John McCain urges President Trump to escalate conflict in Ukraine, by sending lethal weapons to neo-nazi forces

from the Duran


John McCain literally stands with Nazis. Now he wants to arm them.

Senator John McCain is calling on President Trump to send lethal aid to Ukraine.

Let’s not forget that Senator John McCain was on the ground in Kiev, rubbing shoulders with neo-nazi elements overthrowing a democratically elected government in Ukraine in 2014.

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  1. Friend of Nazis in Ukraine and friend of ‘ISIS’ takfiris in Syria. All documented.

    And he’s the head of the IRI (the Repub. wing of the NED).

    How much more obvious can it get that these are US operations?

  2. Senator Insane McCain is eighty years old and it’s time to die.

    • or at least retire maybe

      • Yes, because if McCain dies and rejoins Satan, we will have to suffer through two weeks of nauseating eulogies about McCain’s “greatness” and “humanitarian compassion.”

        • And the two weeks of nauseating eulogies would be everybody else “little hell” I presume, so I settle for retirement. But death or retirement will not help us, Satan will send new little helpers in both cases.

  3. The Kiev junta is already receiving plenty of US military aid, via an omnibus bill approved by the US Congress and signed by Obama. Here is the press release from the Ukraine Embassy in Washington DC:

    Yes, Trump is being brought into the anti-Russian fold, plus he will not have a problem with creating US jobs via the vast US Arms industry. Ex-Exxon CEO Tillerson will do his part to weaken Russia, as long as this does not interfere with EXXON profits.

    Meanwhile, the entire population of Eastern Europe is being bled dry by their western installed puppets embracing the same neoliberal ‘reforms’ while lining their own pockets in the biggest corruption cess pool at Washington’s behest. It is truly disgusting and will not end well. Half a million people are also protesting against the rampant corruption in Romania, while the US is busy installing missile defense systems there. Romania is already one of the poorest countries in Eastern Europe and ordinary citizens there are reduced to third-world poverty levels.

    No wonder, that the 1% (including Peter Thiel) are now buying up property in New Zealand, because they know that the backlash to their policies is picking up steam globally. One can only hope that it will be sufficient enough before they wreck the planet once and for all.

    • “Trump will not have a problem with creating US jobs via the vast US Arms industry.” ~ Ella

      Unfortunately the arms industry is like any other. Top executives pocket most of the federal dollars, while average workers are treated like dirt. This is why there are sometimes labor strikes at companies like Boeing, Lockheed, Raytheon, etc. In short, militarism is just another means to widen the gap between the rich and the rest.

      As for our planet being wrecked once and for all, I have little hope that we can avoid this.

      Agent Smith explains why…

      • Yes, of course. My remark was meant sarcastically. I share your view as far as wrecking the planet is concerned…I also have very little hope.

        • Sorry to be the pendejo saying”it’s better on vinyl”, but this Kinks song is better on vinyl. Anyhow, I thought it was relevant to your very little hope view that I also share…

  4. This is still the idea of pushing war with Russia. It is the old hitlerite dream of «Barbarossa» all over again. McCain doesn’t even care if these guys he is supporting in Kiev are big admirers of the «nazi» Stepan Bandera. I wonder if those american troops are still in Poland? I wonder if the number of troops and equipment around Russia border is still growing?

    • Yes, US troops are still in Poland as well as all over the Baltics and elsewhere and the NATO buildup continues. Worldwide, there are so many flashpoints now, that nobody can predict when WW3 starts, but my guess is that it won’t be too long. Widening of regional wars is almost assured at this point. 😦

      • Yeah. I’m guessing the coup failure in Turkey, loses in Syria, and a warmer than usual November (Rasputitsa) pushed back Barbarossa III until spring or summer at the earliest.

        Supposedly we’ve been training the Azov Battalion in helicopter operations in the sierras and cascade mountains as recently as 2015. So I think it’s fair to speculate that NATO intends to somehow take the Caucuses with these airborne nazi assholes. Perhaps the buildups in Poland and the Baltics are just a distraction from a larger effort in the south (i.e., grab em by the Volga) that locks down the Caspian basin oil fields?

      • I hope that your predictions will not happen. Many people will die in another war. I still hope that a revolution will take Donald Trump out of the presidency. You still have the second amendment in your constitution that guarantees you to bear arms and protect yourselves against a tyranny.

        • Sadly, I don’t see the 2nd amendment as an insurance policy against tyranny. Particularly when the tyrants have armor, air power, and popular support from half the country…our firearms won’t help much I’m afraid. What was that Charlemagne line about the armies of rocks, and the trees, and the birds…?

          Even if a group of concerned citizens managed to ‘storm the castle’ and occupy DC, thanks to the COG system the empire would likely still be capable of running Barbarossa-style adventures from abroad.

          Hopefully there’s a ‘moderate’ general or two that successfully argues against another land war in Asia…

          • Maybe the discontent army will come from the present american military army. We have seen such discontent during Vietnam war, when soldiers kiilled generals, because they were fed up of war; and also during the war in Iraq. It only takes a leader, with good ideas and an army behind him.

            I hope to see that day in your nation, because I think that you have good people who can actually decide better for the future. Unfortunately, you have more than 80 million of evangelists who have enormous power, as I have seen in the documentary «Jesus Camp». These fanatics are very bad to democracy, because they can choose presidents, decide elections and block progress in society.

  5. Nice post….☺

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