Exposing Some of the Fake “Resistance” Growing Out of the Corpse of the unDemocratic Party (Olbermann, Soros’ Justice Dems and Lizzie Warren)

by Scott Creighton

Donald Trump is NOT the biggest threat to the unDemocratic Party or the fake-left “progressive” wannabe leaders swimming around trying to feed off the wreckage of the 2016 election cycle

When things start falling apart, when the ship is leaning and taking on water, the opportunists scuttle out of the woodwork like sharks appearing from the deep looking to cash in for a meal.

And make no mistake about it, the unDemocratic Party is at a historic low for a party which understands what it means to always be finding new historic lows.

That’s understandable because Barack Obama understood his job. And he was good at it. He kept his personal Obama “brand” at a passable margin while decimating the country with right-wing, neoliberal economic policies, all under the guise of left-cover. He did his job well like the fake-dem, Bill Clinton, did before him. And just look how Slick Willie (what an apt nickname) profited from that.

Right now in this country, it’s like watching an episode of American Idol, the early part where they are all auditioning in the open cattle calls from state to state. Only, instead of talent-less singers you have talent-less wannabe heroes, leaders and champions from the fake-left.

Like they think the next Slick Willie or President Peace Prize is waiting to be born and all they have to do is jump out in front of a camera and give voice to the frustration of the thwarted “progressives”, these aspiring opportunists are all clamoring for the brass ring, crawling over the bodies of the other failed superstars of the party, in hopes that they can cash in on the chaos that is the unDemocratic Party today.

You see them all over the place. They’re a dime a dozen. It’s funny actually. Funny in a pathetic/zombie apocalypse sort of way.

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