, the crafters of the Lewis Powell Memo and its acolytes have failed in their task. A fake-populist won beating out the Washington Consensus’ hand-picked successor to the throne. And if it had been allowed, a socialist would have been the only thing the unDems could have presented to beat him.

Yes the unDems are shaken. Yes they failed miserably. But not because liberal ideology is dead… that will be the story the fake-right tells you. But it isn’t the case and you can tell that by just how desperate they are to regain control of the left.

You see, they lost control. They expected to use Sanders and his campaign as a sheep dog but what they got instead was Cerberus.. in reverse.

Cerberus keeps the damned from leaving hell. What the Sanders campaign did was to expose the unDemocratic Party as hell on earth and throw the doors wide open for anyone who cares to end their torment.

And they are desperate to make sure they manage the exit paths of all those millions of voters and donors like Moses leading the Jews through the parted Red Sea (or something like that)

So they will offer dusted off heroes from your distant past (Olbermann) or new Young Turks to sheep dog you back into the flock (Cenk and Kyle) or a fiery proven shill to lead the way to the morality of the new just-right-of-Reagan “progressive” party (Warren).. they will do all of this while calling it “resistance”

But the only thing they are really resisting is your urge to abandon the sinking ship. They’re running around on deck saying “we can resist the ocean! we can resist the sharks! don’t leave! stay ONE MORE TIME!” all the while, they’re feeding you to them, serving you up on a platter like a lamb to the wolves.

What they fear is your awakening which has already taken place. And they rightly fear it because when it comes to fruition, they and all those infected by the disease they thrive on, will be washed away in the undercurrent of real populist democracy.

That’s why they cant stand for talk in the echo chambers of their creation about election fraud. Because without it, without election rigging, their time at the grown-ups table is short.

Crisis is opportunity. Opportunity for change. Every real revolution depends upon that.

What these frauds offer is not change. Is not resistance. Is not revolution. But it is coming. And like Lear to the tempest, they are powerless to stop it.

I hope in the aftermath we remember these days and those who would step out to the forefront to attempt to redirect the redeeming tide which is upon us.

The Donald is exposing his version of “CHANGE” everyday.

The fake left have already had their masks ripped from their faces.

The storm surge is mere moments away as the Washington Consensus fitfully bags sand in a pointless effort to save their glorious mansion from ruin.

I laugh at these transparent efforts from the fake left to manage your rebellion. The morally impaired cannot lead a moral revolution anymore than Helen Keller could fly a plane. The tragic outcome isn’t just probable, it’s unavoidable. If I were you, I wouldn’t buy a ticket for that flight.

As to what comes next, that all important burning question from Warren, I don’t know. Desperation in the political class produces false flags. Desperation in the billionaire class produces “making the economy scream” economic terrorism. But desperation in the washed, beautiful masses? Well, that produces all kinds of stuff doesn’t it? Revolutions, gallows, prison terms, riots. All sorts of the things that make Wall Street and her apologists tremble in fear.

What’s next is what they fear and as they have so historically failed in this last few years to maintain control, they fear that trend will continue. And it will.

They will learn what I already know, you cannot change human nature. You might be able to put it off for a while, to retard the fire growing in our hearts, but you can no more make a lion into a goat than you can a man into a sheep. They will play along for a while. Not for long.

In the end, you get bit. Human nature will win out. Because nature is the ultimate consensus as she is an unforgiving and vengeful mother f_____er.

You must not lose faith in humanity. Humanity is an ocean; if a few drops of the ocean are dirty, the ocean does not become dirty.” Mahatma Gandhi

Please help keep AE up and running if you can.

I really could use any help you can afford. Things are getting pretty bad

Thank you all so much

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24 Responses

  1. wow
    a few dirty drops…… powerful thoughts…..
    yes, let it happen!

  2. I cringe when I see or hear Warren. I watched her performance at some of the hearings and it was so fake and weird

    • her performances have become rote, like Sanders did toward the end of the campaign. just going through the motions. Back when I was acting, some 20 years ago I guess, it was called “phoning it in”. What gets me is folks sending me links saying “look at this! she’s on fire!” and its some stock outrage video of hers, doing the same old schtick in the same old costume (does she ever wear anything else?). How can people not see it? like “W” and Cheney back in the day, How can they see them lying through their teeth and not caring who knows it? its just amazing to me.

  3. Wow!!! Beautifully and well said!! I will be sharing this. Love your work.

  4. A man on fire! “wow” is right, thank you! I will share this as well.

  5. Beautiful, Scott. Just beautiful.

  6. “Can cut off monkey’s tail, but he still monkey.”
    –Charlie Chan

  7. Going going GONE! Out of the PARK ladies and gentlemen!!
    Damm sonnn! In an un-bizzarro world you’d be on 60freakin’Minutes!
    (um, is that show still on?)

  8. When the fake leftists torpedoed Sanders, they torpedoed their own lies. They are hallucinating if they now think they can lead a revolution against Trump. Most people don’t like Trump, but most people are also sick of Obama, Hillary, and so on.

    Today some people will mentally escape by watching the Super Bowl. They will be offended when Budweiser runs its planned Super Bowl commercial against Trump, featuring German immigrant Adolphus Busch. People watch sports for entertainment, not for political propaganda. Their annoyance will hurt Budweiser sales, although the corporate media outlets will praise Budweiser’s ad for weeks, thereby causing sales to fall even more. People will vote in the most powerful they can: with their wallets.

    Fake leftists (e.g. Elizabeth WarHen) and aspiring members of the club (e.g. Cenk Uygur et. al.) will not be able rally the masses to their evil, since the only people who continue to care are outliers on the bell curve — i.e. idiot extremists on the right and on the fake left.

    Now, when most people log onto the Internet, they ignore 99 percent of the corporate media headlines. They are tired of the same old crap. They are all silently raising their middle finger at the corporate media outlets and the fake leftist politicians.

    • And by decimating the middle class to try and remove their voice, they will also destroy the only small remaining group with any incentive to allow their own brainwashing to protect their fragile lifestyles. A runaway train is hard to stop after the momentum hits a critical point. Everything you do to try to slow it winds up speeding it up.

  9. Comment eaten by WordPress (212 words).

  10. Fantastic, spot on, and beautifully summed-up. Thank you for this and all you do. Wish I had a million bucks to donate.
    Scott, have you checked out pipunite.org, that Sane Progressive had on her show? Mostly non-sell-outs. Seems sane.

  11. Wow, great passionate article, stirring….came over from M of A.

  12. Thorough, and entertaining.
    But that’s just it — isn’t it all just theater? I mean ALL of it: left/right, republican/democrat, progressive/conservative…

    You know what’s not theater, what’s not a play? Dead people. Lots of dead people (and hurt people, and destroyed homes and farms and cities) in Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, Egypt, Libya, Yemen, Ukraine, Guatemala, Honduras, Vietnam, Korea, etc. And also the very expensive weapons that were bought to murder those dead people and destroy their lives.

    This country is run by the Deep State (and has been since WWI), and regardless of the names and faces who pass through the theater, it will continue to be run by the Deep State (CIA, NSA, FBI, Homeland Security, US Treasury, The Fed, Goldman Sacs and the big banks, etc.)
    And you know what else? The Deep State needs a big federal government (SS, Medicare/Medicaid, publicly funded education (indoctrination)), as much as the big federal government needs the Deep State to control the people, everywhere.

  13. Would it be OK if I cross-posted this article to WriterBeat.com? I’ll be sure to give yoou complete credit as the author. There is no fee, I’m simply trying to add more content diversity for our community and I liked what you wrote. If “OK” please let me know via email.


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